Quick Charity Quilt

Last week I had a fun day sewing with a couple of friends. My Sweet Babboo was going to work on a car project with a friend of his, whose wife is one of my sewing buddies. She invited another quilt guild member to join us and we spent a lovely afternoon sewing and chatting while the guys worked in the garage. I had a project in mind for a charity quilt with a hard deadline, so it was the perfect time to get started. I cut a bunch of squares at home first.

I was offered one of her machines to sew, so I didn’t have to bring mine. She wound a bobbin of red thread for me, and I was off sewing squares into sets of two. Then, I sewed those into rows of four. I just sewed the squares randomly, only making sure that the same print was not side by side.

The rows of four were sewn into rows of eight, then the seams were pressed to one side. Pinning the rows together kept the seams nested.

Two rows together.

It worked out almost perfectly. I only had to remove one seam and turn a section around to keep from having the same print side by side.

Back home, on Saturday, I finished off my ruler practice, and laid out the red quilt to find batting and backing. It rained all day, so it was a great day to work on it. Rats, this batting was too narrow.

But I had two pieces of it. Here’s my tip for joining batting pieces. Use an edge joining foot that has a center flange. Sew with the widest zigzag stitch your machine has, and a longer stitch length. The flange will lift just enough extra thread to keep the pieces from puckering.

A quick press when you are done and the seam lies absolutely flat. It will not be noticeable in the finished quilt.

I pieced a backing as well, to use up more of my stash. Then I loaded it onto the longarm.

I used burgundy red Glide on top, with Bottom Line in the bobbin.

I used a favorite pantograph for the quilting, just because it was quick. I do need more practice with my rulers, but I’ll use the next table runner for that.

It took a lot longer for me to finish quilting as I just cannot stand that long now. So, more breaks to rest meant it took all day to get it done. But I did finish the quilting. I trimmed it up, and it is ready for binding.

This little quilt is destined for overseas travel. It is going to an orphanage in Ethiopia. These little quilts are not for warmth, they are cuddle comfort for children. The daughter of a local beloved quilter (Lynn Easler, the founder of our local quilt shop) is making a trip there in June. The quilt drive is supported by the current owners of Beginnings Quilt Shop, Todd and Kathy. They are providing sewing time on Sundays for four weeks April 16 through May 7, in the afternoons from 4-6 pm. Lynn has left some kits there as well. If you are local, consider taking your machine to the sew-in and sewing for the cause. See the Beginnings What’s New page for details. If you want to make one out of your stash, shoot for a size of about 40×50, give or take an inch or two. You can leave them at Beginnings Quilt Shop anytime before May 22.

Are you sewing this week? What are you working on?

15 thoughts on “Quick Charity Quilt

  1. Very pretty quilt!! And reds…oh my…I’ve been working on the 4 pieced borders for my Talkin’ Turkey quilt and finally have them all on! YAY! Started the quilt in 2016, and it was finished, except those borders. They were a lot of fun to put on….and I earned my glass of wine afterwards. Next up is white 2″ border on my Scrap Dance Square Dance from 2018.

  2. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    I love all those reds together, and it looks like the perfect thing to sew when you’re with friends, too! A special someone far away in Ethiopia is going to get lots of comfort from this little quilt. I’m working on my next house block for mmmquilts’ Rainbow Neighborhood QAL and looking forward to the next Quadrille step!

  3. Donna Flanery

    There is just something so cheerful about a red and white quilt. Even done in simple squares it looks so inviting. I am working on the last of my grand children’s quilts this week, number 12. I have all the blocks made so now just have to sew them together, and the top will be done.

  4. Mary

    Isn’t it amazing how a simple little quilt can look so lovely. What a thrill for the recipient.
    Hope the knees are continuing to improve. :))

  5. Pat Parks

    I just love quilts like this and a child will too! What is the name of the pantograph you used? is it paper? or digital? thanks…

  6. That was quick and happy. Some child will be so blessed to have this. A great project, and if I were closer, I would take some of my charm packs and make one to leave at the shop.

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