Stashbusters April Check In

Time for our monthly check in for Stashbusters! Today, report your progress from the month of March. You can include this past week if you like, reporting from the first Friday to first Friday, or keep it within the month, your choice. I thought I was going to go in the wrong direction with retreat, but some giveaways in the early part of the month saved my totals.

First, I want to go over again how I deal with quilts made from scraps. Since we need a way to figure out an approximate yardage, this is what I do. I measure the top width and height, multiply them together, to get the total square inches. For example, a 60×70 top is 4200 square inches. I don’t bother with the seam allowances. One yard of fabric is generally 40 inches wide x 36 inches or 1440 square inches. So, divide 4200 by 1440, and you get 2.91666, and I’d call that 3 yards. That is for the top, count the same for the back, and then add what you use for binding. Is it precise? No, but it is close enough for Stashbusters.

So, using that formula, my Oh My Strippy Stars! is 42 inches square, so 42 x 42= 1762, then divide by 1440 and I get 1.225. I’m going to call that 1-1/4 yard for the top, add the same for the back and a quarter-yard for binding. Total out for this project 2-3/4 yards.

I made two more cases for the Safelight Project, counting one yard out total as I sent the scraps to the recycle bin.

I donated eight fat quarters to the basket for the guild’s birthday giveaways.

I put 6-1/4 yards on the free table to give away. All were taken.

Nine churn dash blocks made during retreat were added to three made at home for a total of 12 mailed out. They are 12-1/2-inch squares. Counting as one yard out.

For fabric in, I couldn’t resist these prints at retreat, along with a layer cake and a charm pack. Plus I won one yard of black blender in a door prize. Total in = 12 yards.

So, here is my Stashbuster report for this past month.
March Fabric IN = 12 yards
March Fabric OUT = 13 yards
March Net Total = 1 yard out
Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = -27 yards Out

There is no deadline to post your progress. If you need to look up your year-to-date total from last month, click on Stashbusters March so you can find your comment.

Copy and paste, then fill in your totals in the comments
March Fabric IN = +
March Fabric OUT = –
March Net Total ( + In, or – Out) =
Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) =

How did you do in March?


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33 thoughts on “Stashbusters April Check In

  1. Julie

    I believe I’m breaking even, nothing comes in unless something goes out. I finished 2 large lap/twinish comfort quilts & managed to get Strippy Stars done, although quilting on that was actually finished on the weekend. And there were some Safelight sets that I forgot to add on my tally. Then there are about 5 pounds of scraps for the pet bed makers, amazing how they add up!

  2. A good month for using stash!

    March Fabric IN = + 4.0
    March Fabric OUT = -21.0
    March Net Total ) = -17 (out of my stash!!)
    Year to Date (net total for the year) -34.25 (out of my stash)

  3. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    Helping my out totals were finishing up projects for our upcoming quilt show, charity projects and giving away fabrics. My goal is to have 300 yards out by the end of the year.

    March Fabric IN = +1.75 March Fabric OUT = -56.5 March Net Total ( + In, or – Out) =54.75 Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = -95.25

    I went back to my 2022 Stashbusters out list to see what projects I’d finished. At a glance I spotted several finishes that could be entered into our quilt show!

    Thank you for keeping us mindful of what comes in and out of our fabric collections with Stashbusters!

  4. Sue Hoover

    March Fabric IN = +5.25
    March Fabric OUT = –2.25
    March Net Total ( + In, or – Out) = +3
    Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) =-0.75

  5. slmrn1

    Oh what a month for sewing. Almost non-existent. Of course, there was company the beginning of the month, (purchased 10 yards for dresses for my niece) and a cruise at the end of the month, so I am forgiving myself. Lots to make up for in April. I better get to my stash and do some donations.
    March Fabric In = +14 yds
    March Fabric Out = -3 yds
    March Net Total = +11yds
    Year to date total + 6 yds (OUCH)

  6. June Neigum

    I think I have been doing good. Finishing quilts from my stash that had to “marinate” a bit before I quilted them. Three got quilted and finished. Went to a quilt show and couldn’t resist but was good and only bought 1 1/2 yds total.

    March Fabric IN = +1.5
    March Fabric OUT = -20 yds
    March Net Total ( + In, or – Out) = -18.5
    Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = -31.75

  7. Nancy H

    I’ve been able to make it through the first quarter without buying any fabric.
    March Fabric IN = + 0 yards
    March Fabric OUT = – 20 5/8 yards
    March Net Total ( + In, or – Out) = – 20 5 /8 yards
    Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = -44 1/8 yards

  8. Well, no new fabric in, thank goodness, but lots out in March! Here goes: quilt #19 is 4 patch diagonal in patriotic, #20 Falling Triangles in red and cream, #21 Falling Triangles in blue and cream (those two are for granddaughters upcoming twins baby shower) #22 was Fat Quarter Shops 2023 Jolly Bar 4 quilt along in patriotic, #23 was an Air Force quilt, #24 was Trailing Squares from Missouri Star done in patriot1c. All the other quilts were Quilts of Valor, and everything is already quilted!! So, 6 quilts at 10 yards each is another 60 yards out, so my yearly total is 240! And quilt #25 done in April is at the quilters!!

  9. poodlegirls

    Needed 1 yard of fabric for a project. However also made dog scarves from Bluebonnet fabric for our groomer. Had made 2 for our girls and they wanted some for the shop after they saw them. Should have better out totals for April. At least that is my plan!!!
    March IN +1
    March Out – 1 1/2
    Net total for March – Out 1/2
    YTD- Net Out–17.5

  10. Sharon Gratz

    I’m new to tracking my stash. I no longer can do an enormous amount of sewing, but I want to see what is going in and out. My numbers are for Jan, Feb, March.
    Fabric IN = + Zero
    Fabric OUT = – 6 yards
    Net Total ( + In, or – Out) = 6 yards out
    Year to Date : 6 yards out

  11. Beth

    March Fabric IN = +3
    March Fabric OUT = –3
    March Net Total ( + In, or – Out) = 0
    Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = -7

  12. Niki B

    March Fabric IN = + 11.5
    March Fabric OUT = – zero
    March Net Total ( + In, or – Out) = +9.5
    Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = +7

    I bought a jelly roll for the oh my strippy stars quilt along. My sister in law gave me fabric for backing and a border. I bought fabric for smashing and borders for another quilt. That top is done and strippy stars is nearly done. We are leaving our winter home next week. I plan to finish these 2 when we get back to Illinois. My machine there has a wider throat and is better for quilting. And i will take Caroles challenge to do some free motion quilting!

    1. Niki B

      Oh my math doesn’t make sense on my earlier comment

      March Fabric IN = + 11.5
      March Fabric OUT = –zero
      March Net Total ( + In, or – Out) =+11.5
      Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = +9

  13. Sharon F

    I enjoyed a girl’s day out, meeting a friend I don’t see often for lunch and a little shop hop; that explains my “In” count for March.
    March In =+14.25
    March Out = 0
    YTD total= +19.25

    Still working on some long term projects, one is hand quilting a queen comforter size quilt. Looks like I’d better get busy to eventually break even for the year!

    1. Elaine Nemeth

      March in +36.25
      March out -23.
      March total +12.75
      YTD + 23.25
      Hopefully with this new Sew and Sews group that is forming this month to make pillowcases , toys, bags I will be able to Move some stash that was gifted to me.
      You are such a wonderful lady with your motivating ideas for all to aspire to. Thank you.

  14. maggie fellow

    stash report April 2, 2023

    fabric added: 11 yards

    fabric added year to date: 51 yards

    fabric used: 14 yards kristals finished
    59 1/ 2 yards used more than bought

  15. I had a great sewing month! Three quilt finishes, including two off my UFO list. One is now appearing on the wall in my craft room, one on the wall in the living room and one on display on a quilt rack. My stashbuster totals so far:
    March Fabric IN: + 7 yds. (quilt backings)
    March Fabric OUT: -18.5 yds
    March Net Total: -11.5 yds OUT
    Year to Date Net total: -13.25 yds OUT

  16. Hi Carole, This is what I have for March:

    March: Output: 7.5 yards bags for Emmaus House, 2 yards fleece for teddy bears (Emmaus House) 2 yards table mats (Thank you gifts for guild members) Total: 11.5 yards out

    In put: 6 yards for Honor Flight quilts, 6 yards, 4 yards (fat quarters for bags) Total in: 14 yards

    Total: 2.5 Total for the year so far: -6.5

  17. Amanda

    March Fabric IN = +2.0 yards
    March Fabric OUT = –5.0 yards
    March Net Total ( + In, or – Out) = – 3.0 yards
    Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = +29 yards

  18. Connie S. Wolfe

    While I can say that no fabric was brought into the stash in March, it has nothing to do with constraint or discipline on my part. A chimney fire earlier in the month has put us out of our house. We can can count many blessings including that most of the structure was not damaged and that my husband and I are back to living on our property once the electric service was restored. I have a small sewing machine that I can use from this week forward for piecing small donation quilts and maybe some straight line quilting if I get time once the dust settles and contractors are secured.
    March In: 0 yds.
    March Out: 8.2 yds.
    March Net Total: -8.2 yds.
    YTD Total: -20.7 yds.
    Seeing that YTD Total is good news.
    Connie W.

  19. March Fabric IN = +6
    March Fabric OUT = –9.25
    March Net Total ( + In, or – Out) = -3.25
    Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = -7.5

    Some progress! April will bring challenges with a quilt retreat, a quilt store hopping friend, and a quilt show. Fingers crossed for staying negative!

  20. Donna Flanery

    March Fabric IN = +6 yds
    March Fabric OUT = -5.75 yds
    March Net Total ( + In, or – Out) = +.25 yds
    Year to Date (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) = +1.75 yds

  21. Laura Riley

    Did better in March with the IN fabric. I have several quilts that I am close to being finished (just need to add binding) so wasn’t able to document them as out in March. I am hoping to make progress so that I can count them out in April. Working on getting that net total for the year down.

    March Fabric IN = +18 yards
    March Fabric OUT = –11 yards
    March Net Total = +7 yards
    Year to Date = +188 yards

  22. Jan

    Carole, Good Afternoon!
    A busy month and I am just getting to record my stash busting. I am almost done my OhMy Star quilt top and enjoyed the sew along. I am going to my first quilt show this week so May finally be buying a bit of fabric this month.
    My March totals are as follows:
    March In: 0
    March Out: 16.5
    Net for March: -16.5
    YTD: -55 3/8

    This next month should be interesting as I have been busy doing a demo for one guild, working on charity projects, leading a workshop and taking a workshop at another guild and pattern testing. However, my commitments have been fulfilled for April so now I need to bust some stash, after the quilt show this week., of course!!

    Thank you for the fun tracking. I love your encouragement, positive attitude and variety of interests,

  23. Nancy Lee Keene

    Not been able to sew now for over a month. Got injured at work and did a complete tear of my rotary cuff and now waiting on a surgery date. I did buy 6 yards of a white on white to do your current mystery and have been slowly cutting. Can only make a few cuts, then have to stop.

  24. April had a lot of medical appts, so not as much sewing, but a lot of cutting and prep-work including starting the Oh My Strippy Stars. No new fabric in (my stash doesn’t seem to be depleting either!) Quilt 25 was a Carpenter Star with family photos for great-granddaughter’s first birthday. #26 was a UFO called 3’s Company a 1990 BOM in brown, green, beige and red, which became a Quilt of Valor and #27 was Springtide block of the week this year done in patriotic also for QOV. So 3 quiklts at 10 yards each, is 30 yards making ytd 270 yards used. Can’t complain when I made 27 quilts in 4 months!!

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