Sew Day

Our guild has smaller groups that gather for fun during the month in addition to our overall meeting. This month, our gathering was for an all day sew-in to make pillowcases for Safelight. Many of us had made some at home before the meeting, so we began with collecting those. The black and white print ones I made are in the stack on the left.

We had our business meeting, which went very fast, then I presented a program on matching colors for quilts. We had a fun time with everyone bringing some fabrics, and looking at what someone else had that might match those colors.

Then, it was lunch time! We had a lovely potluck lunch. I didn’t get a photo of all the delicious salads and dishes everyone brought, but suffice to say no one left hungry! I brought my revised, easier to make Butternut Squash Lasagne Alfredo, and baked it on site so it was hot and bubbling. Want that recipe? Click on Butternut Squash Lasagne Alfredo.

Then it was time to get down to business, making a lot more pillowcases. I brought my serger to the sew-in, and my friend Terrie brought hers too. Several more members brought sewing machines, and others took over the tasks of pressing and turning. I had cut fabric at home and brought sets to make 10 more pillowcases. I began with clipping a burrito roll.

Serging all the seams, in a short time I had two done.

Soon, my friend Gail was helping me by sewing the first seam on her machine, then handing it off for pressing. Then it came back to me for serging the final inside seam down the side and across the bottom. This assembly line construction went even faster. Then, Terrie began serging for the group while others turned and pressed.

It was going well, and soon I had nine of my pillowcase sets sewn, serged, and pressed.

So, I’m feeling pretty good about the progress, then the last one comes back to me. Oh, pooh. I messed up the serging on the very bottom.

We were out of time, so I took a quick photo of the day’s production, and packed up. Between the ones turned in at the beginning of the day, plus the ones made during our sew-in, we had over 50 completed. Some of us will make more at home, and we’ll present them to Safelight next month.

Once home, I set the serger up again, and serged that bottom seam again. It was easy to cut off the old seam as I went, and I only lost 1/4-inch. I don’t think anyone will notice.

I pressed it, then folded it. I’ll take it next month, but it is finished in February for my Stashbusters total. Whoopee, 10-1/2 more yards out! The next Stashbusters check in will be March 3.

Sewing with friends, chatting all day, and good food make a wonderful day. It was just like a day retreat, relaxing and enjoyable. I am looking forward to the end of March, when the guild will have a three-day retreat locally, where we sleep at home and leave our machines at the venue. Guess I better get my registration in!

32 thoughts on “Sew Day

  1. Julie

    Wheeeeee, sew day! That’s quite a number of pillowcases completed. Safelight clients will feel special having such a lovely pillowcase. My club alternates business meetings & Sew dates, so there’s a get together every week. Some members always have a machine, etc in their car. Talk about coming prepared.

    1. Roberta Westbrooks

      I really enjoyed reading about all the fun you had. I enjoy sewing, and I want to thank you for sharing your story.
      I really never thought about pillow cases, more like a lap blanket.
      But again thanks 4sharing:)

      1. Shari Tuttle

        Thanks for sharing. I made a few pillow cases last November to send to Bear Creek Quilting, who collected them to donate to various charities. I’m interested in knowing. What is Safelight? From those who cannot express their gratitude, thanks for the charity sewing!!

      2. Lynn Huber

        Hello! I just love to see these pillowcases! Each one is so unique. I was able to make over 75 of these for Ukrainian refugees in a d around our town of Brunswick. Ohio.
        Keep up the great work!!
        Lynn Huber

  2. What a wonderful day you had! Productive( love the production line you had whizzing around), friendship and gossip, great lunch which everyone contributed to and a stack of pillowcases at the end of the day. Marvellous. I’m British so not familiar with Safelight but I’m assuming it is a charity. Hope you three days retreat goes as well.

  3. Mary Ed Williams

    What a fun day! And lovely pillow cases. Our guild used to have donation quilt work days but we lost our sewing room. We had so much fun and made a lot of baby quilts. Sew-in days are so much fun !
    Mary Ed

    1. Hush Davis

      I have made lots of those pillowcases and gave away as gifts. I have so much fun matching up the colors and sewing them. Those you all made were just beautiful. I really enjoyed looking at them.

  4. Cathy Walker

    Those pillowcases are wonderful. I’m sure the recipients will be thrilled to receive such a nice gift. Bravo to your sewing friends!

  5. charliedisante

    Making these burrito pillowcases in a group is such fun. I worked on a bunch when a new quilt shop was getting ready to open. We made over 100. At the time, I worked at a family shelter for folks without homes and the quilt shop owners sent 50 with me to share at the shelter. They brought joy… or at least some happiness.

  6. Saved a copy of the butternut squash lasagna. It will be perfect for a dinner with my 90% vegetarian brother who is a bit of a food snob. (I love him any way.) This one could be the “ONE” that pleases us both.

  7. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    That does sound like a fun day, and lots of good work done, too! Those pillowcases will really be appreciated!

  8. Elaine Nemeth

    Can’t wait to try the butternut lasagna.
    Pillow cases are terrific
    You are such a wonder filled lady. Thanks for all you do.

  9. Mary

    Didn’t you all do well producing all those lovely pillowcases. Nothing like getting a bunch of ladies together to get a job done. Lovely lunch to top it off. Such a good idea to be able to take your offering and heat it up right there – so nice to have something really hot and bubbling. And all those lovely pillow cases! :))

  10. Joan Sheppard

    Absolutely right – sewing with friends – we’ll miss this month because our “key” person is sick and somehow we never registered a secondary “key” person. Or even a secondary location “just in case”. I have 3 quilts (about 12 yards to go “out”) but these will have to wait until March. sigh…..Thanks

  11. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    Over 50 pillowcases ready to donate, awesome! You and your guild deserve accolades for helping Safelight in such a meaningful way!

  12. slmrn1

    The pillowcases are wonderful. What a great gift for the shelter. Love the idea of a sleep at home retreat. Makes it more affordable for many and still enjoy the fun and laughter and sharing with quilty friends. We have a group of four that get together for sew days and it’s always a joy.

  13. Linda M Hunt

    Super job ladies. We do stuff like that as a group Wed & Fridays & 1 day per month at our Sew Creative shop in Kimberley BC Canada. It is so much fun. The once per month is an all day sew day to work on our projects or sew charity projects with our guild. We have made various quilts & shopping bags to sell for charities. Makes life exciting!

  14. edee deeden

    How fun! I make pillowcases too. For the PEDS UNIT at my local hospital . I manage about 8 a day almost every day. I too use the burrito method and serge my seams. I make cases to match the holidays plus birthday cases so the kids can have a case if they are in the hospital on their birthday or birthday month.

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