Stashbusters – Final 2022

Today is the final check in for Stashbusters, reporting your December monthly totals and the final year to date. December was busy with holiday fun, so I didn’t get a lot of sewing completions done.

I did finish the Christmas Quilt. I was able to use not only a panel brought into the stash in September, but also six red and green blocks I’ve had in the stash for some time. Extra fabric out for the borders, backing, and binding made this one a true stashbuster. Finished size is 48 x 68-1/2. Fabric out, using my calculation method, 2-1/4 yards for top, another 2-1/4 for backing and 1/2 yard for binding. Total 5 yards.

The only other project that I can count is the apron I made for the Christmas Tea. The poinsettia print was fabric in, about one yard, then stash was used for the backing. So one yard in, and two yards out.

For my quick idea of fabric out calculation, a yard of fabric is about 1440 square inches (40 inches wide x 36 inches in length). Apply that number to the square inches of the finished quilt.  So if I have a finish of 60 x 72, that equals 4320 square inches, divide by 1440 and I get 3, so I count out 3 yards. Be sure to count out the same for the backing, and add a bit for binding.  It is a rough estimate but good enough for this. Here are my December numbers:

December Fabric IN = +1 yard
December Fabric OUT = -7 yards
December Net Total = -6 yards
Year to Date = -34-3/4 yards out! Whooppee!!

Report your totals on a comment on this post to be entered into the final Grand Prize drawing! First, from Sulky a 6-pack of Cotton + Steel 50 Wt. Cotton Thread in Pepper. Visit Sulky Threads for great deals on all kinds of threads and stabilizers for your upcoming projects.

AND this prize addition for the final Stashbuster drawing from me – A Quilter’s Dream Cotton craft size batting, three issues of Milk Street Magazine, a vintage Quilts from the Henry Ford hardback book, and a pattern of adorable Santas to sew for next year.

All comments from every Stashbuster post are entries for the grand prize, so if you have participated every month, you’ll have 12 entries for the final drawing. If you need to review your previous year to date totals, click on the December Stashbusters to see your comment with your numbers. You have until Sunday evening at 5 pm Eastern time to comment on this post for the final drawing.

So, how did you do? Copy the chart below and fill in your totals in the comments. Also, do you want to continue the monthly check-ins to keep on track with your fabric in and out? We can do another year without prizes if you want to keep going.

December Fabric IN =
December Fabric OUT =
December Net Total =
Year to Date = (net total for the year, + In, or – Out)

Continue Next Year without prizes? Yes or No

46 thoughts on “Stashbusters – Final 2022

  1. Cindy

    I’ve sat on the sidelines watching this stashbuster. Soooooo, now I’m in and understanding it better. With this the beginning of the year this is a perfect time to jump in. In your blog you mentioned making an apron. Have you done a tutorial on this? I have 5 grandchildren (teens) and they have begun to cook, bake and grill out. I would love to make each one a simple ‘bib apron’.

  2. Julie

    You might think more would leave as gifts in December, but my extended family didn’t gather. We’ve been doing “Christmas in July” outdoors over summer instead. Nevertheless, by making a commitment to always shop the stash first, I did rein in acquisitions & mostly bought only background and backing fabrics. If two local shops hadn’t closed this year I would have bought even less but I needed to use up gift certificates, share some memories, & bid a fond farewell to the owners.
    December In = 7 yds
    December Out = 3 yds
    Cumulative In = 144.3 yds
    Cumulative Out = 228.75 yds

  3. I started tracking fabric in and fabric out in August. But I am going to keep it up for 2023 because I like seeing the concrete numbers in my journal.

    December Fabric IN = 0
    December Fabric OUT =13.5
    December Net Total = 13.5
    Year to Date = (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) 15 yards out the door

    I made many fabric gift bags (20+) this December and finished one quilt given as a gift.

  4. Margaret Nelson

    December Fabric IN = 0
    December Fabric OUT = 0
    December Net Total = 0
    Year to Date = 196 yards IN

  5. Nancy H

    I managed to get a few smaller baby / lap quilts finished up and out this month, but out is good. You’d think looking at my net out YTD I would have space on my shelves, but I don’t…I’m not sure how this fabric seems to be expanding!

    December Fabric IN = 0
    December Fabric OUT = 22.75
    December Net Total = -22.75
    Year to Date = (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) – 360.5

    Continue Next Year without prizes? Yes, I’d like to try to continue this next year to keep me on track to reduce the stash I have accumulated.

  6. December Fabric IN =9 yards for the year 141 yards
    December Fabric OUT = 50 yards for the year 247
    December Net Total = 41
    Year to Date = (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) 133 used more than bought

  7. Angie

    The end of year sales had me totally falling off the tracking wagon! I expect I finished the year with roughly the same amount of yardage as I started with even though I finished 24 quilts! In truly wanting to do better this year, I’ve decided to track my spending instead – I think I’ll be better at talking myself out of sales and splurging if I track it financially.

  8. I’m terrible at keeping track and can’t find when I posted last (trust me I have searched….) so I will report just my “December” and leave it at that. I did most of my Christmas sewing in December with yardage purchased in November. I know I didn’t post in December so will add those yards here. I made night gowns and pajamas for the granddaughters and table toppers and an apron and coasters.
    December Fabric IN = 11 yards of flannel
    December Fabric OUT = 13 yards
    December Net Total = – 2 yards
    Year to Date = (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) — no idea, as I have lost track.

    Do it again and I will create a spread sheet. (Thought I had one but lost it too….a mind is a terrible thing to lose…. 😉 )

    1. Laura Riley

      December fabric in: +7 3/4 yards
      December fabric out: -35 3/4 yards
      December net total: -27 3/4 yards
      Year to date: +35 yards

      I finally got more out than in on the last month of the year. Going forward I hope I can continue that pattern. Having to be accountable helped me not make impulsive purchases during all the 12 Days of Christmas promotions and end of year sales.

      Thanks for the motivation and encouragement this year.

  9. slmrn1

    A very quiet sewing month for me with all the holiday events.
    December Fabric in = 1 yd.
    December Fabric Out = 3 yds
    December Net Total = -2 yds.
    Net Total for the year (+ in or -out) -28 yards.

  10. Rita Harley

    I just joined reading your emails about a month ago ….& really enjoy them …but didn’t get to join in the stash buster ☹️…
    To be honest …most of my fabric finds are “IN’s”🤣
    Plan to organize my sewing room …do a few projects …& keep better track …
    Great New Year’s resolution, huh ??

  11. Elle

    December Fabric IN = ZERO
    December Fabric OUT = 15.87y in 4 finished quilts-my accounting requires a finish to be out
    December Net Total = 15.87
    Year to Date = (net total for the year, + In, or – Out) -206.3 Net!!! Yippee 🙂
    110.4y in-all but 13.5y is wide backing, OUT: 316.7

    It was a terrific quilty year with 45 total finishes!

  12. I fell off the Stash Busting wagon in October, and I was doing so well. 🙃
    My husband is an enabler & bought me two kits for birthday & Christmas which totaled well over 20 yards (backing was included in both). Plus a computer crash lost all my tallies.

    I can say November resulted in two throw-size and one full size quilts being made/gifted plus December had a number of smaller projects completed with no additional fabric in.

    So, I’ll just leave it as a minor success and looking forward to keeping track in 2023.

  13. I was just going to ask if you were going to do the stash buster again this year. I would like to participate. I am hoping this is the year that I avoid seriously injuring myself and having surgery and long recovery periods and can actually get some quilting done. 😄

  14. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    Imagine my surprise when my Christmas gifts were wrapped in fabric! Gorgeous fabric in and super memories to go with it!

    December Fabric IN = 14 yards December Fabric OUT = 15.5 yards December Net Total = 1.5 yards Year to Date = 287.75 yards out

    Your Christmas quilt is beautiful! Like what you did with the panel and the blocks you had on hand. Sparks ideas for 2023 charity quilts!

    I managed to clear out a full armoire of fabric. I used to look at those 5 shelves of fabric and think it would be impossible to use it all up. The challenge kept me focused on using what I have, was fun and so looked forward to reporting progress each month! I vote yes to continue…I have an extensive collection of fabric that shouts to be set free into something useful!

    Thank you for facilitating Stashbusters and giving us eye candy blog after blog!

  15. Diane D

    I too fell off the stash busters wagon early on, but I would love to try it again this year. So, I’m a Yes!

  16. Elaine Nemeth

    December in 5.5 yards
    December out 23 yard
    December total 17.7 yes.
    Year 2022 total 197.5 yards out
    Quilts made for 2022
    82 gifted and 3 kept.

  17. poodlegirls

    I didn’t post in Dec. But did keep track . October thru Dec. 15 out and 16 in.

    My YTD OUT- 280.5
    YTD IN – 32

    A lot of fabric went to Linus and some elsewhere. To have lots more going out than coming in is very unusual for me!!! Still need to get more out the door! And really need to get more sewing time in this year!! Thanks for doing this. Made me think twice about do I really need this piece of fabric!

  18. Rheanna

    December Fabric IN = 0
    December Fabric OUT = 1 yd
    December Net Total = -1
    Year to Date = +38

    I would love to continue the check ins, even without the drawings. I am hoping this year so can get more out than in.

  19. Kathie Weatherford

    December Fabric In: 6.5 yard
    December Fabric Out – 1.00 yard
    December net total: – 5.5 yards
    Year to date : 67 yards

  20. Niki B

    December in. +.5 yard
    December out – 2 yards
    December net -1.5 yards
    Ytd net +5 yards

    So, no progress on actually busting my stash for the year in total yards. However I feel like I’m in a good place I have yardage for a new quilt, hopefully the scrap dance quadrille, and backing for 2 quilts. I have yardage for a set of place mats intended as a gift. I finished several projects in 2022, including a quilted jacket inspired by Carole.

    Happy new year!

  21. Jennifer Padden

    Congratulations on using up so much of your stash. I am afraid that even with my three large gifted Christmas quilts I had to purchase so much to blend and match that I am in the plus column for the year. I am doing ok so far this year as I’ve not purchased any and will be doing a couple of workshops in January so I hope to continue in that vein. I will attempt to keep a running total this year just to give me some idea of how successfully I can whittle down the stash. Here’s hoping….

  22. busylizziethebest

    I can’t say that I fell off the stash buster challenge…..I never got on!!! However, I think it would be very good for me, personally, to try to complete it for 2023z
    I can report no fabric in yet!!

  23. Vicki in MN

    December Fabric IN = 76 yards(Marshall Dry Goods had a great deal on these for backings for next year)
    December Fabric OUT = 22.5 yards (10 table runners, 2 placemats, 1 wall hanging)
    December Net Total = 53.5
    Year to Date = 394.75 yds. used in 2022

  24. December: output;5 yards for Christmas gifts Input:4yards (for Pillow case bags), 4 yards for Whales Quilt
    Input for December 9 yards Output 8yards
    Total input for the year:78.5
    Total output: 123 yards
    Yes, I would like to continue without prizes.

  25. Here is December report: I DID buy a jelly roll on sale and will use it for one of the BOM this year! My quilt #76 for 2022 was a pattern called Whimsical Quilt and I made it in Army fabric; #77 was Pennies a Pound which was batik strips and pinwheels; #78 was HST scrappy in diamonds that I made for a new baby; #79 was a UFO of BQ made with brown, rust and mint; and finally is quilt #80 Zigzag Cedars in patriotic with blue (using leftover HST!). So, 5 quilts and backs this month is 50 yards used, and my ytd is 800 yards!! Where is that dent? I actually worked on a couple quilts between Christmas and New Years, but finished this week. Other than the neighbors baby quilt, the rest were all Quilts of Valor.
    (PS our group made 585 quilts last year and awarded 548!!)

  26. Joan Sheppard

    December totals: In – a lot…out – not enough! But there is daylight visible in the sewing room and 3 more quilts went to Almost Home Kid’s Nursing home. Note: I picked up a sale bolt at a big box craft store. Normally they eye ball the bolt for price, hand write the price and total. But one clerk actually scanned the bolt. Originally $10.99/yd. on sale for $3.00/yd. – scanned at $0.69 per yard. Yep – I finished off the bolt. Well really 7.5 yards for $5.17 is aces in my book for backing! But I love this idea of being responsible for our stash. Hope we do it again next year. Thanks!

  27. Thanks for sponsoring Stashbusters this year, Carole! It’s been kind of fun tracking my fabric usage. I have a big “In” for December because I purchased 4 yards of wide backing, but it will get used in the new year for more than one quilt!
    Dec In: 12 yds
    Dec Out: 6 yds
    Ytd In: 48.75 yds
    Ytd Out: 41.875 yds

  28. We’ll done Carole, and yes, this is a great way to keep track, prizes or not! I was doing great this month…got rid of 7 yards when I did the slipcover for the loveseat, but I was gifted fabric for Christmas, which totally busted my negative balance, so I definitely want to continue this!
    December In = 17 yards
    December Out = 8.375 yards
    December Total = + 8.625
    Year to Date = +6

  29. Darci Marshall

    I really enjoyed stashbuster tracking even if I couldn’t participate. Maybe next year I can finish something in my craft room!

  30. Pat

    December was a busy month. Finished 2 pillowcases and a pincushion for Christmas gifts.
    December in = 0
    December out = 2.5
    December total = -2.5
    Year total = +46.5
    I will just call my past year’s results as “hopeful optimism” and “building future creative potential”. 😊
    It was not a successful decluttering year, but this series did open my eyes to how infrequent “small” purchases can quickly add up.
    I am amazed and impressed by the productivity of other readers!
    Thanks, Carole, for hosting this!

  31. Connie S Wolfe

    While I was able to restrain myself and did not make any purchases during the many sales , no December finishes for me, but lots and lots of dreams for 2023 given all of your photos and directions . YES, I would participate in Stashbusters this year even without prizes.

    December In: 0 yds.
    December Out: 0 yds.
    YTD Total: -3.85 yds.

    Thanks so much for hosting this event!
    Connie W.

  32. hank1609

    December in: 12.95
    December out: 9.07
    December net: +3.88
    Year to date net: +14.75

    I’d love to keep track again next year too!

  33. Amanda

    December In: 84.5 yards
    December Out: 11 yards
    December Net: +73.5 yards
    Total for 2022: +336.75 yards

    I would love to participate in a 2023 Stash-busters challenge. I added so much fabric in 2022 that I could even provide some prizes!

  34. Jan

    Dec. Fabric IN = 0
    Dec. Fabric OUT = 30.5
    Dec. Net Total = -30.5
    Year to Date = -262.25

    Carole, thank you! I had 3 nice finishes for the end of the year! Yay! Sorry for the delay in responding but I have been away! This was a fun initiative. Thanks,

  35. Alexandria

    Dec. in = 0
    Dec. out = – .75
    Dec. total = -.75
    Year to date = +9.75
    Carole, thank you for this stashbuster. I enjoyed being a part of this group of quilters and I
    hope to continue in 2023. Happy New Year quilters.

  36. lois92346

    Congratulations to ALL who made significant progress in their stash busting! I’m seriously impressed. Carole, I love your Christmas (panel) quilt and the apron fabric is LOVELY!

  37. Sarah

    You did a great job stashbusting in 2022! And you motivated at lot of us to focus on doing the same! Thank you!

    December in 5. December out 57
    Total for 2022 48 in and 148 out

    I had a number of “must finishes” in December so I may be slow on “out” in 2023 at least this month. But yes, I would like to continue in 2023.

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