Quilting and Blogging

The weather this week has cooled off and the humidity is down, so there was a lovely day to open the windows behind the longarm and get this quilt done. It was 58º at dawn, when I got up, and by the time I began working on this QOV, it was still in the 60s. Fresh cool air filled the basement as a gentle breeze wafted through the lace curtains.

I finished quilting it in just a few passes, using white Glide thread on the top, and Bottom Line in the bobbin. The pantograph is called Blue Star.

I checked the quilting on the back, then took it off the longarm, and laid it out on the floor to get a photo.

Then, I trimmed it, and made binding from the same red print as the solid blocks. I put the binding on the back side first.

Then it is folded to the front and top stitched so I can control where the line of stitching goes on the top side.

And it is done. All I need to do now is the Quilt of Valor label.

In other news, I am at the end of my patience with Bloglovin. I swear more than half the time I use that blog reader service I get this on my ‘feed’ page –

It was happening on a daily basis for a couple of weeks last year, and when it finally began to work again, I went through my blog list to make a list. I was surprised at the number who hadn’t posted in over a year. Others posted a farewell post, and are no longer blogging. I went from well over 100 blogs to 67 after the cull. Then I made a list in a text file so I could still visit even if Bloglovin was down. But now, I have just had it with them. I’ve been getting the ‘page not available’ now for days. I like using a reader that shows me who has recently posted, so I don’t have to go through them all to see if there is something new. I still follow too many to do it by direct email. So I am switching to something else.

I looked at Feedly, does anyone use their free service or do you pay for a plan? But in that process, I went through the 67 on the list I made, and was saddened to find that more than 20 of those have apparently stopped blogging as well – with no posts in months. Seems like everyone is going to Instagram or TikTok, or whatever else. That doesn’t appeal to me, I can’t just post a pic and move on, knowing people just scroll by the pictures not reading any text. I know that is what they do, because I’ve watched friends doing it. But how do you share the construction of a quilt, run a mystery quilt along, do a blog hop, or even interact with reader comments when there is only a photo to scroll by? Beats me. Some bloggers have settled into a boring routine of weekly giveaways, the latest guests at the inn or they only post when they have a new pattern to sell. I miss the content that they used to do, but I get it, it is hard to sustain over years. I like to read about the process of whatever the blogger is doing – making a project, sewing or crafting or stamping, creating a tablescape, reading a great book, all of that and more. The quilt below was originally a mystery quilt along, then became a show winner, and presentation quilt for speaker events. It is now a published pattern available in my Etsy store – Scrap Dance Waltz. No way I could do this with just a photo here and there.

Speaking of my next project, my brother-in-law is marrying a wonderful woman who has filled his life with joy again after his first wife passed away a few years ago. She is a delight, and the whole family is excited that he is not going to let her get away. We just love her, and wish them many years of happiness. There might be a quilt in their future, but I need to find out how they are redecorating their home to suit their new status so I can choose the right fabrics and design. As a second marriage for both, I think I have time to do a personalized design, not just a ‘wedding’ quilt. Maybe my Scrap Dance Twist design in their colors would be good. So that is on my agenda for the summer.

Do you have any special events coming up? Do you use a blog reader program? Do you enjoy blogs or do you use Facebook, Instagram, or other media to get inspiration?

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71 thoughts on “Quilting and Blogging

  1. Mary Stori

    Despite retiring from traveling as an instructor, speaker, author in the quilt world, there’s still that instructor in me who enjoys sharing the how-to’s and process of creating art quilts. Carole hit the nail on the head…..not really possible to do on Facebook, Instagram….and I’ve never even looked at TikTok. Call me old school. As far as a RSS reader….I use Vienna (free) and have for years….very happy with it. The email service I use for my blog is pitiful….slow to post, spacing and text do not appear as I published them…..so that’s my new quest….find a better email server for my blog…any suggestions anyone??

  2. While Instagram and Facebook have their place and I use them both to share my work, I enjoy blogging. I like the challenge of writing and sharing what it currently happening in my life. I do have blogger but it doesn’t work as well as it used to.
    I love relaxing with my coffee and reading blogs…

  3. Audrey Hind

    I do enjoy reading your blog. You could say I have been living part of my life through your lens.

    I can imagine being on your road trips through the Parkway. I had the pleasure of driving there once many years ago.

    I love your gardens and the animals you photograph. We too have squirrels!

    I am always amazed at the number of quilts you complete and repair. Beautiful work for sure.

    Thanks for sharing your book lists. Thanks for sharing your recipes. I could go on and on. I hope this gives you inspiration to continue to entertain this person when you are able.

    I for one appreciate your effort.

  4. Cocoa Quilts

    I to enjoy reading about the quilt and the process of getting to a finish. Yesterday I was at the same point with Bloglovin again. Went to feedly and am checking it out. I’m going to go look at Mary suggestion of vienna. Keep on blogging it is always a joy to read your posts.

      1. Niki B

        I appreciate the detail and variety in your blog posts. I hope you continue in this vein rather than switching to short text and pictures. Your posts give me the feeling we could enjoy conversations is we met in person.

        If you want a suggestion for a blog topic, I would really like to see how the long arm process works. What is a pantograph and how does it work? Why do you use different types of thread top and bottom? How do you load a quilt without basting? Making the quilt sandwich for me to quilt on my domestic machine is a big challenge for me. Crawling around on the floor is tough on my replaced knees and a have a hard time getting it done without wrinkles!

        Thanks for sharing so much with your many followers.

  5. Betsy Maier

    As a dedicated blog reader I too have been so upset many days when bloglovin’ is not available. Reading many quilting/sewing blogs (from around the world!) each morning while enjoying my “cuppa” (as they say across the pond) is my daily routine now that I’m retired. It’s my inspiration for the day & I love to read what so many other fellow enthusiasts are doing & how they are doing it or living. I did a lot of research and have now switched to Feedly. So far I’m very happy with it. Fingers crossed that it continues to perform well. I don’t pay for the service but would consider it if I go over the number allowed for free use. I still check bloglovin’ every day to see if it is available so I’ll continue. I no longer follow instagram or pinterest as I feel they can just result in a lot of wasted time just looking at pics. I have to idea about tik tok. Just another way to waste our valuable time in my opinion. I, like you, want to learn & not just view pics. I look forward to hearing what you decide. Betsy from Powhatan, VA!

  6. Things have changed a lot over the years in the blogging world and not all is for the better. I don’t post as much as I used to but still enjoying catching up with others regularly. Instragram just doesn’t interest me as much because, as you mentioned, there’s no content -just pictures.

  7. clara macuirles

    I just love your site…..sew interesting for sure in all that you do. I wish I had a small portion of your energy. I agree with you about the bloggers….I use to follow sew many, now just down to a few. I do get inspired by them.

  8. I use free feedly and just started using readkit – which I like a bit better. Bloglovin stopped catching my teed and after no response se from them, I left.

    I like the record of a blog. Hate TikTok as a platform and find instagram too crowded. So, I like you mostly blog.

  9. Julie

    I only read blogs so I have no insight on all the behind the scenes work that goes into them. I think you’re right that some have run out of steam and retired from posting. I don’t use Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or plan to hop on board any other new platform that pops up. I check Facebook, but not on a daily basis. Thank you for all you offer on your site. I find new recipes to try, books to read, delightful patterns to sew, spy on wildlife, visit gardens, and join lovely road rallies through a part of the country I’ll never visit in person. I tried using Bloglovin’ as a one-stop spot to consolidate the few blogs I follow & think they’re oversubscribed; they can’t manage volume. I don’t go there anymore.

  10. Rheanna

    Love how the QOV turned out!
    I do enjoy blogs but I only follow 2-3 on a regular basis (yours being one of these). I agree that a picture without the process holds little interest for me. There is one blogger I follow that does this on her blog and I find it unfulfilling. I started following her after she posted a sew along, which I enjoyed, and thought since we were of similar age it would be nice to keep in touch. But she will post 1-2 pictures of what she worked on with no details about a pattern or what the quilt is for. I will probably unsubscribe from her blog going forward as it feels unnecessary to check in for just a picture. Keep doing what you do. I always look forward to your posts!

  11. Sandy

    Carole,your blog is the only blog I follow. I look forward to receiving and reading. I don’t use any others…tik tok etc.

  12. Hi Carole! I am a faithful reader of your blog and I love it. You have a great variety…your tablescapes, quilts, garden, car club. Reading your blog is like having a coffee klatch with an old friend once a week! I don’t do Instagram or Tik Tok either, I find them too impersonal. It’s true that times change and people change and some stop blogging for one reason or another. I’m so happy you put in the effort to write well written and interesting content. It is such a joy when I see a new post come into my email inbox! Thanks so much!

  13. I’m with you on blogs v instagram, I much prefer to read a blog than just see photos on instagram, It’s like the difference between receiving a letter from a friend or just a text. Whilst they both have their place I much prefer the letter 🙂

  14. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Hi Carole! Lovely quilts! Oh to have 60’s in the mornings again! The air is on when we get up and when we go to bed with these near 100 degree day!! I receive a free Feedspot. I never had any success with connecting my WordPress blog to Blog Lovin’ so I only see those that are in the email I receive. I always hope that blogs I enjoy have MailChimp sign ups. That way I can get them directly in my inbox. I also use Instagram and have set up a Facebook group to share all the ambassadors’ Island Batik quilts each month, as well as my own and other goodies I find to share. I do think it’s sad many have stopped blogging, but it can be a lot of work! Have a great weekend!

  15. Francine Fagan

    Absolutely love your blog. My daughter lives in Virginia and reading about all you do in NC makes me feel closer to her world. Love everything you write about ,keep it up. Your quilting ideas and book reviews inspire me . Thank you for you.

  16. karenfae

    I have been using Feedly free version for years and have no problem with it. I agree with you though so many that I used to read are gone, they are on instagram (or no longer on any) which I am too but I do not care for it. You scroll though but miss so much – I have not figured out how to find the most current photos that people share – but it is that photos, no content. I like to read what is going on with the quilters as they process what they are making and how they are making it. I like sharing our lives and what is going on with us as quilters as we work on our quilts, in our kitchens, in our gardens, our travels etc – you can not get that from a photo or two on Instagram. I haven’t even checked out TicTok and wouldn’t know how to use it. active bloggers are getting fewer and fewer though as one word now seems to replace what you did in a whole day.

  17. Betty Cruikshank

    i don’t care for Instagram, tic toc, and those others either. I like blogs and all the information offered in them along with the pictures.

  18. Joy Joseph

    I totally agree about Blog lovin. I get so frustrated. I am not very fond of Feedly either. I want stories, not just pictures. What are other people doing?

  19. I also get upset with Bloglovin’, ‘Have been using Feedly free service for years, and it is really good. Instagram is OK for other social sharing but not good for blogging, as you said. Yoir quilt is looking great by the way.

  20. Mary Jean Cunningham

    I tried using Bloglovin’ for a different interest I follow from several blogs and found it useless. I set up Feedly but never use it and forgot I had it. Anything that requires me to check in on my own usually is “out of sight, out of mind.” My preference is for a blog post that comes to my email – I sometimes forget to follow people otherwise! I also prefer a true blog post like yours with text – I am not into Instagram or TikTok – I need explanations, not just a picture for inspiration. I think part of this is generational – I’m 66 and younger people think and do things differently. I know maintaining a blog is a lot of hard work – my daughter started one about places she traveols and did not keep it up as she already works full-time and more work on the side was too much – she now posts photos on Instagram. Thank you for all the work you do for us who still prefer blogs and truly learn from them! My husband likes your car posts, too, as he bought a used Porsche Cayman a few years ago and I forward all the car show posts to him!

  21. I love Feedly, been using the free version ever since they dropped Google Reader (I looked it up – way back i 2013). I don’t know how people follow anything without RSS!

  22. I love blogging and reading blogs, and it’s become part of my daily routine! I had to give up Bloglovin awhile back because it wasn’t compatible with my Samsung tablet. So I went to Feedly, the free version, and it works just fine. I don’t think you’re the only one who’s frustrated with Bloglovin! That looks like a lovely view and light coming in from your windows by the longarm! Have fun coming up with a quilt for your brother-in-law and his new wife. It sounds the perfect reason for making a quilt!

  23. Rhonda Dalton

    This is my 1st time posting a comment on your blog but felt it was important to know how much I appreciate the work you put into your blog. I agree whole heartily with you …I can’t imagine doing a blog just with pictures & no commentary. I enjoy reading your blog so much. I have been following you for a couple of years & hope you continue with the current format. I am an avid quilter, & card maker, love to read, cook, gardening & bird watching so your variety of information in your blog is Wonderful!! The work you put into the narrative makes it more personal. Thank you, thank you , thank you! 😊

  24. Patricia Evans

    I have never blogged, but I follow lots of blogs . I agree with many of the comments already made and have experienced the same frustrations with Bloglovin’ and with email notifications. I also agree with Mary Jean that there is a generational difference. Younger people tend toward Instagram and Facebook and TikTok. But I also think there are still a lot of people who read blogs. Many of them rarely or never comment, but they are out there (witness how many comments you get when you offer a giveaway). I could go on and on, but I’ll end by saying, please keep blogging. You have a large number of followers who enjoy your content even if they don’t comment often. And I appreciate the time and effort you put into creating interesting posts.

  25. CarolE

    I so enjoy reading and seeing pictures of your blog as well as a few others I follow. They are so much more meaningful than Instagram. Thank you for blogging.

  26. I love your blog. I really hope you continue it. I have seen many others also complain about their blog somehow not working and trying other ways or not being able to afford certain ways, etc. I am elderly and don’t get out much, compounded by the pandemic (two of my friends got Covid last week, after attending a meeting with no one masking, but all were vaccinated). Reading your blogs and many other quilting blogs is my daily pleasure.

  27. Tina W in Oregon

    I don’t have a blog but know that it takes a lot of time and effort. Your blog is one of only a few I follow these days and I certainly hope you continue in whatever format you decide on. I prefer receiving blogs through email. I enjoy all the topics you write about and enjoy seeing all the pictures. I appreciate the time and effort you put into your blog.

  28. Patty Brenner

    I don’t follow very many blogs anymore because so many have sadly quit blogging. I subscribe via email – but w-a-y back in the day, I liked google reader. I’m sad that so many have quit, but I tried doing a blog about 10-15 years ago, and after 2-3 posts, I realized how much work it takes! It did give me GREAT appreciation for the bloggers that I follow and love (present blog naturally included 🙂 ) The blog world has changed, but I’m so glad for those of you that continue to give us such good content and sharing your talent and work with the rest of us. I enjoy instagram a little bit – but it’s something I’ll look at when I want to see pretty pictures for a few minutes – like glancing through a magazine versus reading a book. I don’t do anything on Tiktok, it just never grabbed my attention, though my family loves it and wastes many hour watching silly videos, lol.

  29. I am not a fan of Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest or other such websites. Quess I just enjoy the written word and the telling of a story. I use the WordPress reader but unfortunately that does not take into account blogs you might follow from another platform. I am using a free news feeder called Protopage which works for me. It is similar to the old Yahoo feeder.

  30. Jean McKinstry

    Maintaining a blog takes time, thought, and it just doesn’t happen as easily as some might think. I so enjoy the process you post about each quilt, the car rallies, the table settings, and more. You are right, Instagram is fine for one photo, but not for those who want to see more photos and hear/read all the details.Love the view of your long-arm and the open windows, a delightful room.

  31. Helen Glover

    I too love reading your blog. so much more interesting than just pictures or selling of patterns. Thank you for it! I have signed up for blogloving sites and never receive a single one of them. I don’t know why but they have get blocked. If I try to sign up again, it says my email is already in use but I never receive the posts. It’s crazy to me. There are 3 sites I follow one of which is yours. So please continue to your posts! so enjoyable! Thanks! Helen

  32. Chris

    Oh please don’t stop your blog. Love reading it and your beautiful tablescapes are so inspiring. I don’t like Instagram, Tik Tock or any other fast media. I love your written word. It’s almost like having a sister that I talk to. Hope you find another blog media you can use. Have a good day.🤗

  33. Sue Hoover

    I also got fed up with Bloglovin because I love reading about what others are doing and joining in on SALs. While I still use Blogspot to write my blog, I switched over to Feedly to read and follow blogs by others. I use the free version and have not had one problem since! I love the idea of 60 degree weather, windows open, and happily stitching along. Very nice post! This is why I read blogs!

  34. I am and will always be a blogger. I use my word press reader, and then go over to my reading list at blogger. It’s not the most convenient, but I’m not doing instagram, and seldom get on Facebook. My blog is more my journal that I invite friends to read

  35. It sounds like it was a lovely day for quilting, with the breeze blowing in nicely! I too get frustrated by Bloglovin, when only some things will load – if it feels like it! I’ve also been unable to add new blogs that I want to follow, to it for a while now – I just keep getting an error message for that too. I so much prefer the detail and storytelling aspect of blogging – both for reading others and writing my own posts.

  36. Joan Sheppard

    Until 2015 I didn’t even know what a blog was! Your blog was the first I read and the only one I read consistently. Squirrels and bears, quilts and cars, cuisine from all over – where else does that happen? Whatever “service?” you use we are right behind you. Thanks for inviting us into your world. Last week I repaired a quilt – WWCD (What Would Carole Do?) Thanks for all the tips and tricks!

  37. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom


    I so look forward to your blogs! I know it takes time, energy and drive to create the text and pictures that set your blog apart!

    Blogs allow you to get into more depth than many other mediums. Thinking that many businesses look to do business with those who have “social capital” as they have an eye toward having your followers among their flock. I am seeing more and more of this from the larger companies.

    I see a number of Instagram and Facebook posts with link outs for more information e.g. video, website, blog, etc. and these I find meaningful.

    My main link to blogs is email as I don’t follow many.

    Super discussion starter today!

  38. Bonnie Coleman

    Carole, I have the same problem with Bloglovin….and have subscribed to my favorites so their blog comes to my inbox…and I like that better. Also, since I found Stashbusters, I have loved it! Also learn so much there. It’s a very friendly, honest and outspoken group. Lots of photos, inspirational sharing also. Good luck in the search for bloggers. You do a very good job of it too!😄

  39. Kathie Weatherford

    Carole: I totally agree with you about the blogs – especially the one with the inn (ugh). I also want to let you know that I appreciate you not commenting on anything political. I love your pictures of your car club activities. My husband and I used to be really enjoyed in the corvette clubs but not anymore.

  40. Cindy Beal

    I am a Blog Lover! I want it in my email – if I have to go searching for it, it probably won’t be read. I love yours because of the variety of things you talk about. I like going on adventures with you and the car club & when you visit other guilds. Your gardens inspire me to do better and I get to feel useful when I participate in your block drives/Safelight projects. Not interested in Instagram or Tweeter. I want to read the stories and see the pictures. So thank you for the time & trouble to keep blogging for us.

  41. JustGail

    I don’t use any service for new post notifications, quite a few have how old the most recent post is. I have a few blogs I go to daily, and use their blog lists in the sidebars. Without a FB or IG account, I can’t even see those posts unless I have a direct link to a post. And even that’s hit or miss on whether I see the post or a log in screen now.
    I could set up a service or check individual blogs to get new post notifications, but egads, my email is clogged with spam most days, so I’d probably not see the email anyway. And I don’t need something else to log in to, or figure out how to update when they break… I mean change things or stop supporting them. Harumph!
    I suppose on IG or FB, the only way to share construction of a quilt is lots of posts? But how well does that work when you want to share your possibly rambling thoughts on how you made a decision, or a technique that has lots of steps?
    Yes, very sad to see so many blogs languishing for months/years, but I have hope they’ll come back. I didn’t get around to posting for 5 years once, and picked it back up. That said, it’s more work, a lot more work, to write a coherent blog post than it is to take a quick photo, write a few words or brief description, and hit “post” in the phone app. Though I suppose adding all those hashtag things could slow it down?

  42. pamdempsey

    Thank you Carole for all the work and time you put into your blog! I found you a couple of years ago and look forward to reading your posts. I have been getting that blogloving error message too, ggrrrrr!

  43. Rita S

    Thank you Carole for the great job you do. You have such a variety of contents just as our lives do. Keep up the great work. And the readers and responders have done a great job also.

  44. Mary

    I guess I am just repeating what your other followers have been saying. I love reading all about your activities. I enjoy the car rides through your beautiful countryside, your visiting animals, your garden and your lovely quilts. As well as your everyday goings on.
    Please don’t go to Instagram or Pinterest – your blog is really interesting and unique.
    From your follower in New Zealand 😂

  45. I’ve never used instagram or Tik-tok, I used to click on each of the links in my blogger list every couple of days. Like you I realised that many had stopped writing. I now use the free feedly and I love it. So easy to use. Though there is a maximum of 100 links I think, but that’s enough for me.

  46. Cathie J

    I thoroughly enjoy reading blogs. I post on my own blog only once a week during the school year as that is all I can handle….besides the fact that I don’t do all that much, but work and craft each week. I love reading your blog. I find it so inspirational and educational. I hope you find a place to land. I don’t use Instagram or Tik-Tok. I use Blogger without any problems. I love the quilt that you worked on this week. My basement where I sew doesn’t have any windows. I need to move my sewing machine. I have yet to buy a long-arm machine. Have a great week.

  47. Jean Lickun

    Your blog is one that I enjoy for all of the reasons mentioned in the other comments. I also miss so many blogs that have ended. I wonder if you would consider sharing your blog list. Maybe it would help those of us who enjoy reading blogs to find some new ones.
    Thank you!

  48. This is my 17th year of blogging and I still enjoy it! I think you have to enjoy writing to maintain a blog over time and it does take a big commitment. I do enjoy instagram a bit but not as much as blogging. I’m currently using follow.it but don’t love it.
    I hope you keep blogging as I enjoy your posts and have learned a lot from you, but only continue if you really enjoy it 🙂

  49. June Neigum

    Please don’t stop blogging! I look forward to your garden photos and have become fond of Oliver. Your photography is excellent and your birds are amazing. I love all you are into even though I may not do it, it is fun to hear about your car club adventures and the scenery. And then there is the cooking and book reviews. I know it is frustrating with technology the way it is today but . . . don’t stop. Keep it up.

  50. Vicki in MN

    Yes I too am fed up with bloglovin, I prefer it (when it works). I just signed up for the free Feedly last week. It would be nice to get into bloglovin so I can see all the blogs I follow and transfer them all to Feedly, I hope someday they will come back. I love reading blogs over any of the other media sources.

  51. What a treat to quilt with the windows open! I use Inoreader as my blog reader and have been happy with it. I’m pretty sure I pay a small subscription fee.

  52. Sarah

    I have never had a blog, but I used to follow about ten different blogs. Now it is only four (assuming that one blogger who has had some health challenges feels up to picking hers back up at some point). Some of those bloggers retired. As you mentioned, others moved to IG or Facebook and I do not do either of those.

    I am sure that your blog is a lot of work to keep going. But as others have mentioned, I also enjoy the variety in your posts, the photos and explanations you give, especially when something is new, tricky, didn’t go as you hoped or involves a repair. I enjoyed the posts on quilting your dahlia donation quilt and bought a few chances on it to support the garden. I would not have known about Bullington Gardens if not for you. I love your car club adventures, book reviews, cooking adventures, decorating adventures (you sure do have some great thrift stores up there!) and gardening. Basically I view you and your followers as a community of friends. I look forward to your posts and hope you continue. That said, I know that things change and you may get to the point you just don’t want to continue. Based on all the earlier comments, I would be one of many disappointed followers and would miss it, but I would understand. The technology challenges would have done me in long ago if I had a blog myself!

    1. Lovely quilt……
      I use a blog reader Feedly…. I moved to it when Google reader died…… I’ve been really happy with it and tag the blogs I follow to to groups like the country or the zoom or churn dash groups etc……
      Facebook won’t get me out tic tom etc……I use ig for nature/ farm pics like I used to have my snappy friends blog but I’m like you as in you can’t have the same interaction with people…….. Yes lots have stopped blogging but I’ll still be here……
      Goodluck making the wedding quilt……
      I see there are some long comments here so I will go back and have a read thru them……..

  53. Melanie

    I enjoy your blog posts so much, Carole. Such a variety of subjects, lots of good suggestions and quilt patterns, quilt-alongs as well as tablescapes, thrifting, etc. etc. I do not do FB or instagram or any of those techie things. I do enjoy youtube for quilting content. I am finding there have been some craziness going on with a couple of blogger posts I no longer receive even though I have not unsubscribed, and I can’t seem to get them back OR maybe they stopped blogging. One I followed for years is still ongoing, but I can’t get myself back there. LOL Maddening. So you aren’t the only one frustrated with the internet these days! You do a fantastic job!

  54. melp74

    Hi Carole, I have been reading your blog for many years and enjoy every post. I have stopped reading many other blogs that seem to have become purely sales outlets whereas yours feels like a cosy afternoon chat. I especially enjoy your writing about a variety of things. While I love quilting, I’m also interested in a lot else. I’ve often liked up books you’ve recommended and have only just ordered Lessons in Chemistry. On sale too – can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m sure there are many like me amongst your readers and I hope you continue your beautiful blog for many years to come.

  55. Kathleen Kingsbury

    I use feedly now. I check it once in a while and if I have missed a lot of posts, I’ll go to the oldest post and click directly over to the blog and catch up that way. I’ve noticed feedly doesn’t show the entire blog post. Maybe because I am using the free service? I used to use the rss reader in chrome but they started limiting the number of blogs I can follow. So far feedly is working well for me. I do follow some instagram accounts but I’m not diligent about checking them. I also follow some blogs via email notification, which is how I follow yours.

  56. I am a ZERO fan of instagram and tiktok. I have an IG account and have never posted but it made it easier to visit others. Except — and it’s a big except — I rarely do. I love the blog, the detail, the ability to tell a story, whether it’s a day out or a project or just life. I have a FB account and check in there regularly, mostly on people who aren’t bloggers, though some of them are. I hardly use my twitter but have it in case of weather emergencies, etc.

    Bloglovin’ — it’s getting frustrating again. Sometimes they don’t send out the daily notice, which I rely on. Sometimes the site is down, as you showed. Someone else was talking about it and it reminded me that I need to remind readers who use bloglovin’ to follow me to sign up for email updates. I’ve hit the point where I sign up for about every update available in case one goes down!

    I think your wedding quilt will be so deeply loved. I love happy ending and this is a good one. Your work is so exquisite — it will be deeply loved!

  57. I used to follow a LOT of blogs, but honestly, not like in the past. I use the “feeder” on wordpress for the most part or the ones I get by email. My blog is boring at the moment, as I have run out of ‘finishes’. Perhaps I need to reenergize with my chatter again. Time out for summer with the grandkids, and I can’t share much about “them” as people out of respect for their ages & parents. I love the way you present your content. I know how HARD it is to always have something to say as many times a week as you manage. Yours is my #1.

  58. I am a big fan of your blog and blogging in general; I don’t do any other social media.
    I like to hear about the “process”–which is really what I love the most…
    Hugs, Julierose

  59. Camille

    Bloglovin’ has frustrated me a bit too. BUT, I found a work around. If I want to see a page and click on the “Read more…”, I often get the page not available screen. THE WORK AROUND is to click on the photo on the right. Nearly every time, the page opens.

  60. I’m afraid I’m one of those bloggers who rarely post anymore. I agree, I love telling the stories, but with the pandemic changing my work to being so much more online, plus a volunteer activity eating up much of the evening, doing more computer work was not what I wanted! I use WordPress digests (like for you!) And feedly (free), getting only 6 or so new posts on a daily basis. Rest assured, I love your stories!

  61. Dot

    I have used Feedly for years, at first the free version. But I decided seven years ago to upgrade to the simplest paid version, because I want to keep them in business. The only feature of Feedly Pro that I have used, a couple of times, is the premium support. They respond quickly. You probably don’t need the Pro version. I have accounts on Facebook and Instagram only because younger famlly members post there. But I don’t like either one, and only check them occasionally. Facebook doesn’t show me everything that’s been posted, punishing me for infrequent visits, I guess. Instagram posts are too short on details! I get my ideas from blogs.

  62. Kathryn Laposata

    I agree with your sentiment about Bloglovin. Exasperating to no end. However, I love reading blogs and don’t really use Instagram or Facebook for the reasons you stated. Your blog is among my favorites because of the details of your quilts, your flowers, your visiting wildlife and your mysteries. You have a loyal reader in me. Thanks.

  63. I think that blogging is in demise partly because blogs don’t usually have much feedback and people want some feedback to see what the readers like. IG and FB often have an easier method of liking or commenting and that is helpful. Even on your blog, it is significantly harder for me to comment. On my end, I have to enter my email, name and blog link manually (it is just how my ipad works) and that takes so much time when you are reading several blogs! Blogs implemented these changes to try to compete with other blogging platforms years ago, and people kindof got fed up with that, I think. My two cents!

  64. Linda Garcia

    Hi Carole. You have lots of comments to this post, so do not feel obligated to reply to this one as I know that I am several days behind the times.
    I love blogs for the deeper content. I want to know the pattern source, or inspiration if original. I want to know the thought process of how you got to this final version. I love tutorials. I love your varied content, recipes, books lists and reviews, your tours around the country side, your gardens and birds and wildlife. I love your sew-alongs and scrappy quilts. Yours is one of the best blogs out there currently. I appreciate the time and effort that you put into your blog posts, several times each week! Many of the blogs that I used to follow have turned into commercials for the writers pattern pages. No new content, just here’s my newest pattern. That turns me off.
    I do not like Instagram and Facebook or Pinterest. Instagram and Facebook, people do not cite pattern sources, so this just causes me frustration! Same with Pinterest, no citations and the longer the platform is in existence, the more broken links there are, pictures that lead nowhere with no citations–just more frustration!
    I so miss blog reader. Blog-lovin has never had it for me, although I am still getting emails from them. I am frustrated that when I go to the link provided, it is within bloglovin’s header, not directly to the blog itself. I guess everyone wants their two cents.
    I recently signed up for following some blogs through “follow it”. I get individual notifications of blog posts in my email inbox. (Although I am days behind in reading emails, hence the lateness of this comment…..) It’s an ok service, I am not head over heels for it though. It is free though.
    Another place to go to see new blog posts is:
    When you enter this into your browser, you will get pages and pages of the newest blog posts available from quilters far and wide. I don’t see anywhere that you can get anything from this website sent to you in email, but I have the link pasted to my menu toolbar and I just check the link regularly for anything that I do not have delivered to my email. I believe this is about the best place to find new posts. I used to have lists of blogs that I visited, and so many are gone completely or have no new content in years.
    I hope you continue with your great content, but I can’t imagine the amount of work that you put into your blog. You have many followers who love you!

  65. Stacy in NC

    Hi Carole,

    Yes, it’s hard to find people who are still blogging consistently and in depth. I am glad that you are still here and sharing with us all.

    I was excited to see the comment above about quilterblogs.com. I will have to check that out!

    For blog reading, I use a free application called NetNewsWire. It runs on Apple devices, so isn’t for everyone, but I love it on my iPad.


  66. No idea how my comment ended up under someone elses……….anyway I am back again after reading most of the comments………I have used Feedly since 2013 as someone mentioned also when google reader died………I have had a massive amount of blogs I followed many who have not posted for ages but they are still in my list so I would not be paying for an account as I don’t think it would be necessary and what would it do for you anyway……….

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