Sunday Chat – Wildlife, the Garden and a Gift Basket

Once again, we’ve had a busy week with yet one more quick trip to Atlanta among appointments and planning a big event that was held yesterday. I’ll have more on that for you in a day or so. In the heat this week, my daylilies decided it was time to start their show. I got out early one morning before the heat hit to get a few photos. This peach one with the yellow throat is huge. I like the ruffled edges of the petals.

Nearby, a dark purple one is blooming.

I thought I had pulled up all the orange ones, but this one came up this year as a volunteer. Too bad I couldn’t put it to work, LOL!!

The deer stopped by to munch on my hostas. I have so many that I won’t miss a few blooms or leaves. This time there were two young ones, probably both female.

They do have a good appetite, but they left fairly quickly. I’m sure they will be back, now that they know where tasty treats can be found.

Speaking of tasty treats, I was able to pay back a kindness this week in a way that very rarely happens. When My Sweet Babboo had surgery in April, a dear friend sent us a basket of food, something that touched my heart and was so very helpful. We made several meals out of the goodies he sent, so nice when I was exhausted at the end of a day. Well, this week I found out that my friend had to have surgery last week, and didn’t tell anyone. So, I got busy and bought some things for quick meals.

Then I added some creamy peanut butter, blackberry jam, fresh blueberries, cranberry white cheddar cheese to eat with rosemary and olive oil crackers, a log of summer sausage and chocolate cookies.

Then I piled in fresh apples and peaches, both I think he likes, enough to fill all the space I had left in the basket. Peanut butter on apples is a great snack.

I pulled out a card I have on the shelf for just this kind of quick need, and wrote a message of support inside.

Then I put it all in a cellophane bag, topped it off with a couple of bananas, and tied it with a wired ribbon bow.

We made a call to be sure he was home, then jumped into the car for a quick trip down to SC to deliver it. He was happy to have the support, and was delighted with the contents. I have to say, if you know someone that has had surgery, easy to prepare food and things to snack on for days is a great gift. I know because it meant so much to me when we received one.

We were relaxing after dinner that night, when my eye caught some movement outside. A bear was snuffling around the base of the bird feeder. We have it up to high for her to reach, but she was trying to shake it down by pulling on the pole. I grabbed the camera, and My Sweet Babboo pointed out she had two little bitty cubs with her. You can just make her out beyond the railing, with one of the little ones.

As we opened the door to get a better photo, the noise scared her away. Look closely, you can see her face over the top of the railing, with her lighter nose. She ran toward the garage with the second cub on her heels. He is so little! But you can get an idea of that in this shot. The mom is small, probably around 180-200 pounds, and the babies can only be days or weeks old. They were adorable.

She went around the back of the garage, and I went through the house to possibly catch them going up the mountain in the back. I got one more picture of her, but the little guys had run ahead of her.

I have had precious little time to quilt this week. I only have two more passes done on the QOV currently on the frame. Hopefully I can get that quilted this week, and move on to the binding. I’m doing it in white thread, and the star pantograph that goes so well with patriotic quilts.

How’s your week been?

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15 thoughts on “Sunday Chat – Wildlife, the Garden and a Gift Basket

  1. karenfae

    this is so nice that you have baskets, cellophane bags, bows and cards all at the ready like that! People are lucky they have you as their friend! Love the photos of the plants and the bear! glad they have never come too close – that is I hope they have never been up on your veranda!

  2. Julie

    Beautiful thoughtful basket, guaranteed to speed speed recovery. Naughty bear! Teaching her cubs to mooch at the bird feeder. Hopefully some of their forest foods will be ripening & they can fill their tummies in nature.

  3. Rheanna

    How exciting to see a mama bear and 2 Cubs close up!
    I am glad you were able to repay the kindness of bringing a meal. You are right, it is so helpful. We had a few meals gifted to us after the birth of my youngest daughter and it was such a blessing. I feel like this is a lost art form as it seems to not be as common as it once was to bring a meal.

  4. Your flowers and views of wildlife are always fun to see! Wow on the mama bear and cubs! That looks like a lovely and generous gift basket. You have a knack for making it look wonderful, too. Have a relaxing Sunday, Carole!

  5. My orange day lilies are blooming like crazy out around my mailbox. The only wildlife I’ve seen lately are two black snakes that went for a swim on a very hot day in our pool. Hubby said I scared them into the pool. I said they scared me into standing on a chair! The basket you made full of goodies for your friend is very thoughtful. How kind to reciprocate ! Be well!

  6. Debbie Skinner

    Good morning,
    Your pictures are beautiful! I just finished reading “The Book Charmer” and enjoyed the storyline. Thank you for recommending it.

  7. Beautiful and very thoughtful gift basket. ….I am kinda glad not to have to deal with bears. The deer are good and also a possum every now and then but bears…no thank you.

  8. Joan Sheppard

    In my next life I’m going to live in the mountains! Such beautiful flowers and foliage and who doesn’t love the little cubby bears! Deer – now those we have plenty of. The gift basket is such a nice idea – for the “patient” and guests – it’s nice to have something to offer guests or even nurses when they stop by when you don’t feel up to going out. And such a lovely card and basket! Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a week! Gorgeous blooms, a bear, lovely deer (despite the hostas!). The gift basket looks fabulous. We learned when Rick had surgery and his broken leg how much kindness helps, especially with food. We were on the receiving end of several meals and I do the same happily when someone is needing it. (And gift cards too.) But the basket with snacks is an extra wonderful idea and yours is so beautifully packaged. I’ll remember that.

  10. The food gift basket is a marvelous idea, as you found out. Its wonderful that you could do the same for your friend. Bears in the garden goodness me!

  11. Rita C.

    Such a thoughtful gift you delivered! Bears would scare me, and they’ve been known to make city detours here (black bear is our state animal). Yesterday I saw 3 deer (2 still spotted) just a few blocks away while walking. We are not far from a busy 4-lane, but the river is on one side, the hills on the other, with many city gardens in between, so I guess it’s more than tempting. I’m getting daylily surprises in my garden. It’s fun to anticipate the blooms. Happy summer, Carole!

  12. You are so good with presentation! That basket looks professional enough to be sold in a high end boutique.
    Love your wildlife 😊

  13. The day like are pretty….I must get some for the garden but I never wanted the yellow ones but maybe now I’m just get some…….. The basket of food looks great….. And a great would be scary….. The little one is cute……

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