Fun at the Garden of Quilts Show

Our committee took a year to plan this show, and the careful attention to every detail showed. From golf cart shuttles from the parking lots, to superb food at a reasonable price in the back kitchen, you could spend the whole day here and enjoy the quilts, the boutique, the vendors and the bookstore. There were almost 200 quilts on display, over that if you count all the ones the vendors were showing. The gorgeous blue and white one up front was our raffle quilt. Right up front on the left, just behind the Best of Show was Scrap Dance Twist.

Twist didn’t win any ribbons, but it did get some votes in the viewer’s choice survey. I have a feeling that my pickleball buddies did that.

The committee was still hanging ribbons on quilts and changing out numbers for the name placards when I found my miniature Jeweled Fans had a third place ribbon! I was so excited! The judge was very complementary too, saying “choice of pastel fabrics in pieced blocks very effective, piecing very well done, cornerstone blocks are an added design element”. That design element was in the original Carol Doak pattern. She dinged me for my corners not being 90-degrees and some back-stitching wobbles in the quilting of the borders.

For Rooster Parade, the judge made note of the mitered borders, and the use of color. My biggest problem seems to be that my edges aren’t straight. How this happens I do not know, as I cut them off with a rotary cutter before binding. But, I can see here that the corners tend to bow out, which I think was a result of the mitered corners, and getting the print right.

For Twinkle Twinkle Pumpkin Star, she liked the beige stars against the midnight blue sky. Points were deducted for some star points not being as precise as others.

Ah, but no matter. The fun began again when I found Scrap Dance Pachanga had a third place ribbon!

The ribbon is hard to see with the colors in the quilt, and I know you want to see it! The judge liked the colors and pattern design that has movement within the quilt. She also liked the curved quilting to soften the hard angles.

I went to work on our longarm association booth along with friends Kathleen and Brenda who also brought quilt stands. We got it all set up in about an hour. Manning it for the two days of the show, we took shifts handing out our website cards to potential clients and potential new members. I had a number of my projects for sale, and the little purple basket on the stand was full of handmade cards. I had a good response, selling 7 quilts and table runners, and all but 3 of my stamped greeting cards. The quilts on stands on the right are mine, and used to demonstrate pantograph quilting and semi-custom quilting. The gorgeous Christmas Garden quilt at the back was Brenda’s, and used to demonstrate full custom quilting. The table has my Chocolate Cherries quilt.

Visitors could take in the Quilts of Valor display hanging from the balcony railing. There was one that I quilted in the display, right in the middle – remember the panel surrounded by blocks? The table also had the pattern for the small quilt behind the desk.

Scrap Dance Pachanga was hanging near the back, so friends looking for my quilts had to walk the whole show, LOL! While I was walking around looking for particular quilts I needed to photograph for the guild, I had several ladies stop me in the aisle to tell me they were blog readers. This is such a thrill for me! And then a group of gals from the Landrum guild where I did a program came and made sure to say hello. I’ll be visiting them again in July. Thank you for coming!!

The quilts were so inspiring. Gorgeous work! I may have to make a triptych like the one on the right here. It was lovely in greens with dimensional yellow ginkgo leaves and branches.

Here’s another look at the show floor. My Twinkle Twinkle Pumpkin Star is on the upper left. I didn’t have time to take a lot of close up photos of individual quilts, but I hope you enjoy these wide shots.

Yes, I had to shop in the bookstore, and came home with six new titles. All of them looked brand new, and they only cost $2 each. Score!!

I’ll let you know what I think of these as I have time to get into them. I have several pieces left over from the booth, and I’ll get those ready for a sample sale soon. There was so much inspiration at the show, and I am looking forward to having some time to create again.

Do you enjoy quilt shows?

31 thoughts on “Fun at the Garden of Quilts Show

  1. Kim from TN

    Putting on a quilt show is truly a lot of work for a guild and your show sounds lovely to attend and every detail was thought of to make it so. I loved seeing all the quilts from your great pictures, thanks for sharing. Congratulations on the ribbons!

  2. Mary Stori

    Congrats again on your ribbons and quilt sales…..did the big one you have for sale get sold?

  3. karenfae

    thanks for sharing the show looks like it was a great success. everyone is so happy to be going back to shows again. Sounds like you did really well on your sales

  4. I have not been to a quilt show in ages…. years!
    I love the photographs you took and shared. It feels like I am practically there.
    Your quilts look wonderful, all of them. I could never win a prize in a quilt show as most of my quilts, or rather all of them are so imperfect, plenty of chopped off points.
    Thank you Carole for showing all of your quilts and the ribbons, wow! You are superb!

  5. Mary Ed Williams

    I really love this show’ You and your committee did a great job. Your quilts are wonderful, of course, and I want to see first and second place if you got third! Good grief!

  6. Carolyn

    Terrific show, enjoyed looking at lovely quilts. Good variety of venders, lots of inspiration and temptation.

  7. Julie

    Congratulations! I think judge’s comments are teachable moments. Thanks for all the photos, it’s nice to have an overview of the show.

  8. Lenora

    You hang out with some talented people, and so do they. Hours of hard work, joy of accomplishment, sharing of talents in making the beautiful quilts and hours of setting up an elaborate show gave so much to your visitors and community. Job well done!

  9. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Looks like a great show! Congrats on your ribbons. Our biennial show is June 3rd and 4th, and this is the first in four years. I do enjoy quilt shows!

  10. Cathy Walker

    I attended the show on Saturday and was quite impressed with the display of quilts! Congratulations on your ribbons. Keep up the good work.

  11. I think all of your quilts are stunning. Quilt Show Judges just need to find ways to provide feedback on ALL quilts entered. Congratulations to your Scrap Dance Pachanga. What a great way to show off your design too! So much fun to see a quilt show. Life is truly getting back to normal.

  12. Myrna Watson

    good morning, what a Show of Quilts, great to see all the wonderful colours and patterns. Yes, I recognize your patterns, as I have completed a few quilt- along with you online. Judges seemed a bit tough, but always good to see where improvement can be done, and still have fun. Thanks for your time and Congratulations (soon to being) 1000 followers.

  13. What a wonderful overview of your show! Congrats on the wonderful quilts that you displayed and the ribbons you won. Sometimes I think the wonkiness can be cured with a little blocking, which I never do, but for a show it might help. Would be fun to meet in person one day….you never know.

  14. Donna Hindle

    Yes, I do. Unfortunately there are none that I know of near where we live, so have only been to a few when we traveled.

  15. What a beautiful show! I love the way y’all did the quilt layout with the zig zag displays. Your quilts are stunning – I agree with Mary Ed and would love to see the other ribbon winners. Also think that Kathleen has a good point about blocking to keep quilts square for hanging. Who was the show judge this year? I like that you have so much feedback on each quilt. I’m sure s/he had good comments as well as constructive ones. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Joan Sheppard

    Drooling! I want to just dive right in! So many wonderful different designs, colors. Glad I’m not a judge! Also glad you could show the different quilting types. It can make or break a quilt and I will gladly make a quilt as long as someone else does the quilting! Just picking out the pantograph can take hours! Thank you for being the “go to” person for this, you do such a lovely job with all of it from picking the colors to the last little stitch in the binding.

  17. Mary

    Well done! Isn’t it so exciting to see a ribbon on your quilt?! You can’t believe it’s really there till you get up close and actually see it.
    A lovely show from your photos. Something for the Guild members to be proud of.

  18. Arlene

    My husband and I enjoy quilt shows
    He has helped on several quilts.
    I enjoy reading what you write
    Found you a couple of months ago. Would love to hear about planned upcoming quilt shows as we like to travel to see them

  19. Stacy Whitney

    My husband and I drove out from the Triangle area to visit the show on Friday. What a wonderful, well-organized show it was! We enjoyed wandering the hall and seeing all of the works of art up close. It was nice to have the helpers around who would flip the quilt if you wanted to see the back side. It was lovely to see you there, as well. I am looking forward to your guild’s next show.

  20. It looks like your quilt show was very successful. That is a lot of hard work but a wonderful event.
    Well done with your successes at the show, too.

  21. Grace1927

    Congratulations on your wins, Carole! My husband and I enjoy visiting quilt shows and seek them out whenever we travel. He is my biggest supporter and tells me I should enter my quilts, but I never have. As most of us probably are, I am my own worst critic and I don’t know if my work is good enough. Perhaps someday…

  22. Congratulations! Both on your wonderful wins (I”m drooling over that scrap piece!) and also for being such a big part of the planning and coordinating, which I know is a ton of work. It all looks great and I love every piece you shared! Three cheers!

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