A Bit of Sewing, Stamping and Gardening

Small projects were the focus over the past couple of weeks as I haven’t had any big blocks of time available to get into the basement sewing and crafting room. What time I have had was devoted to getting things ready for the quilt show, and that included deciding what I was willing to sell, then deciding on how much to ask. Each item now has one of my cards with a price on it, hanging from a green cord. All total, I’ll have 18 quilts, placemat sets and table runners for sale.

Here and there, I sat down at the stamping bench and added more handmade cards to the basket that I’ll have at the show as well.

I finished up the placemats I was making for a tutorial. The pattern will be on the MadamSew blog next week. It uses no-waste flying geese and a center section of large print focus fabric.

Oliver stopped by for a treat.

And this little guy was darting around the driveway one morning. I had to get a quick shot through the window before he ran off. Chipmunks are just so cute!

These daisy flowers are blooming here and there. Look closely to see a little praying mantis on its lower bloom. I am delighted to see these predators in the garden as they eat the bad bugs.

I had lunch with friends at a local charming tea cafe, Book and Bee. It was a nice time as we sat outside and just caught up on all our news. My grilled ham and Swiss on sourdough was full of fresh spinach, yum!!

I had to remember to stamp a Mother’s Day card to mail on time for my 102 year old mother in law. I made this one big because she is special.

Another day, lunch at my favorite restaurant, Champa, with delicious sushi enjoyed by both of us. That is fresh mango on the top of spicy tuna with red tobiko. The presentation of these dishes is just exquisite.

My orchid is still moving really slowly. The bud started forming in January, and it took until April 10 to get to this point.

It took 8 more days to barely open.

And here we are, a month after that, and it still isn’t fully open.

Next on my list this week is to get my trunk show ready for two guild speaker programs coming up. Plus, I need to get my class materials together for a class I am teaching on my To The Nines quilt pattern.

This week will be more of the same, as I am going to try another recipe for a coffee cake for the State Fair contest, bind a quilt, and maybe stamp a few more cards. My Sweet Babboo should be released to play pickleball again so we’ll be playing several times this week. Plus another car club event on Saturday promises to be fun, provided it doesn’t rain. What are your plans for the week?

18 thoughts on “A Bit of Sewing, Stamping and Gardening

  1. Pat Semeraro

    Carole, you create such beautiful things! Happy Birthday to your mother in law! Wow, 102!

  2. Margaret Nelson

    I’m sewing up bowl cozys and hanging out with my niece who is staying with me for 5 days.

  3. Elaine Nemerh

    Thank you for your wonder filled blog. Have a great quilt show and classes. Be safe and give you MIL a big shout out for Happy Mothers’ Day wishes for many more .

  4. Rheanna

    Sounds like some fun little projects. I am starting to bind the quilt I will be submitting to our county fair this year. I have never had a quilt judged before so I am excited for the opportunity and the feedback.
    I am also bringing in my large machine to have it serviced since it hasn’t been cleaned since I bought it 18 months ago.

  5. Julie

    Fabric shopping today with a friend who asked for a quilt. We tried 2 weeks ago, but the first sample didn’t live up to expectations. Guess we were drunk on fabric since neither of us had been in a quality shop in 2 years! Your blue & yellow To The Nines would be a beautiful quilt for Ukraine. I need to get some small things sewn up in a hurry today & tomorrow to donate to the upcoming show’s gift gallery. Bowl cozies, fabric baskets, & fabric covered notebooks always sell and I have red/white/blue table topper that will get perfect for somebody’s Memorial Day picnic.

  6. You’ve really got a lot of items ready for the guild sale! I hope they all go, and bring in lots of $$. I bet your MIL loves your handmade cards – 102 is amazing! Your lunches out look yummy. Enjoy getting back to pickleball, too!

  7. karenfae

    it must be hard to come up with prices to sell things at a fair – you never get what you really want to ask but you don’t want to be too low either. Hope your mother in law enjoyed her card 102 wow

  8. You have still been a busy bee. Wish I lived where I could attend your quilt. I am sure it will be fabulous. So pleased to see Oliver and the chipmunk is adorable. Plus, the placemats are beautiful. Always look forward to your blogs. They always make me smile. Oh, and a belated Happy Mother’s Day to your 102 MIL.

  9. How nice that Babboo is on the mend and pickleball on the horizon! I know your show will be great. Love that yellow and blue, and the flying geese make a great border for the mats. All good wishes on the sales!

    My week started with a 70th birthday party, the visit of a friend from Paris and the death of a dear friend whose funeral we will attend this week. Later, doc appointments. All shall be well. Hugs,

  10. lois92346

    What a delightful post. I love seeing the things you’ve completed or are working on. You have a full calendar. Enjoy every minute of it.

  11. Jean McKinstry

    Recovery sounds like it has gone well, your Sweet Babboo will be so pleased to get back to doing other outings. For Sale?? Too high a price, too low, and what to include? That is the hardest part after the selection. Your selection and the handmade cards look wonderful, and for your M-In-L, what a grand age.

  12. It’s always fun to have a lunch or two out with friends, isnt it. Good luck with your sales at the quilt show, and I’m sure your speaking and trunk shows will be wonderful to watch. Such cuties in your garden, we dont have squirrels or chipmunks here.

  13. Glad to see you back creating, even if it is only snippets of time. This week I am catching up on work, recording videos for the kids to use when practicing and loading them up on my YouTube channel. Not much sewing until tomorrow when I hope to do a couple of quilt blocks. I am resting just in case I make it into the finals of the Sewing Bee. I am not really expecting to, as my take on the challenge was more about precision than creativity, but who knows?!

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