Springtime Tablescapes for Easter

Easter is so late this year, that it has almost gotten by me unnoticed. I was setting a table for something festive, when I realized I had used all these same things in exactly the same way before. It was this table, from 2021, and I did it without realizing it until it was finished, and it looked familiar. So I looked up some of my previous Easter tables, and there it was, right down to the exact same arrangement in the center using the same silk flowers pulled from my stash, same napkin rings, everything except the green fabric. Well, that just won’t do.

Seriously! Here it is, the only difference was the addition of the Irish Coffee mugs, a dish for dessert on the side, and a green placemat instead of a green fabric under the centerpiece.

That led to a trip down Tablescape Lane, so I could refresh my memory. This one, Gardening Rabbits from 2019 had the same pink plates, with a little wheelbarrow and the rabbits with garden tools. I had some placecard holder vases holding fresh blooms from the garden and name cards. The napkin rings are watering cans.

The best Easter theme I’ve ever done was this one for Easter 2017. These egg plates were fun, and the rabbit crackers were a perfect accessory. I don’t have those plates anymore.

OK, so let’s get back to this year. I left the green chargers, white dinner plates and crystal glasses.

The centerpiece is now a cute yellow basket with rabbits on the side. I filled it with silk greenery, white tulips and geraniums, with some silk daffodils.

The rabbits are only on one side, so I placed some rabbits around the other three sides.

The place settings have spring green chargers topped with white dinner plates and pink depression glass bowls for salad. The little porcelain dishes have pink and green decorations, perfect size for ice cream. The butterfly napkin rings were changed to yellow flower pots. Everyday flatware completes the setting.

I left the Irish Coffee mugs too, after all, hot coffee goes great with ice cream, especially if there is cake, too. Or maybe brownies? Crystal water glasses are on the right. Of course, my individual salt and pepper shakers are at each place, too.

I can add some eggs for an Easter table, and the rabbits will carry us through spring.

Are you setting a spring table?

15 thoughts on “Springtime Tablescapes for Easter

  1. Oh I love them all. You sent me on a search for Easter “crackers” ! The pretty pink plates in 2019 was my favorite, but the egg plate comes in 2nd. I love all the bunnies. We are heading to NC for Easter break again, Lake Gaston area. Was hoping for warmer weather, but it appears to be much like Delaware there next week. BRRR…… Be well my friend.

  2. Rosemary B

    I love your dishes. I love the salad plates of the first arrangement.
    And those rabbbbits are so so adorable
    Both of them are very very pretty. The pink bowls are so sweet.

  3. Margaret Nelson

    My son’s birthday falls on Easter this year. Easter celebrations for breakfast and lunch then birthday dinner and treats.

  4. Julie

    Your duplicate table setting falls under the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ category. You had a good thing going. They’re all lovely, it’s like trying to decide which Christmas was the prettiest. I really fell for that bunny looking out from the cabbage, he’s wearing the cutest blue overalls. We’ll be hiding Easter eggs around outside & inside the house for the grandson to find. That’s my daughter’s favorite Easter memory, especially when she learned to read & there were clues.

  5. Lots of fun plates and bunnies have decorated your tables over the years, Carole! I get to this time of year and wish I had more bunnies to set out. I’m actually having people over for an Easter meal this Sunday – first time in years. It’s going to be very informal, though, so not much decorating.

  6. I will get out my wedding china for Easter dinner, maybe even tonight since I pulled a previously cooked roast out for dinner. We have been eating lots of Mexican lately or pasta, so it’s time for a nice meat and potatoes dinner!

  7. I LOVE the trip down tablescape lane! And that’s funny about the tables being similar but I’m sure I’ve probably done the same thing or darned close.

    We had Easter last weekend at Rick’s with the kids so our Easter dinner a deux will be quite but hopefully with a fun table! Have a beautiful holiday!

  8. Your tables are always so gorgeous. I am not setting a spring table, but now that I am inspired, who knows what may happen! We will celebrate Easter in some way, with our son, so just the 3 of us and our elderly dog. It is what hubs needs after a few days of choir!

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