Sunday Chat

This past week was spent out of town dealing with some family things. It was a tiring week and I am happy to be back home. But, I don’t have a post for you as I haven’t had any time to do anything fun or even to do any writing. So, to have something for you today, I will give you a roundup of some Valentine ideas from years past. Just click on the blue titles to open up a new tab with more information, detailed instructions or recipes.  First up, my Hearts Around Table Topper is fun for a tablescape or wall hanging.

Hearts Around -42

Set a breakfast table with my Valentine Tablescape.

Valentine Tablescape 13

Valentine Breakfast is a perfect time for my Popovers with Black Cherry Creme.

Popovers 22
Popovers 28

There is still time to stamp and mail some Valentine Cards.

Valentine Cards 2015 - 4
Valentine Cards 2015 - 7

I’ll hang my Valentine Wall Hanging this weekend.  This is the same block as above, sashed in just white without cornerstones, and bordered with two red prints.


That post also shows this table topper.


If you like to read Valentine inspired cozy mysteries, A Cozy Valentine has some book reviews to read while enjoying Chocolate Covered Oreos.

Chocolate Covered Oreos 17

I’ll pull out the Wool Work Valentine Penny Rug with its Heart embellished Candle for the kitchen counter. Pattern for the wool work is on that post.


I hope you enjoy these posts.  I plan to get some cards stamped this coming week and work on my challenge quilt. Tuesday will have a fun blog hop, and the first Stashbuster Challenge check in is Friday.

What are your plans for this week?

17 thoughts on “Sunday Chat

  1. Sylvia Anderson

    Good to see you back home again Carole. Hope where you were didn’t have snow, but lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures. The poor east coast keeps getting hammered and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere close by. Have a wonderful week enjoying all the fun stuff you missed last week.

  2. Julie A Choate

    It’s nice to have links to content newer followers may have not have seen. I love the heart table toppers & made the chasing one last year, time take down the winter tree & put up the hearts. But mostly, right now I want chocolate.

  3. Glad you’re home and happy to be there! I always want to sew some hearts at this time of year, so will look at your links. I told my mom I’d make her a February mug rug, so I’d better get on that! Enjoy your Sunday, Carole!

  4. Linda B

    Well, my valentine things are already up…I don’t have much to display between Christmas and Valentines, so just jump ahead. Need to work on some winter non-Christmassy items. Like some of your white things, Carole. Trying to finish up a mystery quilt here…tabletopper version. Learning new things is fun and challenging. We are supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow.

  5. Mary Stori

    Hope all is well……grinning when I saw the popovers… favorite and I’ve been forgetting to make them. We ended up aborting our Daytona trip when we got to Savannah on Thurs. Back home now and may just whip up some popovers!!

  6. I do love those heart table toppers Carole, the vivid reds remind be of a bouquet of roses. I may have to make some valentine cookies for the students next week, that way I can have a couple but they will be gone quickly!

  7. I love this post, Carole! Filled with cute and very fun ideas and lots of motivation.

    I hope things work out for your family member. Please take care of you, too. Such things are very exhausting physically and emotionally.

  8. manasotavacation

    What a delightful and happy post! Loved it! I’m glad you are back from “other” business and can dig into some fun things! I tried to make bread and something happened that has never happened before…..I almost tossed the dough, but just threw it in the oven anyway and the bread tastes great! The sun is out, the bread is good and I’m going to do something with some red fabric now!!

  9. Sandra B

    Thanks for sharing all the great ideas for Valentine’s Day! Those popovers really caught my eye… they look amazing!

  10. Joan Sheppard

    Love to see the wonderful Valentine things! I remember spending days picking out the right Valentine from a box of kid cards to make sure I gave everyone the perfect card. Silly huh.
    Those popovers look amazing! Thanks

  11. poodlegirls

    Had to put out my Chinese tablerunner first. Chinese NY on 2/1..This coming weekend I will switch to Valentine one. Need to make a few more things nut that will be for 2023! Still making Valentine Dog scarves for Tiki and Lady’s groomer
    Glad your home. Always good to get back to our own home

  12. Liz Brown

    Thanks for sharing. I made the apple doughnuts last week-end. Great taste. I only made half of the recipe, & it was a little thick. Should I have made the whole recipe.? They tasted fine. I liked them. I am going to try the cinnamon ones next. Thanks. liz

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