Well Loved Quilt Repair Class

There are a few slots still available for the class next week if you have time on Wednesday. Well Loved Quilt Repair pulls together my tips and tricks, and organizes the program according to the types of repairs needed. Everything from small holes, and dog chewed corners up to major damage is covered, with advice on starting your own repair business.

Class time runs about 75-90 minutes, class fee $30 invoiced from Paypal. Fill out the google form – HERE – if you’d like to register for the next class on Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 2 pm Eastern Time (Central time 1 pm. Mountain 12 noon, Pacific 11 am).

If you signed up previously, the paypal invoices were sent Monday, so check your spam folder if you haven’t seen it. I have sent a confirmation to everyone with a paid reservation.

I am so looking forward to doing a class again, and getting back to having fun with quilty friends. I plan to do another Virtual Retreat again soon, I just need to figure out when I can do that. I have so much fun connecting with you, and thank you for reading and supporting me and my blog. Happy Quilting!

8 thoughts on “Well Loved Quilt Repair Class

  1. AnnieB

    Hello, happy new year despite your loss of a family member. I too was also betrayed by someone who gossiped about my personal, painful situation. Learn how to be strong because you will be despite those who you lost trust in. Keep quilting. I would love the pattern on the red mountain.

  2. Jean W

    I like the idea of this class. Unfortunately the time doesn’t work for me. Do you ever tape your classes to be available at a later time? I don’t mean for free; just at a time the is more convenient for the viewer.

    1. Thanks for asking, but no I haven’t ever made a recording of it.  I’ll have to give that some thought. This class was scheduled by the responses to the last time I asked for readers to give me the times that would work. I’ll be doing the class again later in the year and will have another survey to pick a time to meet the needs of those interested. I also do this program for guilds, and program chairs can contact me to discuss a time and a contract.

  3. Carole, I imagine that you do your usual over the top job on this! I wish I could take it but my hands are not cooperating with doing ANY hand work. I know your class will learn a lot and have fun too!!!

  4. Good luck to all with the class. Great idea. I haven’t quilted in a long time, but do have a really old afghan that needs repaired that my Great Aunt or Great Grandmother made. I’ve not decided what I want to do with it.

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