Visiting the Landrum Guild

Last week I had the pleasure of driving just over the border to South Carolina to visit the Landrum Quilt Guild and do a program for them. The guild selected Decisions Decisions for their program, so I brought a small quilt show to illustrate the concepts in addition to my projector slides. I set up the quilts in the order they were to be shown, then we improvised a screen with a sheet and some music stands for the slides. I still had about 15 minutes to circulate around and chat with members, such fun!

It is a delight to see show and tell at a guild meeting, such creativity and amazing projects. I wish I had gotten a photo of a quilt one lady did of her family, with a bride and groom in the lower left representing her grandparents, and figures of their children, spouses and grandchildren across the quilt towards the top. It was brilliantly conceived and beautifully executed, and I truly hope she will enter it in Western NC Quilt Guild’s show next May. I’d love to see it again and be able to really look at the details.

After the meeting and a short break, I began my program. I really enjoy this interaction, answering questions as the program went, and watching the surprised faces when I showed some of my favorite tips. I love hearing a bit of laughter at my jokes!

We broke for lunch, then 9 quilters stayed for the afternoon class on Pin Weaving.

There was such a fun variety of colors and prints.

The ladies worked diligently, all while we chatted and laughed.

One of the program chairs, Debbie, brought in the magazine that has my first published pattern and asked me to autograph the page. Oh, my!! I’ve never been asked that before!! I don’t consider myself anything special, so this took me by surprise. Truly, I am just a person who likes to cook and quilt, and who writes a blog some like to read. The magazine is Quilts and More Fall 2021 issue on magazine stands and in grocery stores now.

We kept at it for a couple of hours, having fun and weaving the strips.

When the strips were woven and pressed with the fusible to batting, decorative stitching began. The ladies had fun with using stitches they hadn’t tried before, or well known stitches they knew would work. I left them with full instructions on how to finish their totes, and a link to my Pin Weaving tutorial in case they needed it.

I remarked at the beginning of the program that the colors were at their peak coming down the mountains on the way to the meeting place and I had wished for some photos, but I was driving and the camera was in the trunk. On the way home, I couldn’t resist just pointing the camera at the road without looking at it and snapping off a few shots, hoping that one or two would come out in focus. I promise, my eyes didn’t leave the road. A couple of the photos actually did come out in focus. It was foggy going up the mountain on what the locals call Saluda Grade, a steep climb into North Carolina.

Near Green River Gorge, gorgeous color is seen all along the roadside.

This is the last in-person event I have scheduled for this year. I’ll be doing several Zoom presentations over the next few months. My next in-person speaker events will be in May 2022 at the Durham Orange Quilt Guild on Monday May 16, then Wilmington NC for Quilters By the Sea Guild on May 17.

I am willing to come to your guild if you are within a half day drive distance, and I also can do programs on Zoom. See my Speaker Programs page for more information. There is space available in my stand alone Well Loved Quilt Repair program on Zoom December 6 at 1 pm Eastern. I will cut off registration at 15 participants for this class to allow class interaction during the program. I will keep a wait list if class fills up and do it again in January if there is enough interest.

Are you back to in-person meetings at your clubs?

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12 thoughts on “Visiting the Landrum Guild

  1. Lenora

    You may not think of yourself as special, but this is one reader who disagrees with you. People like you who give so much of themselves to others just seem to have more and more to give without even realizing it is happening. Thank you for all you do!

  2. It’s so nice to see people gathering again and life getting back to normal. Looks like a great guild meeting and everyone enjoyed! The pin weaving peeked my interest – fun.

  3. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Looks like a fun class, Carole! We are back to in person meetings at Birmingham Quilters Guild. We had 74 this month, and it was great to see everyone.

  4. Debbie Myers

    Thank you for coming to visit our group! Your program was so interesting, full of lots of things I hadn’t even thought about before. Lots of note taking was done. The pin-weaving class was fun, something new and different. I’m glad I got to meet you in person, as I’ve followed your blog for over a year and I really enjoy it. We welcome you to come back anytime!

  5. Mary Ed Williams

    I agree with everyone else – your blogs and patterns are a delight!
    Mary Ed Williams

    P.S. Do you need anymore blocks for Safelight?

  6. I think you’re special, too, Carole! I’ve enjoyed your blog and patterns so much over the years. It’s so great that you’ve been able to get back to your in-person presentations and classes. Looks a fun a day and a beautiful drive, too!

  7. Joan Sheppard

    So Chicago is out of the question? I would join a guild just for your program. Looks like so much fun. Most local guilds haven’t had speakers but had members do some special talks. Love the scenery! Thanks.

  8. Julie

    Your mountain colors are beautiful. That makes for a very pretty drive. I like fog, its spooky, very fitting for fall. However not so nice for driving. My small guild is having a member “bring a quilt you’ll never give away” show & tell. Should be fun. The only one I won’t give away is my first one, which is in no state for gifting. Everything else is fair game.

  9. Linda

    I would love if you could come to our guild for a program, but I think Kutztown, PA is a little to far for you. Love reading all of your blogs.

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