Great Books for Autumn Jubilee

When the weather cools off, and it gets cozy by a fireplace with crackling logs and a mug of hot chocolate (maybe with some Godiva liqueur!), a novel set in the fall is just perfect. I tried to find a few for you, good reading with an Autumn theme or an engrossing story for cold days next to a fire. Amazon links are provided if you’d like to read the publisher’s synopsis on the fiction section, and CT Publishing links provided for the new releases reviewed.

Harvest Season by Melanie Lageschulte. I love this series, and her second book is just as nice as the first one, Growing Season. Light and easy reading, with loveable characters and small town charm. As our heroine has a decision to make, and we all know what it will be, she is torn between two options of city life versus rural farm living. She deals with wayward sheep, readying the farm for winter, and the impending return of its owner. But, all works out in the end, and I eagerly look forward to reading the next one in this series.

First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen – one of my favorite writers, Ms Allen writes of a family living in rural North Carolina with a magical touch. The house is a character in the book, as it refuses to let the front door to be opened to a stranger who means to bring harm to the family, or to let someone leave that it likes. The sisters all have a magical ability, with a touch of magic in baking, or knowing what belongs where bringing people together. A theft and a startling revelation bring the sisters together to find out the real truth. Set in the autumn season, it is charming and sweet, and always a happy ending.

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. This book isn’t a page turner mystery, although there is a mystery to be solved. This book is more of a character study, slowly pulling the pieces of their lives together. There is not just one story, but three, interwoven and intertwined like the overgrown garden of the title. We go on a journey of self-discovery with Nell, as she tries to trace her true identity. We see the hard life of Eliza as she is thrown from one bad situation into another. We take up the search for the secret with Cassandra as she tries to reveal the final clue that her grandmother could not find. All three stories are told by switching back and forth through time. Interspersed within the stories are the folk tales of The Authoress. Reading like Grimm’s fairy tales, they are interesting bits and asides. I highly recommend this book, a real keeper to be read again, wonderfully complex, with richly drawn characters.

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova – Read back in 2013, I do remember liking this book that was a book club read for a group I was a part of then. It is a retelling of the Dracula story, based in the history of Vlad the Impaler. It is a complex character study type of novel, either loved or hated by all who make it through the 600+ pages. I liked it enough to put it on my keeper shelf. Seems like the perfect October read.

Cooler days are a great time to embark on a new project for Autumn sewing and applique, or to learn a new technique and practice free motion quilting for your Autumn Jubilee quilt along project. Give these great books from C&T Publishing a look.

Wool applique Heirlooms – Charming projects with lovely pictures, this book shows the stitches to use, how to layer wool pieces, and create great projects for your home. Learn reverse applique with tips on choosing and using wools. Projects include fun ideas for Autumn and Christmas as well as Spring, Patriotic themes and other ideas for decorating through the year. This one is on sale now!

Free Motion Combinations by Christina Cameli – full of ideas for free motion quilting motifs that can be used in repeating rows or combined in different ways to increase interest. Tips on how to make the quilted designs have a random effect for a more natural flow, balancing density and working in defined areas will increase your skill level and confidence. A great book for both domestic machines and longarms.

Modern Crewel Embroidery by Jo Avery gives the reader 15 samplers to stitch with wool threads, suitable for beginners as well as more experienced stitchers. Projects for framing and dimensional projects like pincushions are given along with some nice finishing details. Several clever sampler style projects will build your stitchery repertoire.

Harriet’s Journey from Elm Creek Quilts by Jennifer Chiaverini – based on the character of Maggie Flynn who finds an antique quilt at a garage sale, the book has a charming introduction short story. It is followed by 100 blocks to be made as a sampler. The blocks and borders make a 90×90 quilt if you make them all.

Decorate your home and make fun gifts for Halloween with projects made from 5 easy and stylish block motifs, including skulls, spiderwebs, and spooky eyes! Dig out those Halloween fabrics in your stash, and sew up pillows, runners, place mats, wine bags, and more, with quick projects for fast finishes. Ideas included to make the projects modern with elements like selvage accents.

Start your Christmas gift list with the newest Kaffe Fassett jigsaw puzzle, Fabulous Florals. And while you are looking, check out the Diamond Quilt Puzzle too.

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99 thoughts on “Great Books for Autumn Jubilee

  1. Connie Wolfe

    My choice of the new releases would be Purr-fect Patchwork by Pamela Jane Morgan. The simple patterns would work well for donated quilts. Thank you for the book recommendations. I’m working through Hail Mary right now.

  2. Darci Marshall

    The embroidery and quilting books look like I will need to check them out! Also interested in the Forgotten Garden, thanks for the recommendations and another great start to autumn jubilee!

  3. Chris Leick

    The Iron on Quilt Labels in New Releases caught my interest. I make a lot of quilts and I need to put labels on more. I think this book would inspire me to do so.

  4. Paula M in NE Ohio

    This is a tough choice, but the book Sew Healthy and Happy sounds like just what I need. I tend to get wrapped up in a project and can sit for hours.

  5. Sheila

    I always enjoy your book reviews. I have always enjoyed the colours of autumn. I would love to check out the Festive Fall Quilts book.

  6. Candy Soehren

    I’m interested in the Sashiko + Color. that seems like an interesting way to use hand quilting. Modern Crewel also fascinates me.

  7. Lois Stimax

    So many great books to choose from!! Adventures in Improv Quilting would be my first choice. I would like to stretch my skills.
    Thanks for the reading recommendations too.

  8. Now I want to hunt for all of those novels, though I am NOT a going to read this week, I am going to sew! The CT new releases certainly are varied, but I would choose Free Motion Combinations, so I could work on some new designs.

  9. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Some great new releases, but that Seasons of Life Quilt book caught my eye! Looks interesting and fun!!

  10. Julie

    Hands down, Christina Cameli’s new FMQ combination book! I took an on-line class with her earlier this year where she taught combinations & mentioned her new book. I learned a lot & applied some in a modern quilt I was completing. I so enjoy your book reviews & look forward to getting a copy of the Forgotten Garden book. It reminds of an all time favorite, The Secret Garden.

    1. Kathleen Dell'Aquila

      I think I would choose the Adventures in Improv Quilts. I really enjoy playing with fabrics with my own ideas, designs!

  11. Of the new releases, the Jump into Wool Appliqué looks good to me! The little rabbit zipper bag is adorable! And the Harvest Season, above, appeals to me, too. I’m kinda done with conflict and pain. Need something cheerier and homey.

  12. Rheanna

    Modern Cruel Embroidery caught my eye. It’s probably my obsession with bees! Thanks for the book recommendations as always.

  13. Joyce

    I’m interested in expanding my quilting skills, and am interested in the book Free Motion Combinations.

  14. Bonnie Larson

    As I am into wool applique and hand embroidery to keep my fingers busy and out of the fridge, I would love to have either the Hand Embroidery Dictionary by Christen Brown or Playful Freeform Embroidery by Laura Wasilowski. Thanks for the book suggestions . They look very interesting to me.

  15. CarolE

    I would pick Doodle Notebook. I have practiced motifs over and over on paper and it really does help your quilting greatly.

    Your choice of autumn books are wonderful. I have read them all except for The Historian.

  16. Thanks for the book recommendations, Carole! I’ll have to look for several of them as you shared a few authors who are new to me. On the C&T website, I was in the book on Hand Sewing, by Becky Goldsmith. I’d love to develop more skills in that area! Hope you’re having a great Sunday!

  17. What a generous and fantastic line up of books. My favorite is the Christina Cameli with her “Free Motion Combinations” with descriptions besides the choice illustrations from C&T publications.

  18. Joy B

    Hmmm…it’s a toss up between Modern FolkArt Cross Stitch and Purrfect Patchwork. But since my granddaughter loves cats, I’d probably pick Purrfect Patchwork.

  19. Kathy E.

    I’m always looking for great reading I have several to add to my list! Thank you!

  20. Sandra B

    What a great collection of new books! My first choice would be Doodle School by Dara Tomasson and Amy Colleen Robertson…
    Good luck to all entrants!

  21. I love the book suggestions posts. I’m always looking for good books to read and it helps to see recommendations. For a new CT release book, I would choose Free Motion Combinations. I have a backlog of quilt tops that need quilting, and it looks there are lots of new ideas in this book that would be really helpful.

  22. Laura M

    So many inspiring new releases so it is hard to choose just one. My first choice is Purr-fect Patchwork by Pamela Jane Morgan. Thanks for your ongoing book reviews as I often use your list to find new things to read (especially in the fiction).

  23. yoyopattycakeshotmailcom

    Free Motion Combinations looks interesting! I always enjoy your reading suggestings and have read several that you recommmended.

  24. lee

    Oh.. I think Purrfect Patchwork by Pamela Morgan… I saw some of the projects in this book and would love to make some for friends and nieces/nephew who are cat crazy! I am allergic some to cats but they would love these cute projects! Thank you!

  25. Joan Sheppard

    Had to order First Frost as our library doesn’t carry it – yet. But got Harvest Season and looking forward to reading that now that I put my garden into sleep mode. New fence going in tomorrow so had to get all the plants taken care of before they got trampled! Thanks!

  26. Funny as I do enjoy reading books during the holidays with a Christmas theme, but I have never thought about reading books in the Fall with an Autumn theme. I will certainly check out your recommendations and start a tradition of reading Fall themed books. I had also previously heard about Free Motion Combinations by Christina Cameli and I do love her books. But as I’m struggling and trying to learn spirals and multi FMQ combinations, I think the timing is perfect and I need to buy this book.

  27. Deb E

    Thank you for the book reviews! I put several of those onto my library list to search for. My favorite books through CT is actually 2 – Folk Art Cross Stitch & Pet Portrait Embroidery. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Margie Fassler

    I give myself a jigsaw puzzle every Christmas and I love all things Kaffee Fausset so I’d like Fabulous Florals,please.

  29. Jan McCann

    I think the upcoming release of the Kaffe puzzle will be wonderful and ever so challenging!! Puzzles are making a comeback!

  30. Dian Hoffman

    I have a small collection of wool fabrics that I want to use soon. Would love a book on wool applique-I have so much to learn and need a place to start. Thanks

  31. Niki Barber

    I think the Seasons of Life Quilt book looks interesting. I’d love to learn some new techniques.

    Thanks also for the book reviews. I enjoy adding new books to my “want to read” list.


  32. Juana Ibanez

    Interesting fall book choices you have made. All I need is time to read them. The Ultimate Guide to Transfer Artist Paper is the new release from C&T that I would like to get. It will help me with my ongoing crazy quilt project. I would love to include images of ancestors in the quilt. .

  33. quilterpt

    I would love to get Christina Camelli”s newest book Free Motion Combinations. I love her work! Thanks for sharing the great giveaway!

  34. Karen Addleman

    I already have Free Motion Combinations by Christina Camelli on my Christmas list. I have another of her books and they are great.

  35. Amy L

    Definitely Free-Motion Combinations by Christina Cameli. Her first is my go-to free motion quilting guide.

  36. mary4g

    Thank you for your recommendations, I am interested Harvest Season and Harriet’s Journey. I thought that I had all of Elm Creek Quilt books, but I guess not. I did go to C&T Publishing and I am interested in the Doodle School . I need to acquire some confidence for free motion quilting, I get stuck so often. They have a few others that I would love to check out, also.

  37. KatieQ

    I like Harriet’s Journey from Elm Creek Quilts by Jennifer Chiaverini. I’ve read some of the books in the Elm Creek series and have enjoyed them.

  38. I just ordered two of the books you’re recommending. I’ve read all of Melanie Lageshutle’s books. I thought I had made a comment earlier here but I don’t see it and WordPress does funny things to me these days, smile. Of the new release books, I would choose the Hand Embroidery Dictionary, especially after reading the information about it. I have a basic book and I do embroidery. The Hand Embroidery book looks like it would be an excellent addition to my library.

  39. I have several of those books from the elm creek. I never got to reading them add I fall asleep to quick reading……I didn’t know they had the block sampler book. Must look for it.

  40. Melanie

    Modern Wool by Tonya Alexander looks like a fun book. Working with wool is one of my favorite cold-weather stitching and I’m always game for a new project. Nice post today, Carole, as always. Reading and Stitching, what could be more fun? Well, I’ll leave that open. LOL

  41. Susan Nixon

    How much fun to hav cozy-by-the-fire books as well as let’s-make-it books. One thing I didn’t get when I bought this house, that I wanted very much, was a fireplace. Maybe next time.

  42. Alexandria Hull

    Your book suggestions are interesting and my first choice will be Ms. Allen’s First Frost. The new release I would like to purchase is Free-Motion Combinations by Christina Cameli.
    Thank you, Alexandria

  43. Thank you for offering the giveaway. I devote most of my sewing time to quilts these days but I’ve been eying Stress-Free Sewing Solutions by Barbara Emodi.

  44. AnnaMarie Hand

    The Tannenbaum Christmas Quilt would be my first pick. It takes place in Wisconsin where my oldest son’s in-laws lived for a while

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