August Car Club Fun

We’ve had several drives in our beautiful mountains in the past few days. Although the weather is too warm for me in the afternoons, the mornings have been delightful. On this day, we gathered with our Appalachian Mountain MINI group in west Asheville for a nice drive and lunch.

The route took us past lovely pastoral views, with old barns and fields.

With the mountains looming ahead of us, the roads became tree lined and more curvy.

Another barn with two levels was on the right. I didn’t manage to get a photo of the barn quilt block that was on its left side, as we were past the barn when I glimpsed it and around another curve before the camera could focus.

Here we noticed rows of crops on the right, but I couldn’t tell what was growing. Might have been vegetables, or a second crop of corn. The little farmhouse was charming.

Our destination was a member’s home. Their property has this waterfall on it.

Our host has a wicked sense of humor. He put this sign up on the road, with a small pullout for cars to stop and read, and enjoy the waterfall for a moment.

A few days later was a drive with the Upstate MINI club, meeting in Travelers Rest, SC. That’s our MINI on the left with the British flag side mirror covers.

We were headed west, out to Cashiers. Many tree lined roads on this run, but not a lot of mountain views.

An old building that is showing its age is still in service as a retail store.

I look for opportunities to get photos of as many cars as I can into one shot. Here I got ten in front of us.

Then two behind were captured in the mirror.

On Tuesday, we made another run on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and I didn’t realize I had left the camera at home until it was way too late to go back for it. I was too involved in making our picnic lunch and just forgot to put it in with the things to pack. I made chicken salad wraps for us, with canned chicken, dried cranberries and green onions. Yum!

We drove to Craggy Mountain and hiked up Craggy Pinnacle Trail. The hike is short, only 7/10 of a mile, but it is steep. The views at the top make it worth the effort, with 360º views. My Sweet Babboo got a couple of shots with his flip phone, but click on the link to see more. It was a stunning view, with distant mountains and fog in the valley. You could see layers and layers of hazy mountains for miles and miles. The plan was a hike and picnic lunch, high in the mountains where it was supposed to be cooler. It was, but it was also a bit humid. Having our lunch in the shade was pleasant.

Are you getting outside for fun?

17 thoughts on “August Car Club Fun

    1. 2cbv

      Is your Mini a Roadster?
      We drove a gray Mini Roadster.
      You enjoy more club activities than we do but we have a blast driving our Mini.

  1. Julie

    Thanks for another fun drive through the mountains. The historical marker made me laugh. We also get out in the mornings before the heat builds. Although we’ve been under a heat advisory, it hasn’t gone above 89° so not all that bad.

  2. Mary Stori

    Good to hear you are enjoying so many drives…….I’m so annoyed we missed the sign up for Craggy Mt. I’ve been very distracted with too many other outside forces. Did you go to the anniversary dinner last night??

  3. Mary Ed Williams

    I love this post! Will be giggling all day at the sign. Wonder if he ran away in a panic. It is brutally hot here in the afternoon, but not too bad early in the morning. And, yes, a waterfall in the backyard would be wonderful! Some people have all the luck!

  4. No wonder you enjoy those drives so much – it’s just beautiful there! I lovecyour photo of the line of cars up ahead. We were up for a drive and a picnic lunch one day last week (yesterday’s post) and it was beautiful here, too.

  5. Elaine Nemeth

    What a wonderful visual trip for your bloggers. It is truly fun you are having. Love the cars in the mirrors. I took a photo of my son driving here in Hawaii and the girls on the beach sunbathing were in the rearview mirror.
    My great nephew said his graduation quilt, Pachanaga , was the nicest gift he had every gotten. Thanks to you.Mine quilt had the red as background.

  6. Joan Sheppard

    Beautiful!!!!! My in-laws are doing this very trip right now! Driving above the clouds is always amazing! So many side trips and changes and FOOD. Us “flatlanders” get excited standing on a chair! Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Linda Carr

    The scenery was just beautiful, I did get the magazine Quilts and More with your quilt pattern it is just beautiful.

  8. Phyllis Smith

    OH my gosh, how much would I have loved to have been up there that day. It was my 81st birthday and I have 3 cousins that are the last of the Hartline family and have been wanting to see them. It has been since 1958 since we have seen each other but we keep in contact and that is so good. I have some things to share with them from our Aunts, china, jewelry , lamps etc. that I plan to give them cause my sons just don’t know the value of some of the items, that is why I want to go there but with this new virus I don’t feel like it will be very safe even with my shots and wearing the mask. You had a lot of fun I know, would really have enjoyed the water fall on the property of one of the guests, have always loved the falls in the mountains and have seen so many around the S. c. and N.C. areas. My dad took us to see so many of them. Just wish I lived closer to the falls so I could go see them while I can still get around. Have fun on all your trips in the future. Phyllis

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