May the Fourth Be With You

Did you know it is Star Wars Day? I miss this most years, but this year I remembered in time! What better time to talk about Star quilts. I do have several tutorials on the blog for star theme quilts, leading off with my Patriotic Star Mini Quilt. This one is unique in that it is quilted three times, with three different motifs in three different colors.

I’ve used the Nine Patch Star often, this time in a Christmas Table Runner.

I did a pdf for the Nine Patch Star so you could calculate the number and size of the elements you need – download that Nine Patch Star Worksheet. This is the 20-block patriotic quilt in the worksheet.

Here is another star runner idea using the Tri Recs Rulers. This one was a part of my Autumn Jubilee quilt along in 2019.

Here’s the same pattern in Christmas colors. Your only limit is your imagination.

And if that isn’t enough fun for one day, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, a great excuse to have a Mexican theme meal. Have you tried my Taco Salad with Crispy Baked Shells?

When I cook a large pork roast in the slow cooker, I separate the leftovers into smaller portions and freeze individually. Then, I have the meat ready for leftover dishes that taste fresh made. Try my Pork Quesadillas. You can make these with chicken too, or shrimp, yum!!

I make my Homemade Guacamole with fresh tomatoes, and milder green onions for a little crunch and a lot of flavor.

Or maybe you’d like some Pork Enchiladas for dinner, also great with chicken.

How about some nachos? These use leftover chicken chili, but could just as easily be done with a supermarket rotisserie chicken and a can of beans. Chicken Chili Nachos

I’m still working on Pachanga, wanna see? Here’s the label in progress.

I know, I’m a stinker sometimes, LOL!!! The big reveal on Pachanga is May 14th, just 10 days to see the whole quilt!

Don’t forget, Mother’s Day is May 9, this coming Sunday. There’s still time to find some great ideas for Gifts for Mom on Amazon.

What are you sewing today? What is your favorite Mexican meal to make?

18 thoughts on “May the Fourth Be With You

  1. Rita C.

    Beautiful work, perfect day for sharing. May is busy! May the fourth (and the force!) be with you!

  2. Enjoyed your stars and food. Great suggestions. My son bought the first LP soundtrack from Star Wars and memorized the whole thing. Then a few years ago, his brother bought him a 36″ tall stormtrooper and he put it in his truck with a seatbelt and let him ride along! He is a true, diehard Star Wars fan. I wasn’t that impressed with it myself!

  3. Did you get a new embroidery machine???? I spy something different happening….. Love all those Cinco Day Mayo recipes!! My favorite “holiday” ! Hubby likes his tacos with just meat and cheese, but I am game for any and all! Chicken Chili Nachos is one of my favorites!

  4. Mary Ed Williams

    Love the star patterns. Always looking for QOV possibilities. Gained 5 pounds just reading the recipes!

  5. Linda B

    Well, not much sewing going on here. Too much outside work still and still cool enough to be out there. Eggs and salsa and sour cream make for a fun mexican breakfast. Our wedding anniversary is tomorrow…it was a fun day to get married on! Have a good week everyone!

  6. Susan Nixon

    It always sneaks up on me, but maybe if I hook it to Cinco de Mayo, I’ll remember! The recipes and the star quilts looks amazing!

  7. Sharon Vrooman

    Any star block is a good go to block. I like to do up large pork of beef roasts just for prepping into other dish servings – quick pull from the freezer.

  8. Question about the Pachanga mystery quilt. I know the reveal is coming. But aren’t there more steps? I have parts left to use. ????

  9. Sharon F.

    Your guacamole recipe looks good. I have found an easy shortcut for making guacamole. Just mash the avocado with lime juice, then add 2-3 generous tablespoons of a salsa fresca, fresh salsa from the grocery store, and mix. If you need to stretch the amount, you can add some sour cream, but it’s better without it.

    I love star quilts, too. Thanks for sharing yours. I’m hoping to make the 9-patch star someday.

  10. Debbie Miller Meyer

    Hi Carole, just wanted to share that I made your block this morning! I think it turned out okay, my corners I still struggle with getting them perfectly square. I guess practice makes perfect! Thanks for sharing your pattern!

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