Vintage Sewing Machine Panel

A friend brought this charming vintage sewing machines panel to me to quilt for her. It is called Taylor Made by Dan Morris for QT fabrics, discontinued in 2018. She wanted the whole panel quilted so then she could cut the motifs apart and make into a sewing machine cover. I almost didn’t do any pictures, but it is such a cute panel, and I have a new pantograph, so here it is.

She wanted it quilted with grey thread, and all I had was cotton in that color. Given the recent debacle with Signature thread (Pokemon Quilt Part 1 and Part 2), I was a bit apprehensive. But I threaded the machine with Superior cotton thread in the top and Aurifil in the bobbin, did a test patch, and it was fine.

She chose the pantograph for the density, as she wanted it to be more densely quilted to hold its shape a bit better in the finished project.

The pantograph is called Cinnamon Swirl from Urban Elementz.

It was the first quilt I’ve done with that panto, and it came out nice. I liked quilting with it too, as it has an easy flowing path that is quick to finish.

It only took one morning to load, and quilt.

Taking it off the longarm, I scrutinized the back to be sure it was good.

Just in case you’d like to know where you can get one of these cute panels, there are two sizes available on Amazon. These are affiliate links. The large motif panel is 36 inches wide x 44 inches high, and is the one I quilted. Then there is a Taylor Made Small Motif Panel that is 45 inches wide x 24 inches high. There is also a second listing for the small motif panel HERE. One listing has some black background coordinating yardage which would be cute to use. There are a few more offers there, for yardage and a cream background panel, but the prices are a bit much, but that is what happens with discontinued prints sometimes. There is also a Taylor Made Quilt Kit complete with fabrics with a pretty aqua background. An internet search did find a few more spots that still have this panel if you’d rather not shop at Amazon.

Do you like to work with panels?

14 thoughts on “Vintage Sewing Machine Panel

  1. That did turn out nice. I can’t imagine cutting it up. LOL Maybe she will change her mind? I have quite a few panels. They are so tempting to buy. I have several for each holiday and several themed ones ranging from baby to teens and boy and girl stuff. I really need to sew them up. They are so quick to make once you decide how you want to do them. I actually have coordinating fabric for most of them so I should get on to it. LOL Thanks for sharing and maybe motivating me!

  2. Sharon Vrooman

    Lovely and the quilting compliments. I pick up panels on really good sales. They are quick quilts – add some borders (simple or fancy) and an edge-to-edge and you have a nice piece for gifting or donation.

  3. First I must confess I had to look up what a pantograph was ( I have been only a hand quilter since the 70’s ) I love panel quilting – especially for infant quilts. Just purchased 2 Nat’l Parks panels for gift giving to work on. This sweet beauty is very precious and I will be off to take a look see about it –

    1. Sarah

      Carole-I have a love- hate relationship with panels. Many are just beautiful and sometimes they work up easily for a quilt.

      Not all of them are printed on grain and “square”. Depending on how crooked they are, it can take a lot of work (and pins and starch)to square them up. That is the hate part.

      However all that said, I did love the Dahlia panel you quilted for the Bullington Gardens raffle and the Christmas panel that you recently gave ideas on how to use (wreath with red truck a greenery garland above and below. ) I ordered the Christmas panel to try myself. And I pulled out a snowman panel I have had a good while to make a toddler quilt, figuring that was low stakes. To my delight the snowman panel was only off by maybe a quarter inch so I called it good. The Christmas panel has not arrived yet.

      I am rather interested in the extra wide panels Moda has on offer but don’t have a space large enough to square it up until retreats are possible again. I would be interested to know whether people who have used them found them to be off-grain and crooked or “generally” square (off by half inch or less).

  4. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Love the panel and beautiful quilting, Carole! I’m sure this will make a nice machine cover for her!

  5. Great quilting design! And I have started to use a few panels in Quilts of Valor. They take up a fair amount of “real estate” in a quilt top and it is fun to add interest borders to in erase the size.

  6. Susan Salo

    I have had good luck with panels- only one that I had trouble squaring, which hangs in my sewing room. I have done wall hangings, placemats, and baby quilts from panels as they are quick. This one is really cute and a great idea for a cover!

  7. Nancy Bekedam

    That will make a super cute sewing machine cover! I do like the super large panels that Moda has been coming up with–55″ X 65″.

  8. Phyllis Smith

    Hello, Goodness what a great find this panel is. My mother had a little protable singer machine that had no extra stitches on it, just the straight stitch and that is what I learned how to se on. Using the panels as a cover is a unique idea and would be so cute to use with a few old fashioned patterns put into frames above it in a sewing room. I’m planning on using some of my Ole dress patterns mama used for me from back in the 50’s and 60’s to frame and use in my sewing room. Oh what memories they bring back to me. Phyllis

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