Winter White Tablescape

Putting all the holiday things away, January is a time when I like to clean the slate. After the clutter and fullness of decorating for Autumn and Christmas, my January decorating is usually simple. Of course that means a new tablescape, so I set a table with mostly white and took a few photos. Then I realized, I used all the same things as last year essentially the same way – snowflake plates, crystal napkin rings, silver chargers. The only difference is the centerpiece was round last year and didn’t have the mittens. Plus, instead of looking clean this year, the table just looked boring.

This is better. I added some Japanese influences from thrift store finds, and changed out the napkin rings.

The white chicken napkin rings keep with the theme. Everyday flatware is used for an everyday table. White soy sauce dishes are added to the settings.

The plate stack is now my white everyday stoneware topped with an Oriental rice bowl and spoon.

I left the centerpiece as it was, as I had not used the mittens on it before. The centerpiece has snowflake picks and snowflakes on the mittens, with just a hint of greenery. It is elongated and set on an angle across the center of the table.

White silk poinsettias surround the base.

Even though we still cannot have people over for a meal, I set the table for four just to use the dishes.

Around the house, I set out more of my white items for this time of year. Milk glass is set around display areas on top of bookshelves, and white candles are placed in the antique glass candlesticks.

I love this shellfish dish, and it is a lovely thing to display with the white theme. I bought it to serve oysters, and have yet to do that as My Sweet Babboo doesn’t like them. I could do some cold shrimp with cocktail sauce in the center. Maybe this year.

My White on White mini quilt went on the stand.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. May 2021 see us all have a return to seeing friends and entertaining.

How do you decorate after the holidays?

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28 thoughts on “Winter White Tablescape

  1. vivian383

    Your table setting looks lovely, fresh and clean, just the thing one wants for the new year! Like you said, a shame you can’t yet use it to invite friends for a meal!

  2. Just love the centerpiece with the mittens and snowflakes! And like it on an angle, too. To my eye, adding in the height of the bowls and the spoon on an angle added interest and contrast. And I covet those glass candleholders every time I see them! Hahaha.

  3. kathyinozarks

    beautiful I don’t do much decorating like you do-January I just want all the Christmas put away and get ready for winter
    Happy New week

  4. Rita C.

    Carole, I can so appreciate your thought process as you altered your tablescape. I find myself doing the same. I like the addition of the rice bowls. The milk glass around the house is a nice winter look too. But my favorite item is the mini quilt!! Love it!
    Today feels like the 3rd Sunday, maybe even 4th since New Year’s Day. I’m not crazy for January, and will just plod along until it’s over.

  5. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    What Jean said!! But I think you are BETTER than Martha Stewart! This is beautiful and simple!

  6. Linda B

    Well, that sent me down the rabbit trail looking at your mini-quilt patterns from 2015… all so cute! I so want to do some seasonal minis for my stand too. Have a couple made from orphan or test blocks but not very seasonal. And I don’t really have a plan of what would be nice in each season, so default usually to just what appeals to me at the moment. But thinking that white and light blue would be nice for January here — thinking frosty. And making myself NOT start anything new until I quilt and bind the 4 tops waiting.

    1. LOL, I think that is the question I get most often.  I have dishes in a sideboard in my den, in the china hutch, tucked into the pantry and kitchen cabinets, and then I have shelves in the basement for chargers and centerpiece things.

  7. Beautiful table setting. I have to agree with what others said about you being “OUR” Martha Stewart. The difference between you and Martha, is that what you do is “achievable” and I love that you use your thrift store finds along with your more precious family dishes and much loved mementos and hand crafted things. You certainly inspire me with your setting. Crisp and clean. I’m going to have to twist the hubby’s arm to start “undecorating” from Christmas this week.

  8. Your decor is so very pretty. Isn’t it “odd” that using all whites and ivories can be so cheerful and festive? I love your pretty mini quilt.

  9. Carolyn Morrison

    Your white tablescape is absolutely beautiful.   My talents don’t head in that direction.  Keep up the good work.

  10. AJ

    I don’t think I could decorate with white and ivory in January (although it is beautiful). We get enough of those colors by just looking out our windows or going outside. Burr! Our winters are long, dark and cold. Instead, my winter decorating highlights my plants – a symbol that things are growing and alive despite our weather. Another option for us, is to use bright vibrant colors which adds warmth to our rooms.

    I do love your mini quilt, I would make an exception and include it in my winter decorating!

  11. White on white is always stunning. The mini quilt is gorgeous in its fancy frame. Those tiny fur trimmed mini mittens are so precious. I have a daughter who decorates in white for the holidays. I always try to add a piece to her collection each year 🙂

  12. Joan Sheppard

    Love the white – it let’s the food show off it’s colors! I have a set of white Haviland that we got – 40 years ago today! – as a wedding gift that got boxed up in the last move and shoved to the WAY back of the garage. Thanks for reminding to take it out! Only 4 place settings which is usually not enough! Ha. Works great for today. And the Mittens! Such a clever addition. We will start putting away the tree and décor as e-learning starts on Tuesday. Second Grade in the dining room, Kindergarten in the rec/art room/sewing room. It’s actually kind of fun when I only have to to it one week at a time. They go back full time on the 18th. HOPEFULLY!
    Thanks for doing all of this and sharing.

  13. Nancy Bekedam

    Love that white on white quilt in stand! I’m going with blue and chickadees for after Christmas decorating right now.

  14. Rosalind Martz

    Loved looking at both table scapes and the white items you featured. I have to ask if you have a large storage area. And do you have any pets? I can only imagine my two girls (young cats) carrying away those white mittens. Since adopting these two I hesitate to decorate the way I used too. But on the other hand they are absolutely so sweet and lovable that it makes up for the lack of decor.

  15. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning, Hot dog you just gave me the presents for my friend of 42 years for her birthday in Sept. and her Christmas present. She loves pink and I have the idea for the mini quilt for her birthday And the log cabin pillow for Christmas. The pillow is a kit so I have the pattern It’s called Log Cabin Today/ Log cabin by Technique Hope to get started on these projects this weekend. Have a great week and stay safe, Phyllis Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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