Setting a Christmas Table

Using holiday dishes is a nice way to have some Christmas spirit, especially this year. It is fun to get out the boxes, and rediscover the fun little things that bring smiles, like this little reindeer kicking up his heels.

Earlier this year, I finished all my Vintage Christmas blocks into placemats, and ended up with 12. So, I asked My Sweet Babboo to choose the ones he liked best for his own places. I put out two on our kitchen counter with the two mugs I have that match the stoneware Christmas set. The adorable MINI car cookie jar sits on the counter on a little pinwheel mat, along with a Cinnamon Sparkle candle topped with a Santa Claus ceramic topper.

Six of the mats went onto the dining table. Although we cannot have anyone over, it makes the table look a bit festive. I put the Pine Cone Basket centerpiece in the middle of the table.

Over on the pub table, I put the last four placemats on top of a white tablecloth base and began to set an everyday table for December.

I know most people don’t have two sets of dishes just for Christmas, but I do love these. The set is designed by Susan Winget and is called Vintage Christmas, just like the blocks on the placemats! There are four designs on the salad plates – a gift, a sleigh, a tree and a stocking. Even though there are only two of us, I set this table for four so we can see them all. We do use these plates for everyday meals, and this keeps them all in the rotation, too.

This year, I used my little Santa face napkin rings with red napkins. Everyday flatware is added to the settings.

Next, drink glasses are placed at each setting, along with my Christmas tree butter spreaders and individual salt and pepper shakers. We sometimes have soup or cereal, so the cardinal bowls are put out too. They don’t match the set, but go with it nicely.

Each plate also has a word on it, this stocking has Peace. The gift plate above says Joy.

In the center, I placed a bough of artificial pine greenery, then put these little sparkly houses alongside. Between the houses, little reindeer frolic.

Two houses and one reindeer per side.

I kept it simple for an everyday table.

Last year, I found two butter dishes on ebay, so of course I ordered those. I put them on opposite diagonal corners just to add to the table.

This year, I found a small platter with this sleigh on it, so of course I had to order it as well. It is currently in transit, and has been stuck in Florida for a week now. I put a tracer on it, hoping I get it in time for this year. I was going to wait to show you the tablescape until I had it, but I don’t know how long it will take for them to find it and get it here. Fingers crossed that they find it.

There we are, a lovely festive table to enjoy all month long.

I won’t set the formal table this year, so here are a few views of tables past with the gorgeous Lenox Holiday Tartan dishes I inherited from my mother. I will use these dishes for our Christmas Day dinner this year, as I do every year. First, my Christmas Table from 2018 with lights, and a green and gold color scheme.

Then a red theme Christmas Tablescape with the same china from 2017 for a luncheon.

Here’s the Holiday Plaid tablescape from 2015.

What are you doing to make a festive table this year?

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31 thoughts on “Setting a Christmas Table

  1. Rita C.

    Carole, how beautiful! I love those dishes, and how awesome that you have the pattern play coordinating. Was that serendipity in finding the patterns for your placemats after the china or vice versa? I know the excitement when finding items that coordinate for the table, so I hope they find your platter in transit. Your centerpiece arrangement is adorable too. Those little deer, esp the one kicking up his back legs as if in flight…..very cute! And so is whole styling at the bar…your mini car cookie jar, etc. Love it all!
    I’ve been rotating some seasonal dishes in the cabinet for everyday use. Lol, i had to tell Mr. P. this morning that the Christmas bowls in the cabinet were for cereal and ice cream, not just a decoration.

    1. Mary Ed Williams

      OK, I can’t stand it any longer – how many sets of china do you own? The tables are always so gorgeous.


    The tables are beautiful. I have a table cloth of my Mom’s, not sure how old but I am 76 and I remember her using it when I a little girl. This year the table is set for two of my Christmas dishes and silver utensils.

  3. You have the best ideas for setting a pretty table, Carole! It’s fun to see them, and I love the new placemats you made, too. I’ve just been working on some new Christmas placemats for us over the weekend. Hoping to get them finished by the end of this week so they can be used!

  4. kattails

    You have such a talent for tablescapes! I honestly think you should think about doing a “coffee table” book of your tablescapes! I also think there is enough crafty content on the blog for a best-selling book. Think about it. Merry Christmas…Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. I wish for you and yours the very best in 2021! Thank you so much for your generosity through the years. Blessings from West Virginia.

  5. Your blocks-into-placemats make everything look so festive! Just love how everything plays so well together and it must make you feel good just to look at the settings. I have several plans I am mulling over for our Christmas table, haven’t decided yet, but I need to get in gear and get going! Christmas settings look out of place in spring! Haha! Thanks for a beautiful post.

  6. Carole, I love the Susan Winget salad plates. I try to keep my dining room table set all during the Christmas season. I have always loved the Lenox Holiday Tartan pattern, it is unique and always beautiful. Merry Monday!

  7. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Beautiful tablescapes, Carole…as always!! I have some everyday Christmas plates, I need to get out this year to make it a little more festive! I love both your everyday and Lenox settings. And those reindeer are just the cutest with the houses! And I love your placemats!! I think I may have to get that Vintage Christmas book of Lori’s! What size are your finished mats?

  8. lois92346

    I can’t begin to tell you how much cheer your placemats brought to my heart this morning. They are, indeed, reminiscent of an old fashioned Christmas I enjoyed as a child of the 40’s and 50’s. Thank you for sharing your awesome talent with the “rest of us”.

  9. I enjoy all your tablescapes, even ones that won’t be used.

    Our daughter brought us an Advent candle from Denmark, and that is the center of our family table this year. Around the candle, we put the nisse (elves) she had given us in previous years.

  10. Thank you for this happy post! What a cheerful and upbeat table this is! I am so glad you included your Lenox Tartan china too…..I just love it. Your other plates by Susan Winget and those placemats are just too delightful!!!….well every single part of the tablescape is just so pretty and so cheerful!!!

  11. Joan Sheppard

    Thanks for having us “over to your home”. Feels so festive. And all of them so beautiful. Looks like Bambi and Faline! Sometimes I pull out random Christmas mugs or plates in the summer, just because they are so pretty. Christmas in July – also reminds that it’s never too early to start working on Christmas gifts!!! Thanks

  12. Joy B

    I love setting a festive table at Christmastime. This year I’m not sure anyone besides me will see it but it makes me happy so I set it anyway.

  13. Rosalind

    So enjoyed looking at the placemats and the beautiful table scapes. No formal table for us this year either. But will use the good napkins and pulled out the Christmas placemats I put together last year.

  14. The Christmas placemats are perfect complements to those dishes. Your Christmas china is one of my favorite patterns, and those frolicking reindeer are just too cute for words!

  15. What a festive table, Carole! Your quilted Christmas placemats are almost too pretty to cover with plates 😉 Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

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