Summer Green Tablescape

We are eating more meals at home now, and it is really uplifting to make a pretty table for two.  Getting out special dishes and putting what I already have on a table in a new way is refreshing and fun.  Summer means everything is green and lush, and this was my inspiration for this tablescape.

Summer Green Tablescape

I got these salad plates at the thrift store some time ago, but I’ve not used them yet.  I originally thought they looked like a fall theme with the pumpkin and squash, but the colors were more summer-like.  I have tons of autumn tablescaping items, so I thought I’d use these now.  Playing off the leaves in the design, I made a leafy theme table.  Beginning with the leaf green chargers, I topped them with white dinner plates and then the salad plates.

Summer Green Tablescape

Summer green napkins are held with butterfly rings with leaves next to everyday flatware.

Summer Green Tablescape

I remembered my little onion bowls in green and white, and put them on the table to hold condiments or dipping sauces.

Summer Green Tablescape

Individual salt and pepper shakers along with crystal glasses complete the settings.

Summer Green Tablescape

Everything sits on top of a white basket weave tablecloth. I started the centerpiece by placing a table runner on an angle.  It is green and cream, but it’s the closest thing I have to my theme colors.

Summer Green Tablescape

The large leaf bowls on top of leaf plates belonged to my mother.  She loved a pretty table, and I love having some of her things to play with.  I sometimes serve salad in these, but more often were serving dishes on a buffet.  Little leaf dishes placed to the side bring the eye around the arrangement.

Summer Green Tablescape

The center arrangement is made of silk ivy leaves and various picks with many shades of green interspersed with white flowers.  It is in a white ceramic basket.

Summer Green Tablescape

There are lots of different shades of green with interesting shapes on the leaves, along with different shapes of flowers and berries.

Summer Green Tablescape

We see this table from the den side of the room, so the arrangement works in the round.

Summer Green Tablescape

This really is a simple arrangement, just a few things pulled together in a color scheme of green and white, fresh for summer.

Summer Green Tablescape

Now all we need to do is fire up the grill for a nice summer meal.  When it gets a bit cooler again, we’ll dine outside again.

Summer Green Tablescape

Are you setting a nice table for more meals at home?

25 thoughts on “Summer Green Tablescape

  1. Mary Stori

    This is just lovely……so very inviting and pleasant allowing one to put aside the world’s chaos.

  2. Your table is so pretty and inviting. Green is one of my favorite colors and you have such a lovely variety of them in this tablescape. The runner is terrific-I really like the toile setting blocks. And the mix of “whites” doesn’t bother me a bit—it lends depth and some interest, even though “they”say not to mix whites. Do what pleases your eye is my motto!

  3. Outstanding. Might be a little over for my peanut butter and banana sandwich but I always have fresh flowers on the table. Green is my fave and mixed with white just adds to the joy.

  4. Rita C.

    Carole, that’s beautifully set! While the dishes are a great find, it’s that runner that I’m in love with! Fine work!

  5. karenfae

    love your table settings they are always so pretty – right now I am glue basting applique pieces on my dining room table so I need to get busy and finish that so I can use my table again for eating! I don’t bother to set a pretty table as no one appreciates it and never has – hubby can eat in 5 minutes or less and impatiently waits for me to finish eating – I don’t know why he can’t sit and enjoy a meal over table conversation he never has


    So pretty! I really like the table runner at an angle. I try to dress up our table, small round, and this will work.

  7. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Beautiful! I love a pretty table setting but we rarely eat at our table, only if we have company. Then I do try to add at least a table runner and some flowers. We try to catch up on our taped shows while eating our one meal of the day together! We usually have our meal at brunch time since he works evenings to support a company in Australia. I’ll be glad when he gets back to his “normal” time! But at least he gets to work from home two evenings a week!

  8. Good morning Carole. I so enjoy seeing your seasonal and everyday table decorations. and marvel at how well you pair your beautiful table runners with the never ending supply of matching and random pieces of china, cutlery and other accoutrements. While I no longer do that, with just the 2 of us, I still decorate on holidays, using some of my seasonal ceramic pieces, from when I taught ceramics for 20 years. While I’ve given most of my pieces to our children and grandchildren, I’ve kept the ones I couldn’t bear to part with yet. I still get to visit them, when we spend the different holidays with one, or more of them, and enjoy seeing them in different settings.

  9. Rosemaryflower

    this is super cute and sweet, Carole.
    I love the dishes and the flower arrangement.
    I have been lazy and busy – I call it “blazy”. I can’t stand the summer heat and humidity either.
    The mosquitoes love me, and I am tired of testing out any more repellents, so I have been hiding in my house, dad’s apartment, we watch Curiosity stream and sometimes sit for a short time in the shade. Hubbs and I have been relaxing and treadmiling and I am sewing and sewing. I have Sarah over now one day a week. She is 5 and super fun.
    We are fortunate we have not gotten this dumb virus and I wish both of you continued perfect health

  10. You would not get such a pretty table eating out even before Covid. Your dishes are just lovely and it all looks so inviting.

  11. Mary Ed Williams

    Your dishes and table settings are lovely. I am truly impressed. It’s a lot more fun looking at your pictures than getting out my stuff. I’m getting lazier and lazier as this being alone drags on and on. Neither my dog nor my cat are the lease bit interested in china or flatware, just eating.
    What about the runner? Looks very interesting.

  12. Joan Sheppard

    Love the Table setting! We (I) set the table like the Queen was coming over. Our 5 and 6 yr. old grands think it’s “fun” to put as much stuff as possible on the table but they do a good job so that’s good. Separate dishes for ketchup, butter, all sorts of spoons. I made place setting placemats for them so if they never do it in their own homes at least they know how to set a table. All the greens reflect your lovely outdoor landscape. Thanks for sharing this and love the runner!

  13. Sharon Vrooman

    This is just so subtle and relaxing a setting. I like the corner settings for such a different and dramatic look.

  14. Marilyn

    Beautiful!  Colors are lovely.  Is there a pattern for your table runner?  Love it. Thanks.Marilyn

  15. Melanie

    I love this tablescape, Carole, being that green (any shade) is my favorite color, and this could be one of my top 5 of your table settings. Love the pretty dishes that coordinate and the table runner is lovely; have I seen it before….memory seems to recall, and I love it! Thanks for an inspiring post and a view of your pretty place settings….very nice. Have a good day! m

  16. Such a lovely Summery setting you’ve created. It is so cool and refreshing looking…
    I don’t set up special settings for the two of us; I have 3 small sets of dishes: one Pfaltzgraff, one
    Johnson Bros..and the everyday one from Target –plain beige large plates…we normally eat at our kitchen counter seating…so i really enjoy seeing your lovely set ups…thanks for sharing..

  17. Mary

    Your table looks lovely. I think the Green and White setting feels cooling against the heat of Summer. Did you start with your lovely Table Runner to coordinate your setting?
    I am intrigued by all your little dishes and those cute Salt and Pepper shakers.
    I hope your meal complemented your delightful table setting :))

  18. Jill King

    Hello Carole, Your table looks beautiful – elegant I think 😊 I love Green and White together and you have done this combination so well.
    I am really enjoying your posts. All the very best during the difficult times of Covid 19. Miles of smiles

  19. This is lovely Carole, when I first saw the plates I questioned that choice, but you made it work so well with the soft greens and whites! I very cool and serene vibe that is perfect for hot summer days~

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