March in the Garden

The groundhog predicted an early spring for this year, and the flowers seem to agree.  All around our place the crocuses are popping up and showing their happy faces.  I just love this one, with the variegated purple petals and the intense color stamens.

March in the Garden at

The crocuses are planted around the iris in this bed for a longer show of color through the season.

March in the Garden at

The white ones are beautifully pure and undamaged by the last snow.

March in the Garden at

In the lower island in the driveway, another bouquet of crocus is flourishing.

March in the Garden at

Daffodils are budding, and just days away from opening up.

March in the Garden at

One flower is ahead of the rest, almost open fully.

March in the Garden at

Days ago when we had a light snow, I was afraid that this hyacinth wouldn’t survive.

March in the Garden at

But, a few days later it is full and blooming beautifully, with such a heady fragrance!  The darker one behind it is coming along too.

March in the Garden at

The pink one put out a few flowers, but not a full stalk like the purple.

March in the Garden at

Next to the hyacinths, the double daffodil is going to bloom soon.  There are about a dozen buds in the bed.

March in the Garden at

Another bed is coming along, I think this bed has the tulips.  I’ll rake the leaves out of all the beds in another month when I am sure the danger of frost damage is over.  Or My Sweet Babboo will, LOL!!

March in the Garden at

Inside, the pink amaryllis that I thought was dead is putting up a shoot to the side of the bulb.  I will wait to see what it does, and if it is strong by the end of spring, I’ll divide the bulb to get rid of the dead part and repot it.

March in the Garden at

In the basement, the garden veggies are coming along nicely.  Looks like I may have a lot of tomatoes, yum!!  Tomato Pie this summer!!

March in the Garden at

The squashes are coming up well, but I can usually get the seedings to this stage.  It is from here that the plants seem to not progress, but will see how the change in lighting does this time.

March in the Garden at

Basil, more herbs, more squash are all coming up.

March in the Garden at

Tomatoes and a few flowers are in these jiffy pots.  The Canterbury bells haven’t made any progress yet, but I will keep hoping.

March in the Garden at

My red amaryllis is going to bloom beautifully.  This will be the seventh year it has bloomed!

March in the Garden at

Four days later, it is clear that there will be four blooms on the stalk.

March in the Garden at

Two more days and the flowers are growing a bit bigger and rotating outward.

March in the Garden at

Excruciatingly slow, the blooms were just starting to open on Friday.

March in the Garden at

Yesterday morning, it was open a bit further.  It may take until the middle of next week to fully open all four flowers.  It still has the deep rich red color, so gorgeous.

March in the Garden at

Also, yesterday morning, we woke to a winter wonderland again. Although it melted off quickly, it was certainly beautiful!

March in the Garden at

What is going on in your garden?

19 thoughts on “March in the Garden

  1. lynn and bourgeois

    It’s so encouraging to see your gardens coming to life with the spring arrival. It gives me another sign that this winter will indeed pass

  2. Linda B

    You are so far ahead! Only blooms are winter aconite and snow drops, but love them both! My amaryllis has just one blade coming up like your picture. Maybe I did not put it away in the dark early enough. How do you get yours to rebloom?

  3. karenfae

    I have two amaryllis that I kept from a year ago – I planted them in the garden in May and then dug them up and pot in pots in late October and put them on the windowsill not knowing what to expect – this week they started showing a bud popping up out of the middle so it will be a couple weeks before they flower – is this how you do them or do you keep them in a pot year round?

  4. Love your crocuses and daffodils! We have had some lovely warm days, melting off the last snow storm. I hear this week we may have rain!!!!! Just posted our garden babies!

  5. Rita C.

    Beautiful! I’m seeing crocus throughout the neighborhoods I walk, and daffodils are blooming. One neighbor already had buds on her lilac bush last week and her quince was blooming – too soon, as we’ve had some hard frosts since (and snow yesterday, like you). Irises are coming up, and willows are turning green as they begin to leaf out. I love Spring!

  6. Joan Sheppard

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures! Love the time lapse photos of the amaryllis. And the pink hyacinth gives us such a good look at what it takes to make those showstopper blooms.
    We are headed out this afternoon to clean up the chrysanthemums that got buried in the snow last Halloween and never got properly cut down. The grandchildren planted their flower and veggie seeds in the cardboard egg cartons this week, late but better than not at all. We continue to have snow in Chicago (which sometimes goes all the way to Easter.) Hard to get motivated on the garden while I still have the snowblower going. Thanks again.

  7. thank you so much for all the lovely Spring bloomings photos–still VERY cold here, and windy!
    I think i am catching Spring Fever myself…my Amaryllis (that I shamefully forgot in the deep dark closet!!) are sending up shoots..hoping for some blooms…Your red is spectacular…;)))
    I didn’t know you could cut out parts of those bulbs….kinda like irises? Hugs, Julierose

  8. farmquilter

    Your crocuses are gorgeous!! Heck, all your flowers are beautiful!! Woke up to 4″ of snow on the ground and the snow hasn’t stopped yet!! Good thing I don’t have to leave the house until Thursday, when I hope it will all be gone!!

  9. June Neigum

    I live south of Charlotte, NC. My daffodils are just about done. This morning they were a little droopy with a 25 degree temp. Maybe they will revive with the 60 degree this afternoon. They have been beautiful for about 3 weeks or so. Can’t complain.

  10. Nancy Jo Daugherty

    This isn’t fair, we are getting snow here in Alaska. Has not been warm, but Pastor this am gave the kids a pot with dirt to plant a couple of seeds. So we will see what happens. But not been above 20 degrees and down in the -‘s. Enjoy your flowers and weather.

  11. Oh so much beautiful SPRING happening on your mountain top already!!! I have daffodils and tulips in pots in the kitchen, that plus my seedlings downstairs will have to keep me happy for the next month at least!!

  12. I scrolled down and, again up checking whether those purple petals were paintings or not.It was not. It is incredible to see a variety of crocuses blooming in your garden. Nature has such an abundance of beauty that you couldn’t pick the best one. The snow picture was the topping on a cake. Thank you, Carole, for being so meticulous !!

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