Thrifting Scores and Bargain Shopping

Thrifting scores were good in July.  I made it to several estate sales too, picking up a bargain or two.  This haul was found on a thrift store hop with a thrift junkie friend.  We found the relocated Salvation Army store, and I got the pumpkin plates, the Tommy Hilfiger purse and the Coach shoes all for under $10.  The emery boards and the little sample size Clinique goodies will go in the Safelight bags.  The video was going to go into a British Films basket, but it turned out to be a Region 2 that won’t play here in the US.  So I gave it to my English friends who can send it back over the pond to a relative.

Thrifting July at

I just cannot resist anything autumn inspired, like these pumpkin plates.  This year I’ll need to make some decisions on what to keep and what to send to new homes.

Thrifting July at

I couldn’t resist the shoes either.  It is so rare to find something cute in my size, I have little feet.  Some Lysol to clean them up and they will be fun with jeans or my denim dress for a car club dinner.

Thrifting July at

At an estate sale, these Christmas napkin rings were still in their original boxes and look like they have never been used.

Thrifting July at

Another estate sale home was full of Japanese art and dishes.  The prices were a bit higher than I usually see, but the quality was superb.  I did come away with a few laquerware pieces, choosing things that would coordinate with the dishes I already have.  The black items with red interiors caught my eye.  This is a large vegetable or rice bowl for serving.

Thrifting July at

These lovely small laquerware plates had such pretty butterflies.

Thrifting July at

Then I found this box that I think is a jewelry box.  That combination of black exterior and red interior matched the other bowl.

Thrifting July at

All the pieces fit together nicely, charming.

Thrifting July at

At a flea market during the Geocaching drive, I came home with this iron plant stand.  I thought about painting it, but I like it this way, a bit shabby chic.

Thrifting July at

At another estate sale, I saw this charming plant stand or table in the photo preview.  I got up early and made a bee line for the sale to get there when it opened.  Going quickly through the rooms, I found it and nabbed it.

Thrifting July at

The tile in the top was loose, and DH fixed it for me so it wouldn’t fall out.  I have it next to my chair in the den.  It is coming in very handy to hold my threads and handwork as I am doing some stitching.  I just love hummingbird and flowers.

Thrifting July at

Then, another day, I found these fabulous Japanese trays at the humane society thrift. No way I could leave these behind. I sent this pic to my blogger friend Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts as I knew she spent time in Japan.  Her husband was kind enough to  translate the kanji for me. The one with the bird says bird, the one with the moon says moon, the one with the rabbit says snow, and the one with the leaf says wind.  I already used these to serve a meal with the butterfly plates above.

Thrifting at

Safelight Thrift store scores on another day yielded this little black cotton sweater in my petite size, and it was on the sale rack for one dollar.  It is hard to see in the picture, but it has sweet little gathers across the front yoke.

Thrifting at

I nabbed this lovely tapestry wall hanging too, with its hanger.

Thrifting at

I loved the ornate top, and the little balls on the rod can be taken off, so I could use this to display quilted hangings as well.

Thrifting at

Beautiful tapestry, the price tag was still on the back.  I suspect it wasn’t ever used.

Thrifting at

And because I spent $10 one day, I got two free pairs of clip earrings.  That is a bonus for me as I do not have pierced ears, so clips are all I wear.  Most of my collection is vintage.

Thrifting at

Having lunch at my favorite restaurant in town, Champa, I saw this hat in the window at a consignment store downtown.  It fit perfectly, so I bought it and wore it a day later on a car club drive.  The original price tag was still in it too. It is a Liz Claiborne hat never worn.

Thrifting at

More little plates came home as I thought they would go with some small Japanese bowls that are the same green with gold.  Turns out they didn’t, but I like them anyway.

Thrifting at

Knowing how much I love autumn, is it any wonder that I couldn’t resist these pumpkin color wavy edge plates at 50% off?  Eight plates for $7.

Thrifting at

DH is going to have a fit soon if I don’t find a few things to donate back.  So, that will be the next chore.  But for now, everything found a spot to be, so no hurry.  More fun tablescapes in store!!   So many dishes, so little table space, LOL!

Have you found a bargain lately?

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13 thoughts on “Thrifting Scores and Bargain Shopping

  1. Joy

    Oh, what fun you must have had thrifting! I have missed that with my bad knees, but I just had the 2nd one replaced last week and i’m Looking forward to enjoying walking around in thrift stores again soon.

  2. Sylvia anderson

    I think you had a banner month with all the goodies you found Carole. I especially love your very sexy shoes, and envy anyone who can still wear high heels. It’s been over 30+ years since I’ve been able to do so, and I gave the last of my HHS’s to my great granddaughters, who were thrilled to have them. Hope you enjoy the day.

  3. janohio47

    You found all this in Brevard????? We should have taken that ‘mountain road’ out of SC instead of the interstate highway when we were in SC/NC in June!1

  4. Love seeing all the treasures you found! Like you, I love scouring the shops and estate sales. But storing things is another issue. I should follow your lead and purge a bit. I have much that I am tire of or bored with. Then I could change it up a bit.

    1. Anna

      Hi! I enjoy reading your blog. Regarding what you think might be a jewelry box, it looks to be a Japanese obento, or lunch, box. Generally, it has two or more layers, which stack together, and the compartment is for various tsukemono, pickled vegetables, or small side dishes. The writing is very stylized, but looks like “day” and ” flower”.

  5. Melanie

    So much fun to see what you find! I haven’t found a good bargain lately. Not sure I’d even find room if I did. Yes, so many dishes, so little room, but I can’t seem to give up those things I truly love and use. But it is time I must…. LOL Thanks for the fun!

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