Safelight Project Update

We have just two weeks to go for the Safelight Project, and I am delighted to announce that the financial goal has been exceeded.  Just yesterday in the mail, our donations rocketed past the goal!   The project will be providing 62 bags for the shelter, with 60 of them designed for women and two for men.

I had hoped we would get to sixty, so I went ahead and ordered the canvas bags with three different handle colors for the women’s bags, 60 in all.  I figured I would just make up the difference if needed, but now that won’t be necessary.

Safelight Project 2019 at

I saw these at Dollar Tree, and thought they were perfect for the bags, so I snapped up all they had.  Luckily, that was 63 packs so we’d have enough.

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I found a sport bag at Walmart, and got two of them.  A visit to the dollar store yielded some men’s items that will make a nice gift in the event that a guy is forced to the shelter.  Sadly, this does happen.

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Many of the donations have come with lovely notes and heartfelt words. One in particular struck me as being so true, sent in by Pam Arbour with a really nice financial donation.  She said “We will probably never know how much it has impacted the lives of those in need.” I know that the words sent by Laresa at Safelight mirror this sentiment, as she sees the surprise on the faces of the recipients, and the wonder that accompanies those looks in their words.  They are mostly quite astonished that the gifts are for them, to support them, to encourage them.  Encouragement is something most have not had.

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Mary Ann Lyon sent the four pretty cases above, and I love that black fabric.  Lee Gifford sent the five cases below.

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Susan in Wisconsin got out her stamps and cardstock, creating four lovely cards with a nice inspirational quotation inside.  She sent them with a nice donation too.  Susan, I don’t have your email to let you know I got them, so I hope you see them here.

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Susan Samuel sent a handmade card with embroidery, along with a case set.

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Bonnie Coleman sent four case sets.  I love how she did the accent stripe on the sunglasses case, so clever!

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This incredible group of 10 case sets from Kristy Smith came with a generous donation of money too.  She wrote in her note that her kids helped pick out the fabrics, and I was so moved that she is teaching her children that love and hope are the most important things.  She is such a giver, sewing for Project Linus and the Rare Science Rare Bear program for children with rare diseases.  Kristy, you are amazing!!

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I’ve placed an online order for the goodies to go inside in bulk, so I can just pick up boxes at the local Dollar Tree.  That shipment should arrive the last week of July.  I hope that just a few more quilters and sewing artists are hard at work making cases, as we need 24 more case sets as of now.  Here’s the pdf again – Omiyage for Safelight  Stampers, I hope there are cards in progress, as I’d like to have at least 40 more cards so there are two in each bag.  Please don’t forget to include your email address so I can let you know that your package arrived.  I appreciate all your help!!

Please let me know in the comments if you are in progress on case sets or cards so I know what is on the way, and what I need to sew/stamp to make the goal.  Do you have cases or cards in progress?

17 thoughts on “Safelight Project Update

  1. It looks like it is coming together nicely! Looking at some of the cards, even though I didn’t make any of them, I think those will hold a special place in their hearts because they were hand made. That gives them even more worth for their future. Thanks for organizing this effort.

  2. Gail Rachow

    I have my cards done and will bring them to Kevin’s Drive on Sat. I have 30 cards, but let me check my stash of finished cards, I am sure I can find another 10 that will be suitable for this project., let me know if you need more.

  3. How exciting to see this goal reached! I know our clients here in the Safelight shelter will be overjoyed to receive such gifts of love and genuine care. Thank you all for participating, giving, and creating from your hearts!

  4. Cindy Beal

    Yes, I plan on completing my cases this weekend. I will advise by Monday how many I got done. Thanks for all you do Carole!

  5. bonniecoleman

    Let me know if you are short on case sets… soon as you know and I will make up more. Thanks….Bonnie Coleman

  6. Lenora

    Good Job!!! I found 10 more cards. They should arrive on Monday. Appreciate your letting us know what is still needed. You do such a good job of touching so many people in so many ways. Thank you!

  7. Lee

    I can try to make a few more cases next weekend. Please let me know the absolute last day of collecting them and I’ll do my best to get them to you!

  8. Jannette B.

    I thought that I’d make a few sets of cases for you, but I got a bit carried away. I’ve got 18 sets ready to go into the mail tomorrow morning.

  9. dezertsuz

    I am so thrilled to see the total number of bags being made! This is so awesome that so many of us have gotten to contribute to hope and comfort for these women, and possible men, too. Thank you for organizing it again, and I hope it’s going to be a yearly thing.

  10. I tried to find the blog post that had the instructions for making the cases but couldn’t find it. Could you provide me with the link? Is this a project that’s done every year? What are the dates for the project? Thanks!

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  12. Linda Brayton

    I just read about this project on the Needle & Foot blog. I will make two right away and mail them by 7/24. I sent a few last year so I know how quick and easy it is to make them.

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