Patriotic Tablescape 2019

We had some friends over, and after they left, DH came in and insisted that the hydrangea be trimmed back as it was taking over the steps.  I intended to do that anyway, just not yet.  I wanted some of the gorgeous blue flowers for my July 4th tablescape.  Hydrangeas last a long time in water, though, so I went out with him to cut some flowers and help tame the shrub.  I am trying to get them to lean more lavendar with the addition of lime to the soil, but it takes a while to get them there.  There were still a profusion of blue blooms for my table.  I took my wooden wine bottle crate and filled the slots with mason jars of water.  Then I added hydrangea stems with huge blooms until I had a full centerpiece.

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But, let’s go back to the beginning of the table.  I put down a white tablecloth and red chargers, then added my Patriotic Tri-Recs Star Runner.  Click on that link for the pattern and tutorial.

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Place settings were simple, white dinner plates with red salad plates.

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My good flatware, wine glasses and individual salt and pepper shakers.  I don’t have six wine glasses with the same pattern, so I use four matching ones on the sides and ones with another cut glass pattern on the ends.

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I rolled the napkins like firecrackers and put red rings on them.

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Then I set the wood crate in place with those gorgeous blue blooms.

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On each side are small star sprays I got years ago at the dollar store.

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Then I put out some patriotic bowls for serving beans and cole slaw on the day.

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They have words all the way around in a patriotic theme.

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The star sprays have bright red bases of shiny foil.

Patriotic Tablescape 2019 at

All set and ready for food and friends.  If it isn’t too hot on Thursday, I’ll move this to the outdoor table for our cookout.  It won’t take but a few minutes, leaving the tablecloth behind.

Patriotic Tablescape 2019 at

I put up my patriotic little quilts too.  The Patriotic Star Mini Quilt is triple quilted, and the wall hanging is my Tango pattern in the small size.

Patriotic Tablescape at

Are you entertaining for the Fourth of July?

Patriotic Tablescape at

22 thoughts on “Patriotic Tablescape 2019

  1. I always love seeing your tablescapes. I rarely plan my holiday tables and I wish I would. I am currently trying to play table decor for my daughter’s bridal shower. I will go to the craft stores (and maybe the dollar store) for inspiration.

  2. Your beautiful table runner and spectacular hydrangea blooms take your tablescape over the top! I love the surprise when simple elements combine to make a lovely and inviting setting. Now what’s on the grill? (Lol!!). It will be just the two of us this year, but we’ll cook some brats and have some fresh sides anyway. Supposed to be hot, so maybe spend time in the cardmaking room (formerly sewing room, ha!).

  3. Oh, those hydrangea are lovely! What a pretty table, all set and ready to entertain. Our 4ths are pretty quiet here. We usually stay home and maybe pop out for a drive to see the fireworks. There are several towns around us that have a show, so a drive gives us multiple views.

  4. Karen Marlow-Goad

    how do you get your hydrangeas to stay so nice for a cut bouquet – mine go limp really fast and barely last a day it seems? One way I was told to have blue hydrangeas go to different colors was to mulch them with pine needles and that the acid from the pine needles would change colors. I have a range of blue, pink and lavender all on the same bush.

    1. Felicia Hamlin

      Lovely setting and the flowers add a lot to it! Our hydrangea is looking very green, but no a single bud yet. Happy 4th of July!

  5. Bonnie in Georgia

    There’s nothing more beautiful than the Red, White & Blue! one of my favorite holidays! Those hydrangeas are gorgeous! I have a bush but this year the leaves got so brown from the heat, even though it bloomed fine. I think it may need to be more in the shade, so I may have to move it in the fall.

  6. manasotavacation

    Perfect!!! So festive, but I’m betting you’ll not have to disturb this, as 7/4 promises to be sweltering. I just love this as it is so cheery!!

  7. Melanie

    Beautifully done in red, white and blue. Love your pretty hydrangeas….I’m trying to get mine to grow, but think they need more sun, yes? Since my birthday is the Fourth (no kidding), we will stay at home and enjoy the day by ourselves. Later this week we will have special friends over, though. Hope you enjoy a very festive day. God bless our wonderful country.

  8. Naomie Moore

    Just gorgeous! This year I will be hosting a gathering for 6. My home is very small with no dining room, so this will be a backyard affair. Will pull it all together with bits and pieces that I have in red white and blue, but no where near as elaborate as your stunning table setting. Menu and beverages are set, now I just need to shop for food, cook and set everything up. We always stay home as all of us have pets and want to assure their comfort amidst all the illegal fireworks. My pets are pretty chill for the most part, only one dog, the canary and dragon are what I am concerned with. I move them to my office, turn on the tv a bit louder than normal and let the rest of the brood of cats and dogs wander in and out at will. We hang out until midnight and I have been known to sleep on the floor with all of them to make them feel secure.

  9. Patricia Evans

    I find it amusing that you are doctoring your hydrangeas to turn them lavender while many of us doctor them with an acidifier to turn them blue. Lovely tablescape as usual. We will spend a quiet day at home where it is supposed to be hot with a chance of thunderstorms.

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