Redwork Christmas

Getting back to my redwork project today, as it was put to the side for the entire month of October.  I think I have enough time left to finish it for this year.  When I last wrote about it, I had stopped here with the bottom section done, and the Santa started.

Redwork Christmas at From My Carolina Home

Stitching on the weekend while watching the football games, I made progress last Sunday.  The markings are getting lighter and more difficult to see for some reason.  Hard to say why as I have just let this sit in the basket next to my chair for a month.  I may need to redraw some of them.  But for now, I have the pattern sheet and am referring to it to help me know where to go next.

Redwork Christmas at

This is such a cute design.  It is by Red Brolly, unfortunately no longer available.

Redwork Christmas at

So, next is to finish off the teddy bear and get moving on the rest. I hope that by posting about it on a regular basis, I’ll actually finish it this year.  I’ll be sharing with Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching today.

Do you have any handwork projects going?


23 thoughts on “Redwork Christmas

  1. Sue H

    Your embroidery is looking good, Carole! I recently caught your chat on Pat Sloan’s podcast. After all this time I now have a voice to go along with your blog. So good to hear you talk about the Scrap Dances & NC Hurricane projects.

  2. Jan Snell

    Carole, what stitch are you using in your redwork? I blame that beautiful Canadian, Kathy for getting me back to embroidery. Just this week my sister gave me my grandmother’s unfinished embroidery projects and threads. Wowza, like I need another project! Anyways, because of following Kathy, I have recently purchased, not one or even two but 4 embroidery projects books at the LQS. Then I dug around in my studio and in the basement and unearthed several projects and embroidery floss from my mother and MIL. I actually thought I had Grandma’s too but I know that if my sister said what she gave me was Grandma’s, it certainly is. (Grandma passed away in 1994). Embroidery was my first needle art. I learned it as a teen at 4H. Anyways, I have now finished four pillowcases and will try to finish Grandma’s tablecloth before Christmas. That still leaves me with a few more pillowcases and several quilt blocks before I start tracing from my 4 new books. I have actually bought the floss for three of the four projects!

  3. I bought a couple of small wool projects at the Houston Quilt Festival yesterday so I plan to work on one of those today. I saw Kathy’s post with her bundle of embroidery floss! I laughed because I worked so hard to make mine neat and organized and hers is working just fine!

  4. Rosemaryflower

    Oh this is very sweet My embroidery skills are very rusty and crusty. I made two quilt labels for grand daughter quilts, I tried to be neat and tidy. meh, maybe I was never very good…. but I try.
    Your Christmas piece is just beautiful. So many possibilities

  5. Looking good Carole! I have started prepping a new cross stitch project, and am starting the piece for the hardanger stitch along so I can post the supply requirements by Thanksgiving. I love your red work piece!

  6. I’ve always loved Redwork! I haven’t done any embroidery for years because of my hands and I kind of miss it. This month I am working on FEW crochet projects for Christmas gifts. It’s going slowing due to the hands again. 😦

  7. Carla Therrien

    I find doing a blog post about a project does seem to help it along. Although sometimes I feel handwork is so slow that some must think why is she still posting the same old pictures. LOL! Your redwork is a very cute project!

  8. Your redwork is so cute! Can’t wait to see how you finish it. I love framed seasonal embroideries. Today, I am feet-up in the recliner ready to hand stitch the openings on my (12) placemats from Autumn Jubilee to have them ready for Thanksgiving. I used too wide a topstitching seam around the outer edge and the seam allowances didn’t catch. My fault. But the football game is due to start, so all is good. Happy stitching, everyone!

  9. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Your Redwork project is looking fabulous! I am doing several hand embroidery projects and trying to expand my stitch knowledge. I do not believe that I have ever tried Redwork. I wish you the best of luck and times while working towards finishing this before Christmas. I know that I will enjoy seeing your progress. Have a fantastic day!

  10. Your embroidered redwork is coming along nicely, I have that Red Brolly pattern lurking on one of my files I need to print it out I’m feeling a bit Christmasy. happy Stitching

  11. Kathy’s link up each Sunday keeps me motivated to do some hand stitching each week. Your Christmas project is coming right along. I will check back next week to see your progress

  12. dezertsuz

    It is awfully cute. I wish she were still drawing and selling artwork. I’m working on redwork (nursery rhymes) and crazy quilting, and occasional other bits on appliqué blocks.

  13. Lovely to see the redwork growing again.
    Yes, it is a shame that the patterns are not available any more. There were many that were delightful.

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