Extraordinary Wildlife and Autumn Color

Sometimes something extraordinary happens here, and very rarely do I get to photograph it, but this day was special.  Long time readers will know about the wild turkey we call Clarence, and how he comes by every few days for a handout.  His cluck-purr is wonderful to hear, and he preens a bit for us to get a few bites of whole grain bread.  On this day, I noticed him in the meadow through the kitchen window as I was cleaning up, and there was another visitor with him.

November Wildlife at FromMyCarolinaHome

I grabbed the camera to get some pictures, realizing with the next one that the other visitor was the fox.

November Wildlife at FromMyCarolinaHome

As I was about to start shouting to scare off the fox and save Clarence, something extraordinary happened. The fox turned around ignoring the turkey.

November Wildlife at FromMyCarolinaHome

Where I thought Clarence was going to be a turkey dinner, turns out the fox wasn’t interested.  The late afternoon sun made his gorgeous red fur almost glow.

November Wildlife at FromMyCarolinaHome

Fascinated, DH and I stood on the veranda and watched as the fox ate something at the edge of the meadow, not a small animal, more likely acorns or something similar which surprised us both. We did some research and found that foxes are omnivorous, like humans they eat a little of everything even nuts and berries.   While small mammals are their primary food, they eat a wider variety of foods than we knew.

November Wildlife at FromMyCarolinaHome

He ate his fill of something on the ground, and then moved on into the forest. So we went back in the house, and a bit later, the deer showed up in the meadow.

November Wildlife at FromMyCarolinaHome

There were four this time, two does and two fawns. The little ones were playing with each other, so cute.

November Wildlife at FromMyCarolinaHome

They were munching on the grass and not in a hurry this day. I took a couple of photos, then went back inside the house.

November Wildlife at FromMyCarolinaHome

Then something else extraordinary. Clarence was still in the meadow, and he began flapping his wings and chasing the deer! I didn’t get back outside fast enough to capture in a photo. They ran around a bit, but weren’t too concerned with his claim on the meadow. I’ve never seen a turkey chase a deer!!

The next day, our resident woodchuck stopped by for a few acorns.

November Wildlife at FromMyCarolinaHome

Later that afternoon, these two little guys came wandering by.

November Wildlife at FromMyCarolinaHome

Yes, those are baby raccoons. It was surprising to see just the two of them alone, without an adult with them. I am afraid their mother is gone, and their chances for survival are slim. Later I saw one alone coming back across the meadow in the opposite direction.

November Wildlife at FromMyCarolinaHome

Meanwhile, the bird feeder is busy with lots of different birds coming by, even in the rain.

November Wildlife at FromMyCarolinaHome

Here and there, the trees are starting to turn colors at our elevation now.

November Wildlife at FromMyCarolinaHome

We had friends from out of state stay with us a couple of days, so we took them to the Arboretum to hike. There wasn’t a lot blooming this late, but we did see these carnivorous plants in one of the stream beds.

November Wildlife at FromMyCarolinaHome

There were two varieties, and I cannot remember what they are. They have interesting shapes though.

November Wildlife at FromMyCarolinaHome

Back at our place, the trees are coming into more color across our property. Looking down the driveway, there is still a good amount of green after the rain.

November at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

The forest at the edge of the meadow is showing a bit of gold and yellow.

November at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Looking across the valley, our neighbor’s tree that was full of gold leaves the day before, lost all of them to the rain and wind in one day.

Autumn at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Looking out back across the cove to the next mountain, so much is just golden brown, pretty but not the vibrant color we usually have in November.

November at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

In the back, looking up at the trees the colors are brighter in the sunlight.

November at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

On the mountain behind the house, the rhododendron will stay green all year while the other trees and bushes put on their autumn colors.

November at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

There are some gorgeous maples in full blazing red at a shopping center near our home. I love this rich, saturated red and wish our maples would be this color.

Hiking the Devil's Courthouse at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

What’s happening where you live? Autumn glory or springtime flowers?

43 thoughts on “Extraordinary Wildlife and Autumn Color

  1. Rita

    Beautiful pics. Aren’t those baby coons a hoot! We are fortunate here in northwest Alabama to be able to enjoy some wildlife in a natural setting..

  2. Diane Gill

    I love the pictures of the animals. The trees are gorgeous. I live in Wilmington and the hurricane damaged so many trees and knocked down so many leaves, I am afraid that we won’t have much of an Autumn. Thank you for taking time to share your beautiful part of the state.

  3. lynn bourgeois

    I very much enjoyed my visit ti your blog this morning, seeing the local wild life and those beautiful plants. Thanks for sharing part of your day with us.

  4. Kari

    Carole, I love your nature trip. When the captain and I lived in KC, we had a creek and green space behind us and like clockwork, every morning and evening we had a flock of turkeys and 7 or 8 deer make the trek across the back of our property. In the morning they went south and in the evening they went north. We loved watching them. thank you for the tour.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  5. We had a whole flock of turkeys visit our backyard for a few years and then they quit coming. I suspect it was hunting season that caused that, unfortunately. A few winters ago, we woke up to find a little fox on our deck. Our daughter took some great photos of him, and I hope to share that in a post at some point. Coons are cute, but they sure can be pests. We had one that would come up on our deck each night around 10 pm, put his little paws on the window and stare in at us. It made us laugh, until we found all the mess he left afterward. You live in very pretty surroundings! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Rosemaryflower

    I love your photos, all of them. Animals are so cute
    Our trees are turning nicely, and very quickly.
    I do not think anyone was prepared for such a rapid change into Fall.
    We have piles and piles of leaves. I raked yesterday for an hour.
    Our five cans are stuffed. Little Sarah is coming over to play on Tuesday and like last year, I hope we can play in the leaves a few days together. She is bigger now and loves to help too, but there will be piles to jump into
    Happy Sunday.

  7. You’ve got beautiful fall color there, Carole! Ours is mostly past due to an early snow and low temps in October. I love all the wildlife you see, too! We did get some photos of a big flock of wild turkeys when we were driving through a rural area near us recently – we counted 20 of them in one spot!

  8. Sandy

    Lovely photos! My family is back in the US for a couple of months and my kids want to see a raccoon as we don’t have them in England. My husband and I have seen some but the kids were not with us. Figures!

  9. Diane H

    Thank you, my husband and I both enjoy your wildlife visitors. Years ago, for a local rescue we fostered four orphaned baby raccoons. At the start bottle feedings were every three hours even through the night! They were amazing little creatures, we still laugh about their antics.

  10. Wonderful photos of wildlife and your surroundings! I am also blessed to live in an area where I can observe the animals. I have seen turkey chase deer; they can be very aggressive. They will also dig holes in the garden, just like dogs do, to stay cool in the heat of the day. I am forever chasing them out! Ha, ha!

    I don’t think we have those carnivorous plants here; at least I haven’t seen them. They are beautiful…especially with how you have captured them in the light!

  11. I hope you realize you live in Heaven on Earth. So much beauty and wildlife. And, what gorgeous Autumn colors. I hope those baby racoons make it. They do look so skinny. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them that small. Your fox photos are amazing. I’ve only seen them for a few seconds, so you lucked out with yours staying to dine and let you take pictures. All delightful. In So. Cal., this may be one of the warmest Fall I can remember. Temp is in the low 80’s. Not a lot of Fall color, but the hummingbirds are enjoying the Cape Honeysuckle that is in full bloom.

  12. Donna

    You live w-aaay out in the country. It’s pretty. I love the idea of the country, but I’m a city girl. I can’t imagine getting stocked up with food for the winter time there. Do you stock a pantry in the event that you may be snowed in for days or longer, at a time? Or traveling the roads to work and back home on snowy days. I’m curious about people living far out in the country, as to how they prepare for winters.
    I love the pictures you share. Your blog is always a delight to read.

    1. Thank you! For those who are interested, we live on the side of a small mountain at the top of a private road. When it snows, we are housebound for several days. We do have a large generator for power outages, and usually get snowed in for four or five days once or twice a winter. It isn’t that far, about 4 miles, to the nearest grocery store. But we are in a rural area. My post office box is in Mountain Home, but I don’t live there.

  13. Melanie

    Autumn glory here in OR….love your animal photos and stories. Our maples are turning bright yellow. I also love those trees ablaze in scarlet, but wonder if they might be another variety, not maples? In town here, streets are lined with these gorgeous red trees that grow more vertical than our big leaf maples.

  14. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, I sure have enjoyed all of your fantastic pictures that go with your fun and informative post. I did not know about the Fox eating the acorns and such. It is always fascinating how animals can react with each other. We are just now starting to see and even hear the birds returning from wherever they went when we had the fires surrounding us this past summer. It is truly remarkable how the system heals itself and how each part knows when to return or something returns in its place. Thank you for sharing all of this great information and the marvelous photos! Have a splendid day!

  15. Cheryl

    Love seeing the wildlife visitors. Autumn is coming to a close in our area. Lots of rain and some frost has caused many trees to loose their leaves. It will be bare limbs before we know it. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  16. How wonderful to see all those animals around your place. Good to hear Clarence was safe from the fox!! You have beautiful trees around too. We are into spring, today as I write this we are having rain showers now and then, but the iris are blooming, the roses are flowering….hopefully we get to enjoy a few flowers before the possums and fruit bats come for the fruit on the fig tree and feast on the roses too. 😃 loved the look around your place.

  17. Debbie Miller Meyer

    I enjoy seeing all your wildlife there! Our leaves are very pretty right now though some are falling due to the wind and rain. I just love this time of year!!

  18. What a lovely fall tour around your area and letting us visit with your wildlife. I lived in Lake Lure for a few years, hiked a lot and love the mountains.. I miss it so much and you brought back some of the beauty to me in with your special descriptions and photos.
    I am new to your web site and look forward to more of your posts.
    I am an avid quilter and a lot of my art quilts are about nature and of course the North Carolina mountains.
    Thank you.
    Eve agee

  19. All your wildlife photos are wonderful, but my favorite photo was of the cardinal on the feeder. That image would be a lovely subject for an art quilt. 😉

  20. Peggy

    I just loved your exquisite wildlife and various nature pictures in this post. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Your area of the country is so different from ours (Wasilla, AK) which is one of many reasons that I enjoy following your blog every day!
    Fall was very colorful for us this year. I say “was” because we had our first snow (5″) a couple days before Halloween and it appears like it will be staying the course. Some years we get our first snow, like a “warning” of winter, melting right away, thus staying “fall” a bit longer.
    We are always ready when this time of the year comes, knowing that even if we get a few extra days of “fall”, it is never for long. It works best to just put your mind, body and spirit into “winter mode” for the next 6 or 7 months!
    I so appreciate the time and effort you put into your “Autumn Jubilee” and other creative endeavors you share with your readers. I do not comment often but read everyday and happily look forward to what you will show and share with us next!
    Peggy in AK

  21. dezertsuz

    What wonderful wildlife and great photos! I loved reading about everyone who visited you for a couple of days. Such fun to see them all. Our fall was slow and then yesterday’s pouring rain knocked a lot of leaves off. The poplars are pretty much denuded at last, so those can be blown back into the woods when they dry out a couple of days. Strangely, I looked at my gerbera daisies this afternoon, and there are tiny green leaves coming out all along the woody stems! I was going to cut them back, but I’ll wait until it freezes regularly, I think, because they are such pretty greens.

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