Safelight Project Update

Going to the mailbox these days is so fun, with all the packages to pick up!  The response from the greatest readers ever has been just awesome.  I am continually amazed at the generosity for a community in a rural area from literally all over the world.  That someone in Australia, or New Zealand, or England, or Singapore, would so altruistically support my project out of the goodness of their hearts is amazing.  Donations of money and cards, sewn cosmetic bags and sunglasses cases are literally pouring in.

Mail Call!

In the first 2 weeks, we exceeded the initial goal of having enough for 30 bags.  So I thought maybe we could do 40.  This year I ordered cases of items in bulk, with free shipping for pick up at the store.  This was so much easier than checking out hundreds of items one at a time, holding up the line in the store.

Bulk Order

Of course, I tried to get as close to 40 as possible, but cases come in packs of 12, 24 or 30. That meant going to the store to pick up the additional items needed for the bags.

Safelight Update at From My Carolina Home

I decided to upgrade the bags themselves this year.  Instead of the plastic ones like last year, I ordered these canvas ones online.  They were a bit more than last year’s bags, but so much nicer!  The lightweight canvas will hold up better, and have nice pockets on the outside for small items.  I ordered them in two colors, red and blue.

Safelight Update at From My Carolina Home

Then I started opening packages from the mail.  Mary at Stitching Grandma sent cosmetic bags, sunglasses cases, and cards!

Mary's Cards

Bernie sent a cute plaid bag set, April sent some gorgeous cards, and Sheila made several bag sets.

Bernie, April, Sheila

Ida made the bag sets on the left, and Pam sent the three on the right.

Ida, Pam

Peg was really working down her stash, sending 10 sets of cosmetic and sunglasses cases.


Rosemarie did the beautiful cards on the left, and Heidi sent multiples of the two on the right with sweet decorated envelopes.

Rosemarie, Heidi

Inside one of Rosemarie’s cards, this is such a great inspirational stamp.

Rosemarie's Card at From My Carolina Home

Gail sent 16 creative cards in six different designs.

Safelight Update at From My Carolina Home

To keep track of all these donations, I log each one as it arrives.  The numbers on the left correspond to the number of entries received, and the numbers assigned for the drawings.  Donors were given one entry per cosmetic case, sunglasses case, card or $5 donation.  I’ve scrubbed out last names, email addresses, and identifiers on this pic to protect privacy.  Thank you to Mary Jo L, Amy O, Sherrill P, Laura P, Karen R, Lynne D, Lesley G, Susan G, Karen T, Christine J, and especially to Norece E (a Platinum level donation!), for their monetary support!!

Drawing Entries

At the last meeting of our local block group that meets at Beginnings Quilt Shop, and the April meeting of the Carolina Longarm Association, I mentioned that I was almost to my financial goal to make 40 bags.  As soon as the meetings were over, I had exceeded it with the ladies quickly coming up with the last $50 needed, and more.  Thanks to Chryste K, Brenda B, Ann K, Terry S, Dorothy e, Sherry B, Peggy M, Bonnie C, Gayle G, Gayle J, Marit S, and Barbara T.  But, I didn’t need to listen to the butterflies, the next trip to the PO box would yield yet more donations.  Thank you to Pat E, Marsha W, Val R, Mildred P, Susan S, and Afton W.  Then my dearest MIL sent a check that would cover another 5 bags.

Safelight Update at From My Carolina Home

I made up the first bag.  Each one has a pair of sunglasses inside the sunglasses case along with the matching cosmetic case holding lip gloss, a pedicure kit and nail polish.  There is also a water bottle, sun block, aloe lotion and an inspirational card.

Safelight Update at From My Carolina Home

Once again, sparkly tissue is put on top to be more like a gift.

Safelight Update at From My Carolina Home

On a related note, we delivered the California Fire Quilt to Dave and Selma on Tuesday. They were delighted. We had lunch with them, and talked about the Safelight Project.  Dave’s mom, my neighbor who just moved, was with us and when I mentioned that there were sometimes men at the shelter, she asked if any of the bags would be for men.  That got me thinking, so I am going to make two additional gift bags geared toward a masculine theme.  Several of the cards could go for a guy, but I’ll have to come up with something other than pedicure kits and nail polish.  I am hoping DH can help me decide on a few guy goodies.

California Fire Quilt Delivery at From My Carolina Home

Then I went to check my mail on Tuesday, and look what I brought home!

Safelight Project Update at From My Carolina Home

Opening all the packages, I emailed everyone last night so I could update again for today. I didn’t have a way to contact Ann B, Sandy O, or Mary W (no email addresses were given), so thank you all for the sets you sent. More sets came from Cindy B, Lisa E, Nancy G, Diann B, Tonia C and Janine H.

Safelight Project Update at From My Carolina Home

Safelight Project Update at From My Carolina Home

Plus a stack of lovely cards and sentiment suggestions from Nancy G.

Safelight Project Update at From My Carolina Home

A second bag was made up, just to show. It was after this that I decided to put the pedicure kits inside the cosmetic bags, so these pictures have them showing.  Now, I am delighted to announce that we have enough of everything to do 50 bags for the shelter!!  And it is all due to you, dear readers.

Safelight Update at From My Carolina Home

Two bags ready to go. A friend is coming over to help stuff the bags and we will deliver them in early May.  The third order of bags arrived yesterday, and I ordered  some with black handles. Also, I got an email from a new reader recently who says she is sending 50 cards! This would mean every bag would get two cards, such a wonderful thing!

Safelight Update at From My Carolina Home

I really appreciate each and every reader involved with the Safelight Project, working together we made a difference in a lot of lives last year, and will do so again this year.  You are the best!!  Thank you!!  Click on Safelight Update to see the rest of the story.

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  1. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    This post definitely deserves a “Wow!” You have such generous readers, Carole! I’m glad I could play a small part in it.

  2. Barbara Dillingham Moore

    Hi Carole!
    I will have at least 4 more sets of bags/cases coming next week – also about a dozen cards. Watch for them! Barb in Tucson

  3. Kari

    What a great cause Carole and the generosity of your readers show that in this world of me! Me! me…people still care for others. Great job.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  4. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; This is just so awe inspiring…tears began to flow. Crafters and Quilters are such passionate giving people, they are the best! Thank you for sharing all of the items and spectacular gifts that were donated to make up this many bags!! Have a fantastic day!

  5. The generousity of everyone is just so inspiring!! I bet you are having such fun putting it all together! THANk YOU for organizing this for such a worthy and important cause. 🙂

  6. Patricia Evans

    What a wonderful outpouring of support. It’s just amazing what can happen when everyone does just a little bit. Thank you for all your hard work in pulling this together.

  7. Paulette Voit

    Can you publish the mailing address again. I wanted to send a check but I’ve misplaced the paper work with that. Thank you for all you do.

  8. Melanie

    And a big heartfelt thank you to you, Carole, for heading up such a worthy project. It feels like Christmas from here just to see all those beautiful cosmetic bags and eyeglass cases along with the handmade cards and sturdy canvas bags. Yay!

  9. Sherrill

    It’s all because of you and your initial idea to do this wonderful project. The rest of us just joined the fun!! Will bring a little joy into these ladies’ (and guys’) lives at a difficult point.

  10. Sheryl

    What a wonderful response and what a joy to see and sort out all the goodies sent. Some really pretty work here from very generous people,

  11. Wow; you really got everyone going on this project!! Thanks for leading the way! I love seeing all the fabrics used, feels a bit like a fashion show! The card makers inspire me too!

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