Mardi Gras Tablescape

It is Carnival season, essentially the month of January all the way to Fat Tuesday, which is February 13 this year.  Another sewing day is planned, but I’m not quite sure when it will be. So far, we haven’t been able to figure out when we can do another for reasons of weather and dates not meshing.  However, it will be soon, and I know we will have a great pot luck lunch.  So, it seemed like a Mardi Gras Tablescape would do nicely for the time of year.  Any excuse for a party, LOL!!

Mardi Gras Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I found a lot of shiny bead strings last year after the holiday, so of course I snapped them up. I got out the crown I use for this holiday table, set it at an angle using a candle holder for a prop and draped the beads over it. The candles have metallic gold candles. Glittery gold and purple apples fill the lettuce leaf bowls on each end, the only green bowls I have.

Mardi Gras Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I added my purple gloves as a nod to the costumes generally worn during the street parades, and scattered some genuine Mardi Gras purple and green coins around.

Mardi Gras Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

For the place settings, I found these paper napkins last year as well, and snapped up 2 packs of them using one last year.  The purple was perfect for Mardi Gras, and I just threw them in my Mardi Gras plastic bin so I could find them this year. They are the long dinner style, and this year they were unfolded to use as placemats.

Mardi Gras Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Set on top are gold chargers.  The goldtone flatware is my newest addition to my tablescaping stash. Last fall I borrowed a friend’s gold flatware and just couldn’t get my mind off it. So, browsing ebay for several months to get an education on what was available, one came on the market at a steal and I snapped it up on a buy-it-now. The gold tones are wonderful with the chargers and the theme of the table.

Mardi Gras Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I added white stoneware dinner plates and the color block salad plates with the purple, green, yellow and blue edge. I think those salad plates will go on ebay after our lunch.  I’ve had them for a few years now.

Mardi Gras Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

The gold napkins are held with gold wire napkin rings with green beads. Yes, these are the ones from the Amazing Story.

Mardi Gras Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

A dark green tablecloth is the base for the settings, and those light purple paper napkins contrast well.

Mardi Gras Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Crystal wine glasses for water, with the two ends getting the pretty ones with the gold trim.

Mardi Gras Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

So, now all we need is a date, and some food.  I’ll add place cards when I know who will be here.  I think a shrimp quiche would fit the them, don’t you?

Mardi Gras Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

So, all set.  If you like Mardi Gras, you can see my tablescape using my evening purses HERE.  Anyone want a cookie?    See my Mardi Gras Cookie Party.

Mardi Gras Vanilla Sugar Cookies 5

What are your plans for Mardi Gras?

Mardi Gras Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

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20 thoughts on “Mardi Gras Tablescape

  1. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Being from Louisiana, we celebrate with the colors and are glad we aren’t in the carnival “mess”! Last year, I made your mini Mardi Gras quilt for both of my daughters and mine will be finished soon for display. Love your festive tablescape and shrimp quiche sounds perfect! Beignets for dessert?

  2. Mardi Gras is in full swing here – as I am an hour’s drive from New Orleans! Even our little town in Mississippi has a parade! I have already consumed two King Cakes- yum – they come in any flavor you can imagine – Tuesday is Senior citizen 15% discount day & you will certainly find me enjoying another cake! I have been collecting Mardi Gras fabric for a quilt to make! Fabric shops are very few down at the market – but oh what eye candy when you visit one! Let me know if there’s anything I can look for that you would like to have for Mardi Gras – although your place setting looks pretty well stocked! Happy Mardi Gras!

  3. Julie Mackenzie

    I always get in the spirit of whatever holiday is pending, just by looking at your tablescapes! Mardi Gras is so colorful and fun. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate? And, I agree with Frugal Bungalow. I, too, want cookies in the worst way! 😄

  4. Phyllis Smith

    Hello there,

    Love your table scape, the purple, turquoise and gold are such great colors and would make up into a beautiful quilted table runner for a coffee table or buffet surver. Now just figure out which pattern to use.


  5. Brenda Baldwin

    Everything is so lovely! Tablescape, place settings, cookies! Everything! If I have a party, will you come decorate?

  6. Beautiful tablescape, Carole! Here in Italy Carnival is a very serious affair. Every town has it’s tradition, and traditional food too: my town, Verona, is very famous for its potato’s “gnocchi”, that every family eat in last friday of Carnival. It’s a beautiful time of the year!

  7. That is a really nice table Carole, I love the deep green, it just sets everything off! We don’t Mardi Gras up here, only the Catholics and Lutherans do Lent here, and they are pretty outspoken about doing it the right way.😳 the rest of us just work on Easter music! We all stay friends that way!

  8. Monica Kostak

    As always, a beautiful table setting. I have a Valentine display on mine…. 🙂 I’m sure you probably have a display in another room… 🙂

  9. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; I meant to comment yesterday, but I got all busy trying to organize stash fabrics. I love, love, love your table setting!!! Especially since purple is my favorite color and besides you always do such splendid and fun set ups for your tables. I would love to have those napkins, but actually made from fabric. That is such a brilliant design, I also oowwed and awwwed at how it changed colors in the different lighting. How exciting that you were able to find your gold silverware settings! I truly am thrilled for you my friend!! Plus, everything goes so perfectly together with your dark green tablecloth. Everyone who sees it will just love it! Thank you for sharing it with us! Of course, I adore your quilt stand with the Mardi Gras Mini Quilt! I would love to eat a cookie or two, they look delicious! Bye for now Carole.

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