January Stamping Fun with Cards

About a week ago, we got an invitation to a surprise birthday party my dear friend, Gail.  The invitation was hand delivered by her husband and clearly specified ‘no gifts’.  Of course, those kinds of instructions I rarely follow, at the very least I wanted to make a card.  For stampers, January is a great time to make up a few birthday and all occasion cards so you have one done when you need it.  (Non-stampers can stock up on the January sales too.)  I could make her a birthday card, and maybe do a few more for later. Here’s the thing, though, this lovely lady just happens to be my Stampin’ Up demonstrator, as well as a friend for more than 10 years. We met through the car club, (our husbands are both gearheads), and I didn’t know she did stamping for several years. But, when I found out that she did Stampin’ Up, we instantly had just that much more to play with. But, making a card for her? Oh, the pressure!!

January Birthday Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

Well, digging out a few items to play with, the one thing I was sure of, it had to be pretty creative.  I used a yellow card base, a bit bigger than I usually make as I had some big envelopes and sheets of 12×12 paper.

January Birthday Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

I like the little chef with his arm raised high holding a platter in the stamp set called Voila. He has a number of things that the platter can hold in the set, and in the companion set, but the cake was the obvious choice.  The Happy Birthday greeting came from the same set. Stamped on pink, I laid out some other elements with it. I wanted to have a bit of embossing for texture, and a deckle torn edge on the accent piece for more interest.

January Birthday Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

The embossed piece is a light green with a darker green accent on the bottom. I stamped the envelope with a wine and cheese stamp.  A bit of color was added to the cake and candle, and to his pants with color pencils.

January Birthday Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

Something was missing, and I realized the center pink element needed a frame. A dark purple added yet a bit more color and dimension to the card front.  Amazing how just that little bit of contrast makes a huge difference in the look, it has a more finished look now.

January Birthday Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

For the inside, sentiments from two other stamp sets were used. I wanted this card to be something she might not make herself, and combining sentiments from three different stamp sets seemed like a good way to be creative. I added some iridescent star stickers to the inside too.

January Birthday Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

I liked the final design, so I made another one for another very special person, who will receive it later in the year. I used the last of the handmade paper I’ve been saving. The embossed white is narrower, and there is a patterned paper underneath.

January Birthday Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

A butterfly for this envelope, and both cards got my personal stamp for the back.

January Birthday Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

Similar, but not the same.  Two special cards for two special ladies.

January Birthday Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

The party was last night, and Gail was definitely surprised.  Her daughter had kept her busy all day and she never suspected a thing, until she got to the restaurant to find us waiting with a lot more friends.  We took a little pot of blooming miniature yellow jonquils to go with her yellow card.  I was delighted to find that I wasn’t the only one that didn’t follow instructions, she got a bunch of cards and flowers.  Pizza and salad was served, along with a huge cake (delicious, I might add) decorated with yellow roses.  We had a fun time helping her celebrate.

Now I just need to find a bit more time to make a few more cards.  I still don’t have any spare cards, LOL!!
Whether handmade or store bought, do you like to get a head start on cards early in the year?

January Birthday Cards ~ From My Carolina Home

14 thoughts on “January Stamping Fun with Cards

  1. I’m not stamping or card making until I get control of the scraps!! I did get a new carry for my paper crafting supplies and stamps, so am organized and ready when the moment strikes

  2. Lovely cards! I’m sure your other friend will also be thrilled with hers 🙂

    I try to stock up with a few extras any time I buy a card. Since it can be harder to get to a store from our boat, I like to have a few on hand. Sometimes it’s hard to find a mailbox, too, but it’s easy to ask someone local to mail a card that’s ready to go.

    I also bought a large box of all occasion blank inside cards. My biggest problem is keeping the envelopes from getting stuck closed in our high humidity environment!

  3. they look really cute – great job, never have gotten into card making but I could see where I would start to get too many products for that hobby too

  4. Jennifer Rauch

    Love the layering you do – I never feel sure I’ve done enough or too much, but yours look just right! AND I was excited to recognize a piece of the handmade paper I’d sent you last year on card #2. Sent an e-mail to the other gals who made the paper with me so you may have 4 new followers if they log on!

  5. kathyinozarks

    How fun! and I love that stamp I am in need of a few new stamps for my fabric art journal-book I didn’t realize I have no trees or nature type stamps enjoy your sunday

  6. Carol

    Carole I too get a head start on cards especially when I am stuck in with all this bad weather, I am finishing up my Xmas cards for 2018. Will send you a picture.

  7. Gail Rachow

    Thank you for being there last night. It was such a surprise and I felt very blessed to be surrounded by so many friends. Loved your card and reading about your creative process made it all the more special.

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