Sampler Quilts for Elizabeth House

I’ve been concentrating on charity quilts in for the past few weeks, and recently quilted two sampler style quilts meant for Elizabeth House, a local hospice. Both quilts are samplers of a block of the month, pieced by a lady who made two blocks a month.  The blocks were assembled into two quilts by my friend Marti with sashing and borders added to make them large enough for the hospice.  She is a perfect piecer, always giving me the flattest tops, a joy to quilt.  I loaded the first one on the longarm, and decided on a pantograph.

Sampler Quilts at From My Carolina Home

All the angles needed something with curves to balance it out, so I picked the pantograph Fascination, that I have used many times before.

Sampler Quilts at From My Carolina Home

I used the same muddy brown Essentials that I have used before as well, it goes with just about everything.  Bottom Line thread in is the bobbin.

Sampler Quilts at From My Carolina Home

The quilting shows well on the dark areas of the blocks, while not overpowering the lighter star patches.

Sampler Quilts at From My Carolina Home

I thought I needed a few new pantographs to expand the offerings, so while I was working on that quilt, I ordered a few more. Loading the second quilt, you can see it is almost the same as the one above.  If you think they are identical, look at the block to the left of the pink star in both quilts.  You’ll see a slight difference in that block.

Sampler Quilts at From My Carolina Home

The new pantograph design is reminiscent of a clamshell, or a fan, and it quilted up really nicely.  It is a bit more difficult to stitch because of its simplicity.  These show more wobbles than an intricate design, but after a bit I got the motion down.  Doing some practice moves without stitching helps to build some muscle memory.

Sampler Quilts at From My Carolina Home

I used the same color of thread too. The batting is Warm and White for both quilts.  The pantograph is Fan Tails designed by Naomi Hynes for Urban Elementz.

Sampler Quilts at From My Carolina Home

This pic came out a bit blurry, but the pantograph design can still be seen.  The thread color goes nicely on the green and browns.  I really like this pantograph!

Sampler Quilts at From My Carolina Home

The borders show the quilting nicely here.

Sampler Quilts at From My Carolina Home

This color thread just goes well with all the colors in this quilt, even the red-orange.

Sampler Quilts at From My Carolina Home

The second one is done.  I forgot to get a finish picture of the first one, but it looks much the same at this distance.

Sampler Quilts at From My Carolina Home

‘Tis the season for giving!!  Charity quilting is even more special this time of year.

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What are you working on this week?

Sampler Quilts at From My Carolina Home


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19 thoughts on “Sampler Quilts for Elizabeth House

  1. Dian

    The star quilts are lovely. It’s so wonderful to have volunteers like yourself doing so much for those suffering at this or anytime of the year. I admire your productivity and enjoy your almost daily blog posts. Have a wonderful holiday season. D

  2. Merry Christmas Carole – beautiful quilts!! I think you are blessing many people this Christmas season! I finally found my sewing room, but there is not much of significance going on. Today is a “2nd Time Around” sorting day. I have “re-acquired” that job.

  3. A beautiful quilt! I think maybe I have found the perfect incentive to try quilting…. we are getting new grandbabies in May, TWINS!!!! A boy and a girl. If that doesn’t spark me to try nothing will 🙂
    Wishing you a yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year♥♥♥♥

  4. BJ

    The sampler quilts are beautiful and you did a great job of picking a complementary quilting pattern and thread, as usual. I’m sure they’ll both be much appreciated. Now that wrapping is done and my quilt room has been returned to its original purpose, I’m working on quilted placemat sets for my stylist and dog groomer. Something that says winter but not Christmas. I couldn’t get them done for November’s appointments but I’ll see them both next week. I’m working on binding so I’m confident they’ll be done. Have a very Merry Christmas with family and friends!

  5. giving is a wonderful joy, and when it comes from your hands, so special, Wonderful designs, piecing, and your thread and panto choices, what a blessing to receive one of these. A Very Happy Christmas to you both, if the roads are clear, maybe a short trip somewhere, if closed, a wonderful time at home.

  6. Those are such beautiful quilts for the Hospice, I am certain that they will much appreciated! Christmas blessings to you and yours! I will send you a picture of my Christmas quilting when I get back to it. Right now the sewing room is filled with flying sequins as we work to finish Girl#1’s Lundy Hop dress for the New Year’s dance she is attending. They are EVERYWHERE! 😉

  7. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; Both of these quilts are so lovely. I really love the star blocks and the fabulous quilting that you have done for both of these quilts! Great Job to everyone involved in making these quilts for a wonderful charity. Having the difficult time that I am, I switched gears and pulled out all of my Wreath making supplies. Carole, I am actually feeling a tad bit better and have now completed 3 wreaths and 1 cone tree with ribbons. I am very proud of each of them and plan on doing more today. Thank you for your support and encouragement during this very difficult time. By the way, I still wish we lived closer together because I would be having you quilt all of my quilts, you do such a great job! Thank you for sharing your talents for great causes! Have a great day!

  8. Two beautiful quilts there you have quilted. Love the new pantograph, it reminds me of a big leaf. They will be much loved at the Hospice. This is the season of giving and you are a perfect example of that. Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  9. Elaine Nemeth

    Started Bonnie Hunter’s mystery. Part one done. Presented a quilt of valor at the library today. Merry Christmas.

  10. It’s wonderful that you’ve done the quilting on these quilts for such a good cause, Carole! The designs are lovely and I’m sure the quilts will be appreciated.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family! Stay warm!

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