Autumn Jubilee Tablet Cover Sew Along Finishing

Today we’ll finish the Tablet Cover, and have another Giveaway.  I hope you are enjoying the projects for Autumn Jubilee!  Share your progress and finished projects on the Facebook Autumn Jubilee Sharing group.  You can also upload your photos to our Flickr group Autumn Jubilee.

Tablet Cover Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Using the last two layer cakes, cut strips 2-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches wide, as is your preference for binding. I used two more prints in the same colors, sewing the strips end to end alternating the prints.

Tablet Cover Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Fold in half lengthwise and press.  Sew to the right side.  I have a multi-part tutorial on Binding, to show exactly how to do the corners with tips on getting those perfect miters, joining the ends and finishing.  Since we are using straight of grain binding this time, start with Part 2 Here.

Tablet Cover Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Finish stitching the binding, either by hand or machine.

Tablet Cover Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Press the completed piece to sharpen up the corners and crisp the quilting.

Tablet Cover Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Add 4-inch velcro strips to the inside of the rounded end, and the outside of the opposite end about 1 inch from the end edge. Put the soft side on the rounded edge so it won’t scratch the tablet. Center both from the side edges. Top stitch in place.

Tablet Cover Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Fold the base up from the bottom 10-1/2-inches, this should be right at the seam between the two blocks.

Tablet Cover Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Stitch in the ditch of the binding.

Tablet Cover Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Fold the top over and press the velcro together to hold it closed. All done!

Tablet Cover Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Slip your tablet inside for easy carrying and to keep the screen safe and clean.

Tablet Cover Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Wouldn’t this make a great gift for the holidays this year for your tablet lover?

Tablet Cover Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

The backside is just as nice as the front.

Tablet Cover Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Suitable for guys too, DH likes his.  Of course, fabric choices are key for the guys.

Tablet Cover Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Today’s giveaway is sponsored by Moda Fabrics by United Notions, and the prize is two layer cakes!!  Thistle Farm and Harvest Hill prints are perfect for fall sewing, and making gifts.  They would make a bunch of Tablet Covers!

Rafflecopter Moda Layer Cakes Giveaway Click Here!

Do you like to use precuts?

60 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Tablet Cover Sew Along Finishing

  1. That really turned out well. I can see how easily it would be to make them personalized. I love the precuts as it makes fabric selection easy.

  2. Precuts allow me so much flexibility in projects. I LOVE them. They also allow me to get at least a bit of each of the fabrics in a collection and they are perfectly coordinated. Thanks for the give away!

  3. I do like precuts, and have used all the different sizes for various projects! It’s always nice to have jelly roll strips that will work for binding! Thanks for the giveaway, Carole!

  4. Jacob

    Oh yes, I use precuts regularly. There are times when I need full fabric pieces for backing of a quilt or something but I find that precut work great for intricate projects

  5. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I like using precuts, but have a monster stash I’m trying to use up, so haven’t bought any lately. It’s fun to see the projects you come up with and the tutorials are great. THanks!!!

  6. Judyk

    I do love precuts especially.charm packs. They are great for choosing additional fabrics when you have to order online.

  7. Diana B.

    I love using precuts! I use charm packs, jelly rolls, and layer cakes mostly. Hubby thinks I just collect them but I really do use them.

  8. Lisa Marie

    I sometimes use pre-cuts and layer cakes are my favorite. When there is a fabric line I really love it’s a great way to get all the prints without breaking the bank.

  9. Hi Carole,
    Oh, I just love this tablet cover. You did such a nice job with your tutorial, too. Thanks, so much! I love to use precuts most of the time maybe out of pure laziness. Or it might be all the coordinating fabrics! ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Tablet case is a great idea! I do buy precuts often and do use them, but think having to figure out storage containers for them means I need to stop hoarding!

  11. Evelyn Haupert

    Love your tablet cover. Yes, I use and love precuts and layer cakes are my favorites. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. Jane

    Carole Great tutorial for a tablet cover. My book club exchanges Christmas gifts and I’ve earmarked your tute to make a gift, thanks!!!!

  13. Christine Young

    Yes I love to use precuts to jump start projects and to get a variety of prints in the same line of fabric. Thank you for doing Autumn Jubilee always a fun event to look forward to!

  14. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole: I love using Pre-Cuts! Quite often though, I cut my own pre-cut 5 inch and 10 inch squares out of fabrics that are just under a Fat Quarter or a fabric that I am pretty sure I know will not get used in its larger size. With strips, they are just thrown into a bag and then when the bag is full….I will do something with them. This is a new saving technique, so I am not sure. Do you have any ideas? I do love your Tablet Tutorial, hopefully, I will be able to make one for a Christmas gift this year! Thank you for the time you put into the Autumn Jubilee and your Blog everyday! Have a great day Carole!

  15. Helen G

    I need to make this for my kindle. So much stuff going on right now but I hope I can get back to it before Christmas! This is for me! I usually buy fat quarters by Am interested in trying the layer cakes soon. Great tutorial!

  16. I love to use a variety of precuts from Fat Quarters to layer cakes and charm packs. Your tablet cover turned out great. Thanks for sharing the great giveaway and the clear tutorial.

  17. Karen H

    I really enjoy reading your blog and all the different things that you talk about!!
    usually I use fat quarters as my main precuts

  18. Margaret

    I do like to use pre-cuts, particularly charm packs and mini charms. I love the versatility of these little packs.

  19. Nona

    Great idea for using left over units from a larger project. I really enjoy using precuts. It takes all the guess work out of fabric selection.

  20. lewisnancy54

    I love your project and am probably going to borrow your idea. I love using precuts, and tend to collect them!!

  21. Camille

    Sometimes I have a tough time breaking open a jelly roll. They are so neatly coiled with a bit of each fabric showing. So easy to use when I do open them!

  22. I’ve used pre cuts on two different quilt that had a short turnaround time, and they were very helpful. I’m using left overs from one of those to do my version of the tablet cover.😄

  23. Deb Stoehr

    It depends on the pattern whether I use precuts . If I want a wide variety of fabrics then that is the way to go. Otherwise I will cut my own strips or squares and use my stash.

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