Autumn Jubilee Tablet Cover Sew Along

Our sew along continues today with constructing the blocks and the outer shell for the tablet cover.  Now that you have the HSTs done, lay out the blocks.  Begin with one of the colors as primary, then the other color as primary for the second block.  This is one of the patterns on the Moda Cake Mix papers set #3.  So, lay out your HSTs in this configuration.

Sew Along Tablet Cover at From My Carolina Home

Sew in rows, then press seams in opposite directions on the rows to nest the seams. For example, do rows one and three to the left, and rows two and four to the right.

Sew Along Tablet Cover at From My Carolina Home

First block complete.

Sew Along Tablet Cover at From My Carolina Home

Do the second block in the same way with the colors swapped. So you have two blocks, 8-1/2 inches unfinished.

Sew Along Tablet Cover at From My Carolina Home

With another cake layer, cut two pieces of fabric.  One will be 8-1/2-inches x 3-inches, the other 8-1/2-inches x 6-inches.  Lay out the small piece, then the two blocks, then the larger piece and sew together.  Turn the blocks as needed to get the seams to nest.

Sew Along Tablet Cover at From My Carolina Home

On the larger fabric piece end, curve the corners by placing a plate 2-inches way from the corner on the top and side on the long edge.  Cut off the corner with your rotary cutter using the plate as a ruler.

Sew Along Tablet Cover at From My Carolina Home

Here’s the outer shell all assembled.

Sew Along Tablet Cover at From My Carolina Home

Now, sew more 3 cake layers together for the lining.

Sew Along Tablet Cover at From My Carolina Home

I needed the extra space around the top piece, as I was doing the quilting on the longarm. Layer the top, batting and lining, and  quilt as desired.  I did just a simple stitch in the ditch for the blocks and a beadboard pattern on the end pieces.  This is a great time to quilt with Aurifil threads, the SID virtually disappears leaving just a nice texture letting the fabric sing.

Tablet Cover Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Once you have quilted the piece, trim the excess batting and lining to match the top.

Tablet Cover Sew Along at From My Carolina Home

Next week we’ll finish it up!  Click HERE for the finish.

Today the giveaway is sponsored by Olfa Cutting Products!  I know I couldn’t quilt without my rotary cutter.  Ever since I got my Olfa Splash at the Fat Quarter Shop, I have not even picked up my old ones.  The Splash is just so much more comfortable to hold and use.

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What other Olfa products do you like?  Do you have other Olfa rulers, mats, or specialty items?

PS – I want to let you all know that I have fixed the link on the rafflecopter from yesterday for Karen Kay Buckley’s facebook page, click HERE to get to yesterday’s post and links.

48 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Tablet Cover Sew Along

  1. Rosemaryflower

    These are very pretty colors Carole.
    I have one Olfa cutter in the small size and two olfa cutting mats

  2. I think the hubby needs one of these tablet covers!! I only have one Olfa rotary cutter(VERY OLD ONE), and I keep a pinking blade in it. I am curious about the “endurance blade”. I’d like to win this Pretty color Olfa cutter!

  3. Anne Nichols

    The Olfa cutter would brighten up my sewing room and I just might have to get an Olfa cutting mat to replace my old and worn out mat.

  4. nancy lewis

    I love your tablet cover. I would love to own the Olfa cutter. My is in really bad shape. I would really like to have the Olfa pinking blade also. I could use it for pre washing fabric trimming.

  5. Would love to sew this tablet cover! I would like to try the Moda Cake Mix papers, also. I am going to buy some of these. Would make sewing small HST’s a breeze.

  6. Susan Stanton

    I visited the Olfa site for the first time. I would like to have a large 24″ by 36″ green cutting mat. That would be helpful for trimming a quilt top!

  7. BJ

    My constant cutting table tool is an Olfa 60. It handles anything I throw at it and feels more stable in my hand. Also love the 45 pinking blade. I do pre-wash large cuts of fabric and I love how little edge fraying there is when I pink them. I have Olfa cutting mats in many sizes because they’re just so dang durable compared to others I’ve tried. Olfa rulers used to be favorites, but I find myself switching to Creative Grids when I have to replace chipped ones. Really love the tablet cover! Maybe I’ll try it for 2018 birthday presents for the grandkids, great nieces and nephews. Christmas presents are already in the works 🙂.

  8. shoshana

    i finally started my quilt,[aka tble cloth!] and absolutely LOVE doing it. yesterday i cut it all aout and made 88 hst, and 5 star blocks. [and loved every minute of it!!!]. i didn’t really need another project as i have 5 others already in various stages of working on, but i just couldn’t resist being part of your autumn jubilee!!! thanks for making it. i own 3 different sizes of olfa cutters and like them all, another one would be great!
    thanks again,

  9. Rhea Strauser

    I love Olfa cutters and have two of them (large and small) and a scallop blade for when I feel adventurous! All of my mats are Olfa. I’m going to add the tablet cover to my “must make for gifts” list!!

  10. Helen G

    I need a new cover for my old kindle. Kind of a bummer that technology moves so fast but the accessories go away before they wear out. Thanks for the tute, once again. great pictures!

  11. Love the cover details. I have an Olfa with the curved handle, and a button to lock the blade, but have read the new Endurance blades last so much longer. My large Olfa mat is so much better than the first one I bought, I was very new to cutting and thought that “cheap” would be OK, and it wasn’t. Now, quality wins every time.

  12. judystolz

    I need to get a couple of new olfa cutters; I think my old ones are almost finished being usable……Luckaly my granddaughter brought me a large mat back from England when they went on holidays!

  13. Joni Wright

    I have 2 olfa cutters, the littlest one for template work and fussy cutting and my pretty one that was gifted to me (flowers on it). I have on my wish list an endurance blade. My cutting table has the 18 x 24 mat. Love the tutorial!

  14. Lesley Gilbert

    I have a 60mm Olfa cutter and would love one thats 45mm. I have an Olfa cutting mat but my rulers are all cheaper versions. Hope you’re keeping well and thanks for sharing this comp 🙂

  15. Teri Krugman

    I use my Olfa cutting mats and rotary cutters for every project. Cutting is my favorite part of quilting!!

  16. Debbie Miller Meyer

    Looks like a wonderful cutter. Can always use a new and different kind. Thanks again, Carole. Working on the lap quilt and felt pennyrug!! Having a blast!

  17. Hi Carole,
    This tablet cover looks really cool – great pattern. I just love those darn HSTs and how many different patterns you can make with them. I am thinking I just might NEED to make a new cover from my eReader. Thanks for sharing this pattern with us. Oh, and I have everything in Olfa – rulers, mats, rotary cutters. ~smile~ Roseanne

  18. Deb Stoehr

    I have all of the ergonomic cutters by Olfa and love them. I also have a rotating cutting mat. I’m not real fond of the cutting mats but do make good use of them. not sure what else I could really use right now but always interested in anything new that comes out.

  19. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I have olfa cutting mats and rotary cutters. I’ve used my mat long enough it really needs to be replaced. Thanks for the reader cover tutorial. I like your photos to aid in construction!

  20. Reggie Geier

    I especially like the olfa ruler & cutting mat Thanks for the opportunity to win. It would be wonderful to win as I really need a new one.

  21. Cheryl Buchanan

    I have a OLFA cutting mat and I could not quilt without my rotary cutter. Perhaps I need to try this one. I have been considering one of those Go Cutters by Accuquilt. Have you ever used one of those and if so, what did you think?

  22. Barbara Kaup

    I have the 28 and the 45 in Olfa cutters in the older versions–a new one would be very nice.

  23. Carla Hundley

    I’m just starting to use a rotary cutter, so this prize would be fabulous! I also liked the OLFA® 60mm Deluxe Handle Rotary Cutter (RTY-3/DX)!
    Carla from Utah

  24. Sherrill Pecere

    I’ve been hearing really good things about the Splash and keep intending to get one. In fact, was in Joann’s yesterday to have a cross-stitch framed and got aggravated at the price AFTER the 50% + 30% off coupon (!!) that I left without purchasing anything. Ugh.

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