Quilting on the Grand Strand

Last week, DH had work to do in Myrtle Beach and I decided that I needed some beach time.  So I packed a bag and went with him.  While he was working, I had a grand time on the Grand Strand!  The Grand Strand is composed of a number of small communities along the coast, comprising over 60 miles of uninterrupted beach on the South Carolina Coast.  Myrtle Beach is the largest, located roughly in the middle.  One of the things I like to do when traveling is visit quilt shops (where I can), and this time was lucky enough to find the Grand Strand Quilters were having a meeting while I was there.  I emailed the president, asking if I could visit, and of course as all quilters do she said “Certainly!!”.  Thursday morning I arrived as the pre-meeting chat time was getting underway.  It didn’t take but a moment for someone to say “Welcome!!”  I had met a lovely lady the day before at one of the quilt shops, Leanne, and she was new to the area.  We happened to walk in at the same time, so I was familiar with one face.  We both were swept up in the group and I didn’t get a chance to talk to her again that morning.  There were at least 50 women there, setting up machines, chatting, working on kits for charity quilts, all in a happy buzz of conversation.  I chatted with a few here and there, and ended up at a table for the meeting with Barbara, Flo, Blanche, Nancy, Theresa, Sue and Cindi. Here, Blanche was showing her progress on her postage stamp applique quilt, such beautiful handwork!  All those tiny pieces were appliqued to the base by hand.  She has a few more rows and it will be done.

Grand Strand Quilters 7

The meeting got underway, while many of the members worked on hand projects.

Grand Strand Quilters 9

They have a microphone and speaker system so every presenter can be clearly heard by everyone.

Grand Strand Quilters 10

The quilt show and tell was magnificent, such lovely work!!  I wish I could show you all these quilts individually!  But I will show you a few.

Grand Strand Quilters 20 quilts

The room has a stage, so the quilts could easily be seen by the entire room. I didn’t get this quilter’s name as she was gone before I could get to her. But her blue quilt is beautiful.

Grand Strand Quilters 12

Sue’s quilt is all HSTs and tiny squares, and is a pattern by Bonnie Hunter. I was so impressed with the number of bits in this one, and love her colors. Look at her scrappy border!  You know I love scrappy.

Grand Strand Quilters 21 Sue

Adrene’s quilt was made from a collection of African inspired prints she had collected that went beautifully with the panel found later.

Grand Strand Quilters 24 Adrene

Carole’s quilt (yes she spells her name like I do!) is for charity. She did a diagonal backing to mirror the string quilt blocks on the front. Very creative idea!

Grand Strand Quilters 22 Carole

I had such a great time that morning!! Nancy and Theresa were just delightful to chat with.

Grand Strand Quilters 5

Bonnie’s string quilt was so colorful!

Grand Strand Quilters 23 Bonnie

Blanche had a wall hanging for show and tell.

Grand Strand Quilters 25 Blanche

Cindi’s lovely string quilt had a neat black border that set off the colors nicely.

Grand Strand Quilters 26 Cindi

This guild does an impressive amount of charity quilting, and they truly have it organized well. They meet weekly, so some sewing on the charity projects gets done every week. Kits are made with tops, backing and batting for members to take home to quilt, or to be sent to a longarm volunteer.

Grand Strand Quilters 2

Joanne and Sandy (at the machines) are working on caps for children in chemo with another member who is working on a small quilt project.

Grand Strand Quilters 4

Grand Strand Quilters 26

In the back of the room, long tables were set up end to end to cut batting for kits.

Grand Strand Quilters 3

Enjoying the quilts, chatting with all these friendly ladies, sharing ideas and inspiration, there is too much to show you in one post.  So, stay tuned for the rest of the story tomorrow, and we’ll go shopping! Now published, click HERE to see Part 2!

Have you ever visited a quilt meeting while traveling?



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20 thoughts on “Quilting on the Grand Strand

  1. Looks like you had a great time and those ladies sound quite welcoming. This is very timely information as I’ll be moving to Myrtle Beach later this year. I’ve bookmarked their website and will definitely attend a meeting once we get settled in. Thanks for sharing!!


    How awesome that you met a bunch of talented and friendly ladies during your stay! Nice of you to post the photos of the ladies and their beautiful quilts!

  3. How fun! I’ve been rather shy to visit quilt groups while I’m traveling, but you have given me encouragement to email ahead and just ask if I could sit in. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and made new friends!

  4. Florence Teague

    Thank you for your wonderful article about our guild (Grandstrand Quilters). It was so nice talking to you. I’m sure the ladies will enjoy the nice things you’ve said about our guild and seeing their pictures. I will show them tomorrow at our Tuesday group tomorrow. Flo

  5. Wow, what a fun visit. Love the little chemo hats, and all those quilts.Then the ones for members to take and finish, always for such good reasons. Shopping, do tell more.

  6. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Years ago, we lived in Myrtle Beach for three months while my husband did surveying there, but that was before I became a quilter. I didn’t quilt until we moved to Arkansas18 years ago. When I visit my daughter in MO, I have called to make sure it’s okay to visit guilds and have never been turned down. A guild in Blue Springs MO was having Billie Lauder as a guest speaker and when I arrived to pay my $5 fee as a non-member, found it had already been paid for by one of the members, an old friend! I worked with her school principal husband before we moved. Quilters are such friendly and welcoming people. Eager to hear more about your quilt adventures!!

  7. Joni

    Wonderful post, Carole! I am so glad that you shared your visit. It is sometimes out of our comfort zones to visit other quilting groups or guilds. Can’t wait to see more of your visit and shopping!

  8. Sounds like an interesting group of women!! Love seeing how other guilds “do things”. My next job (starting in September) is membership co-chair, so I am interested in how visitors and new members were greeted. I have not visited other guilds while traveling, but have visited other local guilds when trying to decide on which one to join. 🙂

  9. Pat Evans

    I have visited the Venice (FL) Quilt Guild several times as the quilting friend I stay with Is a member. The first time I went, I bought a raffle ticket for the a quilt just to be supportive and wound up winning it! Since it wasn’t a quilt I really wanted, I gave it back to them so someone local could get it.

  10. How welcoming were these ladies!! Lots of beautiful quilts for show and tell…great way to spend some time from home.

  11. dezertsuz

    Thank you for sharing your two posts about the meeting and quilts and pics in shop. That’s always fun! I visit quilt shops every where I go, all over the country. I can move almost anywhere at a moment’s notice and probably have an idea about the quilt shop nearby. LOL

  12. Jennifer Rauch

    Well we are back from Myrtle Beach, & tho I yearned to find Quilting on the Beach in Waccamaw (sp?), it was a bit of an awkward visit with the in-laws, so I didn’t push that idea, & was content to re-visit Brookgreen Gardens again! The point was to be together, after all. Sigh. All liked Brookgreen, so were content to do 2x. Did enjoy both excursions (trekker & pontoon) between our 2 days there, & did talk my DH into stopping on our way home (11 hr. drive) “for just 15 mins.” at Quilt Patch in LaFollette! Found the fat quarters section & bought 2 rulers in record time!!! Never made it to Capt.’s table or Bimini’s, as sister-in-law #2 had a list, & we all liked those fine. Their tastes &budgets are different from ours, but we made it all work. Good to be home, as usual! Was thinking of you while we were there, almost like having you along, since you’d been there earlier that week!

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