More Stamping Fun in April

In April, DH invited the club over to have an inspection of their little British cars by a couple of very knowledgeable members to see what might need attention before it became a problem.  For the guys who might be interested in seeing the cars, here’s a link to the event – LBC Tech session.  For us gals, the event wasn’t our cup of tea, so a few of us got together to stamp.  Two of the participants had never done this before, and I think we have new converts to the addiction, LOL!!  Gail (my ace Stampin Up demonstrator) brought over her Big Shot to do some die cuts, along with two really great designs for us to copy. First was an Easter card, as this was a few days before the holiday.

Stamping Cards Party at From My Carolina Home

We began by cutting out our elements.

Stamping Cards Party at From My Carolina Home

Gail had the brilliant idea of embossing the eggs, so we did that too. I had a die for a butterfly, so I could add that to one of my cards. But, I forgot to do the embossing of the white background.

Stamping Cards Party at From My Carolina Home

So my second attempt had the embossing all done, and no die cut butterfly.  The embossing of the white adds a bit more texture and interest, elevating the card from nice to wonderful.

Stamping Cards Party at From My Carolina Home

Inside was Happy Easter with stamped butterflies.

Stamping Cards Party at From My Carolina Home

The second card was an all occasion design. Gail had the demo one with Happy Birthday Wishes, and I did mine with Thinking of You. I have more of those to send than any other.  I love the lighter flowers stamped first to give a feeling of depth.

Stamping Cards Party at From My Carolina Home

The envelope got a flower too.  Once again, embossing the background add texture.  I’ll add my personal stamp to the back, and leave the inside blank for now, so it is ready to go the next time I need a card fast.

Stamping Cards Party at From My Carolina Home

A couple more shares for you, this postcard came from my blogger friend Vicki, who blogs at Colorways by Vicki. See her post about it HERE. And then read about her incredible thread stash and how she matched up the colors exactly!

Vicki's postcard - From My Carolina Home

I also have to share with you the incredible card I received from my stamping buddy Carol W. Her design sense creates stunningly, beautiful work. This one is stamped, and delicately colored by hand, with dimensional butterflies.

Carol W's card - From My Carolina Home

But the real surprise is the dimensional quality, you lift on the little tab and tuck the end behind the dimensional butterfly for a beautiful card display.

Carol W's card - From My Carolina Home

How cool is that!!

What are you working on today?



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5 thoughts on “More Stamping Fun in April

  1. Jennifer Rauch

    Well good morning! Suddenly I have 2 or 3 folks with ongoing medical problems (from Shingles, a bad car accident, surgery. . .) & I’m having trouble keeping up, since i’m so new to this, don’t have all the dies, etc. For temporarily chronic problems, I try to send a cheerful greeting every week, so you can imagine my dining room table is covered, while I work on the product on the kitchen table! Thank goodness our enclosed porch is now available for meals, with the weather warming up! Now I want a butterfly punch, having seen your newest cards. What fun your car club gals must have had! I’ll gather colorful ads & punch away with my scalloped punch, or even use “leftover” paint to just clean off my brush, cut that out in a heart (or butterfly, if I get one!) for a stash . . . I talked some friends into making paper a year or so ago, but we’ve done nothing much with it, so now I’m buckling down exploring how to use that in a design Yours inspire me! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole! Everyone of your cards are beautiful! Sometimes, it is hard to see the embossing. Yet today, they showed up really well and I really loved them! You are right, they do add a lot to the cards. The Thinking of you card somehow is my favorite…could it be because it has flowers and is purple! LOL. I think it is fabulous that you got a few more ladies from the car club excited and most likely addicted to making cards and from the comment of Jennifer (above) you did a pretty great job of interesting her and she sounds totally delighted that the kitchen table is covered in card making supplies!

    Most likely, I will be visiting Mom in the hospital and then seeing Dad. He is sick now, so I will go and maybe make him some soup if he wants and just spend time with him also unless he is sleeping. He sees the doctor on Thursday. Then I will come back home and hopefully be able to finish the QST’s. I was not able to work on them at all yesterday, hubby had to pull out the fridge and try and fix it. Which was an all day event, blocking my sewing table! LOL. So, we shall see if my actual plans work out or if like usual nothing goes as planned and who knows what will happen!!!! LOL.

    I almost forgot to say that the cards that you received are incredible! Creating Fabric Postcards is something I have done in the past, it is truly a lot of fun. So, I give both of these ladies Two Thumbs Up! I sure hope that you have a great day!

  3. It is always so much fun to share a project with a friend. Beautiful cards, and love the way one the butterfly props up the other part. What a fun day for the guys too, and a garage with a hoist!!! Every man’s dream.

  4. Hi Carole 🙂

    What a great project and I love that card with the 3D butterfly!

    Thank you so much for your visit 🙂


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