Barnyard Quilt and Summer Theme Quilt for Project Linus

One of the things I like to keep in mind as I am doing charity quilts is boy appropriate quilts.  It is so easy for me to do a girls theme, I have so many florals in my stash.  But boys are a bit of a challenge for me.  Sometimes I can get a boy-inspired quilt using just color with traditional blocks.  Something with reds and blues usually works.  But those colors are low in my stash and usually go to Quilts of Valor.  When I ran across this adorable barnyard fabric, it seemed like it would be a great backing for a boy’s charity quilt.  So I pulled it out and began looking for something to go with it.

Project Linus Quilts ~ From My Carolina Home

Laying it out, I began looking at the little blocks of chickens and sheep, cute aren’t they?  I had just finished a panel quilt, and the thought occurred to me that I could use this fabric as the front.  Then I would have a very quick quilt for Project Linus.

Project Linus Quilts ~ From My Carolina Home

I found a brown print with enough yardage for back and binding, and loaded it on the longarm.

Project Linus Quilts ~ From My Carolina Home

It was quilted with a very quick pantograph of clouds.

Project Linus Quilts ~ From My Carolina Home

This really is cute, and I think a little boy would like it.

Project Linus Quilts ~ From My Carolina Home

The fabric was cut in the middle of the printed blocks on both ends, so I ran a line of stay-stitching across the bottom and the top, along the printed checkerboard sashing as a cutting line.

Project Linus Quilts ~ From My Carolina Home

Then I cut it off next to that line so the edge would stay secure.

Project Linus Quilts ~ From My Carolina Home

Bound while watching TV in the evenings, it is now ready to donate.

Project Linus Quilts ~ From My Carolina Home

This quick panel was the inspiration for using the barnyard fabric as a panel.  It was loaded on the frame, quilted and had the binding applied in one day.

Project Linus Quilts ~ From My Carolina Home

Cute little fishes, an ice cream cone, a lemonade stand and more in bright primary colors.

Project Linus Quilts ~ From My Carolina Home

It has a summer theme.  I think a boy would like this one too, don’t most little boys like frogs and watermelon?

Project Linus Quilts ~ From My Carolina Home

Another evening of hand work while watching TV and it was done too.

Project Linus Quilts ~ From My Carolina Home

Now two quilts ready to go to Project Linus.  Are you quilting for charity this year?

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25 thoughts on “Barnyard Quilt and Summer Theme Quilt for Project Linus

  1. Shirley

    My quilt guild at Church was asked to donate quilts suitable for men as they are also overlooked. We have found it a challenge to find suitable fabric for men as there are so many more floral fabrics available. I am sure your quilts will make some little boys happy!

  2. wlbg149

    I think we often overlook the many panels available and opt for more complicated patterns. Children aren’t judgemental, they appreciate the “cuddle factor”. Sometimes more is better. Carolyn

  3. These are adorable! I really like the barnyard quilt – it’s one my nephew would love. I need to look at panels when shopping sales; they are something I’ve never worked with but they would be perfect for our charity quilts.

  4. Pat Evans

    I’ve used panels for quick quilts, too. Unfortunately, I’ve also gotten panels that are off grain and hard to straighten. I’ll be doing some charity quilts for H2H this year. I need to find a local group to whom I can gift some donation quilts. I have so much stash, I’ll never use it all, so someone should benefit from my gluttony.

  5. These are really cute.

    I think about donating quilts. Most of my projects have a person in mind, although I’m planning a few scrappy ones soon that will not have an owner. I’ll need to figure out where to donate them too (I do have project Linus bookmarked).

  6. Linda Wagner

    The group I quilt with always has a charity quilt in line to be made, we all take a part in sewing/quilting and if it’s close to quilt show time we enter it in our local quilt shows…so much fun. Your quilts are very well done and am sure they will be
    a big hit!!! Thank you again for all you do. Linda in Colorado.

  7. I don’t often buy panels but they are quick way to get a quilt in the hands of someone who needs it. I tend to buy fabric specifically for boys as I often sew quilts for a local NICU. My friend works there and tells me there more boys in the Nicu than girls usually.

  8. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Can’t believe how quickly you get things done – I’d still be working on something that simple a month later! I’ve made pillowcases for a children’s charity from quilting fabrics; they’re easy and all the cute fabrics available now make it easy to find something to brighten a child’s room with an item that is easy to launder, small to transport when folded up and can even double as a bag to store things in.

  9. Two beautiful quilts, you have them all finsihed very quickly. I make quilts for Aussie Heros, they go to military people serving overseas, also laundry bags as the military issue are all one colour, we make individual ones with bright colours.

  10. Two adorable quilts, Carole. I have more girlie fabric in my stash, both for adults or kids. Both of yours would be suitable for either boys or girls. I have only ever made one panel quilt. Maybe time for me to make another, although the piecing together is my favourite part of the whole process. I’m at the basting stage of one at the moment – my least favourite part!

  11. Wonderful way to get “quick quilts”. Would also make for good “practice quilting” projects as I venture forward. Have you considered doing the binding on the machine? As I am always in a hurry to “finish” I do machine binding on most everything. Susies Magic Binding puts an extra CUTE element into a quilt with the pop of color in the flange. It also is very durable for quilts that will see lots of use/washing etc. 🙂

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