February in the Garden

The moon is in the right phase for planting up to the 10th according to my Farmer’s Almanac, so I had to get a bit done over the weekend.  DH has set up a grow light for me in the basement, and donated some of his workbench space there so I can once again make an attempt to get some decent tomatoes, and a head start on the flowers for the veranda. Before we get started with digging in the dirt, here is the bud on the amaryllis. It continues to make slow progress towards a flower again this year.

Feb Garden 6

The African violets in the kitchen continue to do well in their new pots. See how tall the amaryllis is getting! This will be the fourth year it has bloomed.  I put a stake in the pot and loosely draped a selvedge around it to give it some support if it starts to lean.  Most years it stands just fine on its own. This way if it starts to fall over, it is protected from damage.

Feb Garden 7

This year I am starting some seeds in the pots I plan to keep them in, so no transplant shock. I found these two urn shaped pots at the thrift store.  I think they will look great on either side of the front door.  I plan to put johnny jump-ups in them.  They are only about 2 feet tall.

Feb thrifting in the garden 3

Warm days over the weekend made it nice to fill pots with soil outside.  Once again, I did coffee filters in the bottom.

Feb Garden 1

I plan a small herb garden in the ceramic pots, and I want to start those seeds now too.

Feb Garden 2

I had to dig out some trays to catch the water, and make sure I had enough of them.

Feb Garden 3

Then DH did pack-mule duty and helped to carry all of it down to the basement. I planted seeds in all of them. This year I hope I have solved my labeling issue, every year I seem to mess this up. This year I dug out some leftover plastic knives from my picnic supplies and wrote the plants on them with a sharpie pen. Let’s hope this time I’ll still be able to read them in two months.

Feb Garden 4

Last year I put some seeds out in the garden after the last frost for a hummingbird vine. The seeds were sent to me by long time reader, Mary. I do not know what happened to them, but I suspect that I forgot they were there and pulled them up as weeds. This year I put them in the large clay pot on the left, and Mary, I promise that I won’t pull them up as weeds this year. She also sent me some Meyer Lemon seeds, and I’ll try those a bit later in a larger pot.

Feb Garden 5

And lastly, I am still enjoying the gorgeous white roses DH brought me over a week ago. Aren’t they beautiful?!  They have such a lovely fragrance too.

Roses 1

Here are a couple of close shots, just perfect flowers.

Roses 2

Roses 3

I found this lovely white planter at the thrift store, but didn’t plant anything in it now. I want to put flowers in it and I ran out of seeds. But I’ll get some for planting later in the week.

Feb thrifting in the garden 1

Oh, and I found this garden themed goodie too. Not sure what I will do with it, the holes in the sides make it unsuitable for planting. It might end up on a table at some point.

Feb thrifting in the garden 2

If you have a spot for indoor above-ground crop seed starting, now is the time for February, up to the 10th when the moon reaches its fullest point.  Are you planning your garden or starting seeds now?



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26 thoughts on “February in the Garden

  1. Your amaryllis is really going to town there! My mom always had one and as kids we would measure it every day.😊 we planted herbs this weekend, but no tomatoes yet. We start them in March so that if the last frost is late we are planting gangly things that fall over in the wind.

  2. Leslie

    Haha. Enjoy your gardening. It is still months away for us in northern Alberta. We are being blasted as I read your blog with -35 C and wind chills of -49 C but life goes on, seeds will wait for another month or so before indoor planting!

  3. Phyllis Smith

    Good things are beginning to happen aren’t they. I have a suggestion for your planter with the holes in the side, perhaps you might try the mosey mixture they use for the hanging wire baskets on the sides

    And put your soil in then. I have bought some seeds but want to buy some more. I’m planning to plant some herbs the deer don’t like next to some lilies my mother had , they are the orange variety and have

    Multiple petals and are so pretty, you hardly ever see them but they do multiply so I’ve been able to keep them going all these years. They are just now peeking up from the ground. Last year the deer ate all

    Buds except for about three so I’ll get even this year by planting some herbs they don’t like and set the pots around the lilies. Planted some Peruvian daffodils last year but they never bloomed, they are white

    And have 4 blooms on the stalk and are simply beautiful, found the bulbs at Wal Mart several years ago. I’d really like to prepare a butterfly bed but will have to be satisfied with the butterfly bushes for now.

    Have a great day


  4. Shirley

    Good luck with you seeds! I used to do that, but just buy the plants now. I don’t have a vegetable garden anymore, but enjoy planting several flats of annual flowers and adding to my perennials. In Michigan we start planting outdoors in May. Lovely roses!

  5. why coffee filters? I have not heard of that one. I wish I had room to plant early – I think I might make one of my raised beds into a mini green house beginning of March if the weather is nice and the plants start to be sold in the stores – I would like to have a head start – I could put heavy clear plastic over one in an arch using some wire as a base.

  6. Today is the day I start my seeds too ♥ I must admit though that I am jealous off you thrift store pots!!! I want some urn type pots to go by my front door too 🙂 Yesterday was beautiful here and we walked around a bit and picked up broken tree limbs from the wooded areas. Enough for a good size bonfire some day. Today it’s super cloudy and humid… still warmer than normal for Feb. though.

  7. Cheryl

    Carole, you must have a nice green thumb. How do you go about getting the Meyer lemon seeds to germinate. I have some from my neighbour in Florida and would love to try to get them to sprout but haven’t a clue how to start. Hope all our seeds grow into lovely plants. Have a great day.

  8. Melanie

    Can’t wait to see your flowers as they start from seed in all your pretty pots. Oh, that cute purse shaped one would look so cute on a table with a couple potted tulips or daffies! I don’t have an area for starting seeds, but I brought home 3 red primeroses for my Valentine’s Day table. Haven’t packed away my plain red tablecloth from Christmas yet. And my wool hearts mini is out on a table in the living room. :o) Your roses are lovely.

  9. Your white roses are beautiful, and I love the white planter you found. I don’t know the size of the garden theme piece, but it looks like it could hold napkins and would be pretty on the table.

  10. I don’t tend to plant things as I’m not very green fingered. Even cacti die on me. DH keeps me out of the garden as I often pull up plants thinking they are weeds!

  11. Carol

    GREAT inspiration for Spring in NC!
    Save those beautiful white roses when they dry. Spray them outdoors with a little clear spray and save for your Christmas tree next year.
    I saved red roses my sweetie sent me by the dozens one year. Tucking them into/onto branches toward the truck allowed them to show and decorate a little “deeper”.

  12. The ceramic basket, what a great find. I can see that with an oblong plastic or glass liner, and flowers branching out, or planted inside. great idea to start things off inside, I use the small glasshouse, and when they get a little growth on, transfer to another sheltered area outside, this is usually in our November. What a super way to do the labels.

  13. I’m jealous!! It’s way too early for me to get started on my seeds just yet, although I suppose I had better start collecting some supplies soon. We can’t plant any tender annuals out until Memorial Day Weekend, so I guess late March is my seed starting time. I usually ‘cheat’ and put out pansies early just so I can have some color!

  14. Fonda Rush

    We forced narcissus recently inside the house. Now what? What do we do next? There sure were purty! I’ll have to do a little research. Here in southeastern NC, we are still holding off thinking about planting. We moved here a year ago, and we are trying to plan the landscaping. We have a large expanse of front AND back yards. Smack-dab in the middle of the front yard is the septic system that we can’t plant too close to. Maybe we need to hire a landscaper to help plan and plant what we decide upon. We want it done yesterday!

    Your planters are lovely. I like the urn-type and the rectangular white planters especially. Best wishes that your seeds take off and produce nice plants!

  15. Pat Evans

    I used to start lots of seeds but gave it up when we got rid of the vegetable garden because of the deer. Have you started seeds in those large pots before? I can’t tell if the pots have drainage. If not you’ll need to be careful about watering. Good luck with your crop.

  16. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Oh, those white roses are just beautiful!! I’m jealous of your starting seeds already – too soon to do so up here in Philadelphia where I’m looking forward to the big indoor flower show in about a month. Today was unusually warm, so I worked on getting dead things out of the garden as I wasn’t able to do so last fall and it felt great to be working outside again – the winter here has generally been very mild and some kale had started growing again so I cut it for dinner and it was a nice surprise. However…we are supposed to get snow tonight – hard to believe as it was in the 60s today and hardly felt like winter at all. Love all your pots and plans! I trashpicked a really big pot one day for my patio on my way home from the supermarket – it had a little chip out near the top but a plant like a petunia covers that up nicely and I rescued it from a landfill and am so glad I did. Every day takes us closer to spring…

  17. I won’t start seedlings yet but you have inspired me to clean up old post and fill with soil. Our winter has been crazy 6o’s and almost 70 then freezing off and on. My roses are starting to leaf. and I haven’t cut them back yet. Is your winter normat for you this year? Your white roses are beautiful and I like the table toppers too.

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