Christmas Tablescape 2016 Rustic Green

Holiday time means a pretty table and a chance to use my holiday china. I love the holiday china pattern that belonged to my mother. I used to buy her pieces every year for Christmas, helping her to build her set. Once she had all the cousins over to her place for a meal, and had to run get a few more dinner plates. So, now I have 15 dinner plates. DH won’t let me invite that many people over at once, LOL, maybe one year I can do the buffet dinner I’d like to have.

Christmas Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

This year I wanted the table to be mostly green with an eclectic centerpiece, rustic yet glittery at the same time.  I began with the green chargers found earlier this year. I set them on the pretty holly tablecloth I made a few years ago. Dinner plates are added, the pattern is Holiday Tartan by Lenox.  They have a Christmas feel, yet are still appropriate for Thanksgiving or New Years too.  Since I very rarely get to use the soup bowls, I put them out instead of salad plates. The salad tastes just as good in bowls, doesn’t it?  Maybe even better.

Christmas Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

On the side, I placed the small plates with fruit bowls. I wasn’t sure I’d use these for dinner, but they did look great on the table.  When the day arrived for the dinner party, I picked them up and used them for dessert instead.  The little fruit bowls sometimes hold cranberry sauce.

Christmas Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

Next, silverware, salt/pepper shakers, and coffee mugs are added.  Green napkins are given a simple fold.

Christmas Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

Turning to the centerpiece, I added pine cones to the goldtone sleigh, along with gold and green glass ornaments, and some artificial greenery.  Once again, the low centerpiece created made conversation easy over it.

Christmas Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

I like the juxtaposition of shiny to rustic.

Christmas Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

The little birdhouse ornaments were set on the sides, they have a bit of sparkly gold to them.

Christmas Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

Here is another one, a little red house.  Those  pine cones are almost perfect in symmetry.  I have a whole basket of them.

Christmas Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

And another little ornament birdhouse, a tiny church.  More gold ornaments are tucked into the greenery.

Christmas Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

And there we are, all done.

Christmas Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

Guests for dinner were delighted with the china settings.

Christmas Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

One more look at the whole table.

Christmas Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

Do you set a Christmas table?



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17 thoughts on “Christmas Tablescape 2016 Rustic Green

  1. Jennie Rauch

    Very different & pretty! I now have my husband’s aunt’s Christmas dishes, & his sisters will come after Christmas & I’ll use them. I have a red plaid tablecloth that fits my big table & a twin for our smaller kitchen table. They are a bit rustic with some gold threads adding sparkle. Have some softly lit small white waxy trees to scatter about, then some tall cream trees of glass to intersperse. Those are new, so haven’t experimented w/placement yet. My DH took a trip to hospital ER yesterday, but probably will be home today after some monitoring. Kinda takes the sparkle out of preparations with that scare, but counting my blessings! Enjoying your posts as usual!

  2. So festive and pretty. Yes, we do set holiday tablescapes. It is so much fun. ‘Love your green theme (green is my favorite color). The Holiday Tartan plates are so pretty. Your table looks beautiful.

  3. Hope Jennie’s hubby is ok.
    Love your dinner set. I am with your hubby. I couldn’t do that many people. I havent even put my tree up yet. I might do that after my brother leaves and our daughter arrives with the grandchildren… timing is everything.

  4. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning,
    Your table looks wonderful. Love the china, so festive! Your centerpiece with the brass sleigh gave me and idea. I have a brass sleigh myself so I will use a battery operated candle in it with some silk greenery and some of my mothers antique glass balls I have been able to preserve over the years. Thanks for reminding me of some of the treasures I have. My stove went out on me Mon. evening so haven’t been able to get all my baking done, found a stove I want but don’t get paid till the third Wed. of the month so have to wait till next week to purchase a new one.

  5. Sam

    I have seen soooo many Christmas china designs, and while most are attractive, I’ve never been tempted until now Your pattern w/ the plaid is so festive and elegant. I love it. If I entertained, I’d definitely look for it to buy. Lovely tablescape, as usual, Carole!!

  6. Sam

    Poor Phyllis….what bad timing for a stove to fail! One year my kitchen plumbing failed and I had to use the bathtub to defrost the turkey at the final moment, then had to wash Christmas dishes in the tub! A few years later I had BOTH my freezers in the garage fail on Christmas Eve!! I feel your pain, Phyllis!!

  7. What lovely china which you know how to show off perfectly! Our table will look fairly good because we have Christmas dishes and a Baroque-style Advent wreath. Once a year we almost have an acceptable tablescape!

  8. What a gorgeous table!! I am having only 9 for dinner this year so hopefully I can fit them all around my table with both leaves in…..last year I had to use a giant piece of plywood over the top to fit everyone!!

  9. Sharon Schipper

    So beautiful! no formal table right now, so we will be eating a la carte: literally, from the kitchen island buffet! tv dinner trays anyone? hee hee We do have Christmas dishes we’ll use. We will have dinner at our house though, I’m doing a prime rib and the trimmings, maybe a yorkshire pudding with it or regular old popovers… also found a neat recipe for chocolate cherry jello mold to replace our old standard green jello with cottage cheese and pineapple! Haven’t decided on desserts yet. I will probably have requests for Grandma McKeever’s pies…

    I’ve loved the tartan pattern for years. Ours is simple from the grocery store, with holly sprigs. I did have some snowman ones I gave away.

    Blessings, dear lady…
    sharon in colorado

  10. Carole, I love the beautiful pattern on the china. As much as I love special plates for Christmas, I like getting a bit more use from this, so I’m glad you can use these for other holidays, too! And the green and gold is very elegant to look at. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and enjoy your dinner with family and friends at your beautiful table.

  11. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Your tablescape is lovely as always!!! My son, who is an engineer, has insisted for years that salad should be served in a soup bowl or other wide, shallow dish so that the dressing doesn’t pool at the bottom and it’s easier to maneuver the pieces of lettuce, according to him, so I always put his salad in a soup dish and everyone else’s in what is probably a cereal bowl. Just got my oven fixed after almost two months of only being able to cook whatever fits in a toaster oven and am looking forward to baking for Christmas, but not much time to do it in! It’s always something…

  12. janetvinyard

    Hi Carole, What a lovely table! The china is really beautiful! You have tied it all together for a wonderful tablescape – well done! Blessings, Janet

  13. Jann Olson

    How wonderful to have your mother’s china! I love the little houses tucked in. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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