One Monthly Goal – November

My One Monthly Goal for November was only to get the red fabrics ready for cutting, and cut the pieces needed to begin.  At the time I made that goal, I had a red mess after washing the fabrics.  The color ran like crazy, and after I did the goal, I decided to wash them a second time.  With more color run, I thought the best thing would be to put the cutting on hold and order some Retayne.

Red Fabrics for Scrap Dance Waltz ~ From My Carolina Home

I got the order mid-month, and reading the label I needed water at 140 degrees, plus I couldn’t use the washer as it is a low water top loader. Our water isn’t set that hot, so I added a dutch oven of boiling water to the half filled mud sink. Then I stirred in the Retayne and added the dry fabrics. I had to use some tongs as the water was too hot for my hands.

Red Fabrics for Scrap Dance Waltz ~ From My Carolina Home

I set a timer, and went back to agitate the fabrics around every five minutes for the 20 minute total soak.  I kept having to add more water, and thus a bit more stabilizer, because the sink plug wouldn’t hold tight enough and the water kept leaking out.

Red Fabrics for Scrap Dance Waltz ~ From My Carolina Home

I rinsed them in cold water, as the label says, and  the good news is that the rinse water was clear. Then, I threw them in the washing machine for a spin dry, re-rinse and spin again. Then into the dryer. Out came this mountain of reds, yet again needing pressing.

Red Fabrics for Scrap Dance Waltz ~ From My Carolina Home

One big motivation to get this done was using the reds in the current Scrap Dance Waltz quilt along.  So, I had to just get busy! This took a better part of a day to get to this point.

Red Fabrics for Scrap Dance Waltz ~ From My Carolina Home

After that, the cutting went fairly fast.

Sewing Scrap Dance Waltz HSTs ~ From My Carolina Home

I got started on the HSTs then remembered I needed to finish cutting the individual 2-1/2-inch squares, so I got busy again and finished up the cutting.

Scrap Dance Waltz ~ From My Carolina Home

The main thing is the goal was met. Scrap Dance Waltz continues on Wednesday!  Check out the beginning post HERE, you have time to catch up!

Note – Be sure that you use Retayne in a well ventilated area. One of my friends had a very bad allergic reaction to this product which she attributes to formaldehyde even though the material safety data sheet for the product states that the amount is less than 25 parts per million.  Still, use it carefully particularly if you have breathing problems.

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25 thoughts on “One Monthly Goal – November

  1. The work was worth the peace of mind knowing those reds aren’t going to run. I’ll be following along on the Waltz but not participating. I just can’t start any new projects. Blessings, Gretchen

  2. I have a top loaded water saving machine too but I found that if you use the “bulk” load it puts more water in the machine – I still have to seem to watch it often because of water level – I hate these new water saver machines

    1. Yes, I know. There are three cycles that use more water – bulk, heavy duty and whites. However, it says on the bottle not to use them with this type of machine. Even the extra water cycles do not use as much as an old style machine. So mud sink it is! Plus I could get the temperature of the water higher than the output of the pipes.

      1. lois92346

        You were one busy lady!! Great job! Thanks so much for the tips! I have a new top loading HE machine and I’m not liking some of the features though my clothes and other items come out cleaner than ever.

  3. Brenda Ackerman

    Good Morning Carole! Your post was very interesting for me about the Retayne. I have never used it, but knowing me, I consider my machine to be old and would not have given it a second thought of using it in the there. But, I bet, that would be a bad choice. So will have to write a note above washing area. Wowzers, you completed a ton of quilting stuff today! I am never that quick. Deanna is quick like you. I will just stick to my slow hillbilly pace. LOL. I have still to decide whole heartedly on which fabrics I am going to use. LOL. But, I will today, then it will be cut and the half square triangles will be started. Looking forward to this Christmas Quilt – Quilt Along. Have a fantastic creative day!

  4. Glad you conquered the red fabric bleeding issue – always SO sad when one or more troublesome pieces runs after blocks or the quilt are all finished! Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.

  5. Barbara

    I am impressed by your work to solve the red bleeding and save the fabric. I have alot of reds and need to just follow your directions and get started. A bit behind but will get there. Thanks for the message.

  6. Naomi S.

    I commend you for your persistence! I might have just thrown up my hands and tabled the project until some undetermined time AFTER the holidays! Anyway, I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out!

    1. Certainly if you have sensitivity to chemicals, you should use any product like this in a well ventilated area and perhaps wear a mask. However, the Material Data Safety Sheet for Retayne states that the ingredient list for Retayne is proprietary and not given. The requirement that the product pass a test for hazardous materials was met, with a result of less than 25 parts per million for formaldehyde. I do not have any chemical sensitivities, so I have never had any problems using it. I only use it with similar colors, or on one single piece of fabric at a time.

  7. Cheryl Buchanan

    Got my fabric on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Came back into town on Saturday and got all my red HST’s completed. I even ventured to put one block together. Love it already!@!! Thank you Carole.

  8. I think I should put a bottle of Retayne on my shopping list. I am a PRE WASHER, and have been very glad over the years that I am. I usually rely on the color catchers and “keep washing” until the bleeding stops, or I figure out which fabric was the offender. Scraps are a little scary, especially when they are “donated as scraps”. I have been less militant with pre-washing. I have some pieces in my Scrap Dance Tango that might become problematic, especially since I used white as a background. One trick for small pieces is to use your “SALAD SPINNER” from the kitchen like a little mini washer. The other is a big plastic dishpan in the laundry “mud sink”, especially when you have to fuss with the plug. Good lesson for everyone about prepping fabric.

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