November Breakfast

Thanksgiving morning means a nice breakfast while watching the parade in my jammies. With a large meal later in the day, and sometimes snacks during football games, breakfast needs to be nice but not over filling. I do enjoy making the overnight egg casserole in a small baking dish, just enough for two. Sometimes DH wants cereal too, so I set the table for anything. In the center is the quilted Autumn Star table topper I made a couple of years ago.

November Breakfast Table at From My Carolina Home

I did set four place settings just to make the table look nice, even though there will only be the two of us. The breakfast tablescape is on the pub table and starts with this lovely art glass pumpkin that was a gift from friends a few weeks ago. I set it on two of the wood slices to add some height, and added some tiny chipmunk pilgrims.

November Breakfast Table at From My Carolina Home

I used the leaf print placemats and my new leaf plates.  They work well together, don’t they!!

November Breakfast Table at From My Carolina Home

The napkins got pumpkin napkin rings.

November Breakfast Table at From My Carolina Home

The pumpkin bowls are added to the place settings.

November Breakfast Table at From My Carolina Home

I have two of these turkeys, so I added one to each side of the glass art pumpkin.  The leaf plates went on just for show, but they could hold a biscuit.

November Breakfast Table at From My Carolina Home

There are a couple more little miniatures added to the other side.

November Breakfast Table at From My Carolina Home

All done.  Coffee cups are usually in our hands, so I didn’t put them on the table.

November Breakfast Table at From My Carolina Home

Festive and ready for breakfast.  I have to admit though, that we have had a meal here already, it was too pretty to have for just one day.

November Breakfast Table at From My Carolina Home

What do you do for breakfast on Thanksgiving?


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15 thoughts on “November Breakfast

  1. Patricia

    We set a pretty table and have a breakfast casserole. Have tried to not fix the casserole but tradition is tradition!

  2. Your tablescapes are so lovely and inviting you could serve gruel and it would seem delicious! I’m ashamed to say I REALLY need to start finding items like napkin rings and small items that add so much pizzazz to your displays. The art glass pumpkin is very special. One question though—how and where in the world do you store all your seasonal items? Any time you are ready to start Miss Carole’s School of Homecrafting and Cuisine I’ll be the FIRST to enroll! Many blessings…

  3. Stunning tablescapes. Thanksgiving morning is lazy at my house, because I am not making the main meal. My job is simply “make your stuffing mom”, apple pie & Cosmopolitan Cranberry sauce to please the son-in-law. All easy to transport and make the “day before”. Might just treat the hubby to cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs. He is a late riser, so I may eat before him! 🙂

  4. manasotavacation

    Lovely tablescape. The glass art pumpkin is fabulous!!! I agree with Kathy in WV…you could serve gruel and it would garner high praise at such a lovely table!!

  5. Rosemaryflower

    I am so glad to have you as my friend, Carole. You are very inspiring.
    I have been reading your posts. I received another punch to my stomach, my beloved Pierro, my cotton fluffy cornish rex kitty, died Friday morning. He was sick.
    I am sad. We still have his body in the coldest room upstairs and I can love him until we take him to the cremation place on Monday. I have his casket on ice. I know some of your readers here will think this is silly, but too bad
    Love always

  6. Jennie Rauch

    Very pretty & festive! Did you post the mini breakfast casserole & I missed it? I’ve been trying to find a great one for Christmas morning, would love to audition a smaller version of a SURE THING recipe instead of surfing the internet. Company coming! Company coming!!

  7. I’m absolutely sure we ate breakfast on Thanksgiving. I have no clue what we ate. When we lived near family, we had a church service at 10 and a huge family dinner after, the kind where everyone brings things. I always did the pies, because no one else liked to do them, and it was a job that could be done ahead. Now I’m the hostess. Guests bring things, but turkey clogs up the oven at breakfast time. Turkey reigns! Breakfast is haphazzard.

  8. Carol

    Thanksgiving morning consists of my regular bowl of Oatmeal for my breakfast because I have to get the turkey in the oven and start my share of side dishes. I love your table setting Sooo festive!
    Have a great Thanksgiving Carole!🎎🦃

  9. We don’t eat much, try to save up for later! Thanksgiving is at my SILs this year, so maybe I ought to set a festive table for us to enjoy and bake a muffin or something, such a great idea Carole! Your table looks so Thanksgiving perfect- enjoy!

  10. Naomi S.

    We just mostly eat individually because I’m too harried fixing the large meal to think about a special breakfast! Since my daughter is hosting Thanksgiving this year for the first time maybe I’ll get it together to fix something special and we can sit down together. Your table is very festive. I love the little critters that you slip in. And the dishes are lovely, too.

    Hope your Thanksgiving is happy!

  11. I have these leaf dishes too- love ’em! When I was a child my Mom always made a nice pancake breakfast that would hold us over until dinner. I tried to do the same with my kids. The smells and relaxed atmosphere were always something to look forward to!

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