Stamping Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving is coming soon, time to get some Thanksgiving cards done. I know I have said this several times, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is family and friends, football and food, all with my favorite autumn colors!  A nice long weekend of fun, with all the anticipation of more holiday fun to come. I am the only one in my family that does Thanksgiving cards, and the cousins have come to expect one every year. The one year I didn’t do them, I surely heard about it! I was told the holiday just wasn’t complete without a card. So, time to get out the golds and oranges, and get some stamping done. I have this neat veggie ribbon that was in an estate sale box in just the right colors.

Thanksgiving 2016 cards 2

I was lucky to find the Happy Thanksgiving stamp at a thrift store a few weeks ago. I have been looking for that stamp for quite some time!

Thanksgiving 2016 cards 4

I have these marvelous die cut leaves, so I got one out and put dimensional mounting stickies on the back.

Thanksgiving 2016 cards 3

This sets it up a bit from the mounting cardstock. I framed the unit by mounting it on green cardstock.  I  added a pumpkin color grosgrain ribbon in the center of the other ribbon before mounting the leaf unit.

Thanksgiving 2016 cards 5

Using a pair of the decorative scissors I scored in the stamping stuff bag, I cut a decorative edge on the front lower edge.

Thanksgiving 2016 cards 9

Inside, a sweet sentiment and a little pumpkin.

Thanksgiving 2016 cards 7

My personal stamp on the back goes nicely with its leaf, and I added a pumpkin there too. All the cards got the same two stamps on the back.

Thanksgiving 2016 cards 6

The envelopes got a turkey, after all, the recipient needs to know this is important, right?

Thanksgiving 2016 cards 9

For the next design, I wanted to use my wheel with the leaf roller. I glued the same ribbon to the bottom of the next card, then using the ruler, lined up the edge and rolled leaves.

Thanksgiving 2016 cards 10

Three rows of rolled leaves looked good, and I added the sentiment “Thankful Thoughts” on top, matted in orange.

Thanksgiving 2016 cards 11

Inside, the sentiment from the same Stampin UP set, along with some leaves.  I stamped the Happy Thanksgiving at the bottom.

Thanksgiving 2016 cards 12

While I had the roller out and loaded up, I did another card all over the front side at an angle.

Thanksgiving 2016 cards 13

Rolling the entire card gave it a pretty pattern, but a bit boring by itself.

Thanksgiving 2016 cards 14

So, I got out some other leaf stamps and different colors, and added those between the rows.

Thanksgiving Card overstamp 1

Happy Thanksgiving is placed in the middle with a frame, on top of the same veggie ribbon.  Inside is the same sentiment as the first card.  All three got my signature stamp on the back.

Thanksgiving Card overstamp 2

So there you are, three new designs for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Cards 2016 ~ From My Carolina Home

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Are you stamping cards for Thanksgiving or Autumn?

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15 thoughts on “Stamping Thanksgiving Cards

  1. Morning Carole! FIrst, I love that your family happily anticipates your Thanksgiving cards. Second, Oh how much I love the gathering of family at Thanksgiving. I just love everything about the this holiday…the sounds, smells, and joys. So weird to think it will be just hubby and me this year. We plan to have ourselves a special dinner by the fire. (Atleast is will be romantic…LOL!!)

  2. I admire your beautiful cards! I am a novice card maker, with a limited supply of papers etc and few stamps. I had some fun with a card maker at the local library who is generous with her stamps and embossing machine etc. I wondered how you “finish” your ribbon? Do you cut it to the width of the card only, or do you “wrap it around” the edge of the card? (I would be in deep $$$ trouble if somebody local invited me to a Stampin Up event!!! They have such cool products!) Back to quilting for me I think!

  3. Melanie

    Congratulations, Carole! So happy for you. I do not make cards but love that you do and share your creativity with us. :o)

  4. dezertsuz

    No, but I have a new set to stamp for Christmas. I also broke down and bought some poly blocks tonight because I ordered a tree from Neat and Tangled that needs one. I’m almost ready to get back into stamping!

  5. Wow, you have three really great Thanksgiving cards all ready to go! I really like how you used your roller stamps to make the background. I also love that you were able to put something inside as well as decorating the card front. That is always fun when you find a stamp at the thrift store!

    Thanks so much for sharing these with Just for Fun for the November challenge! Good luck with the prize drawing and hope you will play again in December too!
    ~~Heidi @ My Little Stamping Blog</a JFF DT

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