One Monthly Goal – November

I have been seeing the posts on other blogs for One Monthly Goal, and thought it was a nice idea.  Just set one achievable goal each month.  I tend to be a finisher, usually not having more than three projects going at one time, so I didn’t join the link ups.  But, I should have, as there were some really nice prizes for participants.  It was hosted by Heidi at Red Letter Quilts for some time, and has just been taken over at Elm Creek Quilts while Heidi is dealing with some health issues.  Get better soon, Heidi!

Red Ecru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I have pulled a bunch of red fabrics from the stash resource center. I got a fat quarter bundle from Fat Quarter Shop specifically for this project.  Love these rich, deep burgundy reds.

Red Ecru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

Plus, I have 3 layer cakes from Connecting Threads, the Scarlett one is already taken apart.

Reds cake layer

Then I did the unthinkable. Pulling the cake layers and fat quarters in all the compatible reds, I washed all of it  (yes, I did!) in hot water and dried it in the dryer on high heat. I put the FQs and cake layers into a nylon washing bag. Yes, some of it raveled like mad, and I have lost a bit of the yardage, but the important thing is I have greatly decreased the chance that those reds run after the quilt is made. So, my goal is to turn this red mess into cut pieces for my two-tone quilt I have planned.

Red Ecru Quilt at From My Carolina Home

This is going to take half a day just to press all these bits! But I am not sorry I did it, those reds ran like you wouldn’t believe. I put two color catchers in with the wash, and both turned out so dark that I almost mistook them for some of the cottons!  Amazingly, though, the fabrics don’t look like they have lost any of the rich color at all.  Go figure.  Now, I have only need to decide on the block plan before I can actually do any cutting.

If you would like to play along, visit the One Monthly Goal at Elm Creek Quilts. There are some great prizes to win there, just link up your goal before November 7, then post your progress at the end of the month.

Whether or not you link up, what is your quilty or other goal for November?



Needle and Thread Thursday

Oh Scrap!


29 thoughts on “One Monthly Goal – November

  1. Lesley Gilbert

    I love all those ‘orangey reds’ and looking forward to seeing what you are going to sew from them all 🙂

  2. Regarding pre-washing fabric – I’m in the sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t camp. But in this case I’m with you 100% with the reds. I’d rather not ruin a project I’ve spent time & money on! I’ve never found an acceptable way to prevent raveling. I’ve pinked, I’ve nipped the corners – I think some fabric ravels more than others. (I won’t spend the time to stitch the ends!) November is not a month for me to post goals as most of them are related to Birthday or Christmas gifts. 🙂 Maybe I’ll just follow and do it after the New Year!! Happy Stitching!

  3. Brenda Ackerman

    Good Morning Carole! It does not seem like November should be here already; time just goes by so quickly anymore. I absolutely love your reds. Like you, I wash and dry my dark colors that tend to have that bleeding effect and am always surprised by the amount of die on the Color Catchers. I look forward to seeing the project you will be creating with all of these gorgeous fabrics. I just might do the link up; first, I need to go and read the post and find out all of the details. Yet, with you recommending it, I am sure everything is top rate. I have three quilts to quilt and many Christmas items to create. More than one, but I know I can get them done. Have a fantastic creative day!

  4. We all know that reds run–(wonder what they are running from?) but there can be just as much a problem with greens–
    want to join a monthly challenge group–but think I will wait and start the new year out with one–
    love and laughter, di

  5. great way to use a mesh bag, I usually wash fabric by hand, then rinse and rinse lots. A very few batiks have bled, sometimes the darker ones in purple or navy tend to. Goal for November, go shopping for sashing fabric so I can finish the leaf and pumpkin topper.

  6. Oh, I wish that I was a finisher. I’m doing the OMG to pressure myself into finishing something nearly done. And YOU are going to start AND finish within the month. Jealous! Please do share the process; I love two-color quilts.

  7. Susan Shaw

    You are one smart quilter. Reds do run, run, run. Back in my garment sewing days, my mother taught me to “set” the colors by either adding table salt to the water or adding vinegar to the water. That was the day before the products we have today. It sure helped the colors to retain their color and not run. We let the fabric soak in the solution for an unspecified amount of time, spun the water out and then washed and dried it. Of course, any other fabric used needed to be washed and dried, too. I have used color catchers and they are wonderful, too.

  8. I love getting old because of all the funny things that happen. My faulty eyesight read your title as One Monday Goal. I could deal with that. One goal on a Monday sounded pretty good. I wondered which Monday I’d have a goal. I blinked and saw what was really there. I’ve now gone back to my aimless life.

  9. dezertsuz

    Welcome to the goals group! I love this, since the previous two I joined in past years quit. It is helpful, and I don’t make it every month, but you probably will! LOL Wonderful fabrics. I look forward to seeing what your project is.

  10. Susan

    I prewash everything! Helps with shrinkage as well as color running. Everyone says good quality fabric won’t run- I disagree. Use a mesh bag or baste across the ends of fabric to minimize the tangling! I can’t wait to see what you do with those amazing reds!

  11. Those are lovely, rich colours – they’ll make a gorgeous quilt 🙂 Good luck with your goal!

    Colour catcher sheets haven’t caught on all that much here in Canada – I’ve only found them at the fabric/quilt stores, where they tend to be mega-expensive. They’re awesome! I zigzag and pre-wash all my fabrics before using them – when you see colour saturated cloths coming out of the washer, you can imagine what would have happened during the first wash or two of the finished product (especially if it got washed with other items) >:) I stock up on the sheets for me and my like-minded sewy friend every time I go Stateside 😀

  12. I love color catchers – they are little miracle workers. I did make a red/white/gray quilt once without pre-washing the fabric. I was scared to death when I washed the quilt, but those color catchers did their job. I didn’t have one bit of red or pink on the lighter fabric. Even though it worked then, I wouldn’t do it again. You were smart to wash all those up. I’m looking forward to seeing what you make – you always have such great quilt ideas Carole! Thanks for linking to MCM!

  13. I have a UFO Christmas quilt that is languishing because I realized one of my red batik fabrics was a bleeder — after I’d already used it in EVERY BLOCK, including all the little hand appliqued stuffed berries… I discovered it by accident when my iron leaked on a fabric scrap. Got so discouraged thinking about how the whole thing was going to be ruined in the end that I never even finished it. Do you think those color catcher things might save it in the end, or are my background whites and creams destined to become pinks in the finished quilt? I might just put it together anyway for quilting practice. So much work to go to waste.

  14. Wise decision on washing and drying the reds. They tend to bleed. I should have done that with some blacks I’m working with before I pieced them into the block. Spraying to iron made them bleed. Now I wash very dark colors and iron before using.

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