A Hint of Autumn in the Mountains

The calendar says October, but there hasn’t been the needed cold snap to turn our leaves to the autumn beauty we anticipate. Friday and Saturday did bring some much needed rain, and I was happy to spend the days inside. With some projects finished and others not yet begun, it was a perfect day to clean up and clear out some things. I do want to thank all the readers who emailed me concerned about our well-being with hurricane Matthew churning up the coast. We are very far inland in the western NC mountain area, and only had a couple of days of light rain. The winds picked up just a little, but not bad. There is one tree on the mountainside in the back that is showing some red color, everything else is still green.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

The flock of nine wild turkeys seem to have decided our place is good for breakfast and supper, as they are showing up a couple of times a day now. In the afternoon, while they were distracted by the acorns and bugs in the meadow, I crept outside to the veranda with my camera to try to get a good photo of all of them.  The trees behind them should be turning beautiful gold and red by now, but are really slow in changing.  It has been too warm and dry.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

Wild turkeys are a little like meerkats, when they hear something, all of them stop, raise their heads high, and freeze.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

I remained motionless, holding the camera and my breath until they relaxed again.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

Must be some good pickin’s in that meadow.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

I watched them for about 10 minutes, as they moved slowly down the meadow and melted into the forest.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

This flock appears to be all females and juveniles.  There are two males that come by too, but they are not with this group, at least not yet.  I do think that later when it is getting cold, that the two males will join this group.  I am pretty sure they did in previous years.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

So, we are waiting for Autumn to don her burgundy and gold, for the chill of October and a fire in the fireplace.  I am looking forward to wearing a warm sweater, enjoying a bowl of homemade soup with fresh crusty bread on a blustery day, baking with pumpkins and apples, cuddling up with a quilt and reading a good book.  For my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving!!  I hope you enjoyed the turkey photos I saved for today.

Early October at From My Carolina Home

Until Mother Nature cooperates with a show in the trees, keep making your autumn leaf blocks.  If you missed Block One with the Aurifil giveaway post, click on Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along. For my northern hemisphere readers, are the trees turning color where you are? For my friends in the southern hemisphere, what is blooming now?


11 thoughts on “A Hint of Autumn in the Mountains

  1. It is coming your way. We were in Colorado last week and the Aspen were beautiful. When we got home to Missouri our oak tree is just as green as ever so maybe in a week or so we will be seeing pretty leaves as well as you. I love fall.

  2. autumn is just beginning to appear too just a hind of reds and yellows-I so love it when the wild turkeys come to visit us-we saw a group the other day-they are a joy to watch interacte with each other

  3. We rarely get a visit from the turkeys here but they were here last week. I was outside with no camera so all I could do was watch and enjoy. We are seeing the deer more frequently though. Our weather has been much the same so no leaf colors yet 😦 It’s so dry I had to water the flower beds even though very little is blooming now. Can’t afford to let those precious perennials die off.

  4. In our springtime garden, freesias, tulips, the protea tree, and the cherry trees along the driveway, sparaxis, ixias, grape hyacinths, bluebells and pink bluebells, green grass needing mowing each week now, and I look at the glorious autumn colours up north, and realise you will be in wintertime so soon. I am so thankful you were safe from Matthew, and feel so much for those who were not.

  5. Susan Clarkson

    Thank you Carole. I’m glad you are safe. Love seeing the turkeys. We have urban turkey flocks here. I will be driving along & see them on the side of the street. It’s amazing to me that they survive, but they apparently do, & multiply. Never seen any little ones out with the grownups, but they must exist as the flocks seem to get bigger.

  6. Sharon Schipper

    Love seeing the turkeys in the wild. My sis in Sacramento basin says the turkeys are urbanized there and roam the streets like the Canada geese do here! The geese are showing up in greater numbers now, although we have some who stay all year because they are protected. On the Federal Center they get to be pests… my friend slipped on frozen goose poop one time!
    We have some gold and red just from the sun angle changes, but didn’t have a frost until last Thursday night, and it’s warmed up again a bit. It’s the time of year when the car is too hot for heater, too cold for a/c, and my bedroom gets the same! I had the window open a bit last night, got cold and closed it, then got too warm, sigh. But autumn my favorite season, so by next week or so it will be just right!
    As always thanks for sharing. I’m working from home today so down in my cave doing editing work. Bored out of my skull, although I’m at home because I couldn’t get it done at the office without too many interruptions, here I don’t get ENOUGH human contact! Contrary, aren’t I!

    big hug, Sharon in Colorado

  7. As a kid, I grew up in the country and we rarely saw wildlife. As in they had somewhere to be / hide. It’s just in the last decade or so that we see them more as we encroach on their habitat 😦 it’s like that around here as well

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