Decorating for Autumn

The weather should be cooling off a bit this coming week, at least that is the hope. It sure was still too warm last week when I met a friend for coffee. She reads my blog and said it was time to show some fall decorations. Of course, she is right (yes, you, CW!!). I did get a few out last week, and started the process with a Pumpkin Tablescape, but I realize I haven’t shown anything else. There is a method in my madness for that, as some things I am saving for the special event next month. More about that later in the week. But for now, I did get a few little details for the kitchen sink window sill.  The Happy Harvest sign is small, and the little tins have candles in them, never burned.

Decorating for Autumn ~ From My Carolina Home

In the library, a vibrant quilt called Autumn Around the Bend is hanging over a chair. It is difficult to get pictures in this room because the light is so bright through all the windows.

Decorating for Autumn ~ From My Carolina Home

Here’s the front of the chair. That little leaf pillow is all wool applique. No, I didn’t make it, but I plan to to something similar soon.

Decorating for Autumn ~ From My Carolina Home

Behind the chairs is a bookshelf that holds my cookbooks. The top now has an autumn leaf plate that was decoupaged with leaf fabric on the back by a local artist. Brown candles with pretty little candle rings, fall leaves and a ceramic pumpkin surround a stack of cookbooks that promise wonderful meals for cooler nights.  Casseroles, slow cooker meals, or pot pies, which to choose for that first cold weather meal?

Decorating for Autumn ~ From My Carolina Home

My favorite autumn candle scent is called Autumn Wreath, sitting on a Maple Star hot pad. I burned one entirely last year and part of this one too. I really need to find a Yankee candle sale and get a couple more.

Decorating for Autumn ~ From My Carolina Home

The candle sits with the rooster placemats I made two years ago, flanked by autumn leaf plates.  We have breakfast on this counter a lot.

Decorating for Autumn ~ From My Carolina Home

On the kitchen pie safe, I put the Maple Leaf Table Runner I made two years ago.  A few more cookbooks chosen for their cover colors and recipes.  Who doesn’t like a hearty soup with homemade bread on a cold rainy day?  A tin with pumpkins and an autumn leaf basket go well.

Decorating for Autumn ~ From My Carolina Home

I also made a companion three leaf table runner for the little library table in the kitchen, but it wasn’t with the other one. It wasn’t in the autumn decor boxes. It wasn’t in the linen drawers in the antique china hutch. It wasn’t in the linen drawers in the antique secretary. Ok, now I am getting frustrated, where did I put the bloody thing? Cedar chest? No. Basement shelves? Nope. Under the bed? Ridiculous, I never put anything under the bed but I looked there anyway. I went back to doing some other things, but it still bugged me. Office closet? Nope. I complained to DH that I couldn’t find it, and he couldn’t offer any suggestions for places that I hadn’t already looked. But I went through all of them again. Two hours later it dawned on me. I gave it away. I took it as a hostess gift to some friends we were staying with last July. I figured I could make myself another one, then promptly forgot all about it! So, the library table got a rooster placemat.

Decorating for Autumn ~ From My Carolina Home

Isn’t that rooster trivet cute? Of course, it was a thrift store find just a couple of weeks ago, the colors are perfect for the kitchen.   The Gooseberry Patch cookbook Celebrate Autumn comes out each fall, maybe this year I’ll actually cook something from it.  Another thrift store find was the black plate stand. I stacked autumn inspired hot pads in it (made from the same panel as the rooster placemats) for both decoration and easy reaching from the stove.

Decorating for Autumn ~ From My Carolina Home

I hung the Maple Leaf and Cornucopia wall hanging up in the den.

Decorating for Autumn ~ From My Carolina Home

On the top of the cabinet is the Anita’s Arrowhead Mini Quilt, some ceramic pumpkins and orange candles. The ceramic turkey is the perfect fall color for now, so he gets to come out earlier than the others. Also, he was a thrift store find last summer and I hadn’t packed him up.

Decorating for Autumn ~ From My Carolina Home

So, that is where I am for now.  The big dining room table isn’t set yet, and I’ll save that tablescape for a bit later.  I am really sewing like mad, trying to finish off the projects that I am going to have for the event next month.  I know, I am teasing you.  I just don’t want to talk about it yet, but I promise you will have fun.  Look for a big announcement post on Friday.   I also want to get the veranda looking more fall-like, and I need a few pumpkins and mums to complete it.  Plus I need to clean up the detritus of summer.  So, more later.

One more thing, the winner of the drawing for the Birds in the Air book…


was number 44, Mary!  Mary said  ‘Enjoyed reading your frank reviews. I look forward to reading Birds in the Air and A Vintage Affair.”.  Mary was sent an email last night to let her know.  Congratulations, Mary!!

Are you decorating for fall now?

16 thoughts on “Decorating for Autumn

  1. love the roosters! Everything looks lovely! I never seem to “get to” the seasonal decorating. Maybe if I focused on some table runners to keep for myself….oh well….looking forward to your surprise next month. Another mystery?? Packing for my Bonnie Hunter 2 days of classes!

  2. So many great decorating ideas for fall! We recently moved from Michigan to southwest Florida. I gave away most of my decorations as we didn’t want to move a lot. I’m going to have to check out some thrift stores for some fall decorations. Thank you for sharing your beautiful decorations.

  3. How I love your seasonal displays! I included a photo of my breakfast in a blog today, and I now realize with sadness that I used a spring placemat. Some people never learn. *sigh*

  4. Carol

    Somebody’s been busy! Can’t wait for pictures! I do decorate for Fall but this year I will be spending the month of October at the Beach. The place we stay at the Beach is big on Halloween so this year I will concentrate on Halloween decorations. I was lucky last year & out of 800 our decorations was selected to be on their Web Site. Gonna try hard again this year for a win!!!

  5. Carol

    Just realized you had posted pictures, the pictures didn’t come up at first. I love them! I have a ceramic turkey just like yours that I painted years ago.

  6. Cindy M

    Just love your decorating Carole! So envious!! When the kids were young we went overboard with the decor but these days not so much. We always do an outdoor display, actually ran out today for the corn stalks and pumpkins:) Still need more mums! Here in Central NJ it’s finally beginning to feel like Fall, the temperature was 43 when I got up this morning, and a possible frost warning for tonight! Now just waiting for the leaves to change color!! My favorite time of year! Can’t wait to see more pics of the trees near you, it’s always such a spectacular display!!

  7. It”s definitely looking like fall at your house. Love that autumn colors quilt!!!! The roosters are a big hit here too 🙂 I Doubt I’ll do much fall decorating… I have no energy for it this year. 😦

  8. Melanie

    You are making me excited about digging into that seasonal fall box for all my autumn stuff! Today it’s still 80 here, but I just got back from a quilters’ retreat in higher mountains and I’ve got the bug to get those colorlful decorations and cozy quilts out…probably this weekend. I enjoy your decorating ideas, Carole. You have a lovely home and live in a beautiful part of the country. m

  9. Oh my goodness, you are sure making things look like Fall. I’m amazed at all the things you have collected that fit the theme and how beautifully you have placed them throughout your house. Of course the things you have made are the stars. I wait until October (soon!) to do any Fall decorating and even then don’t do much more than put out a pumpkin or two and a pot of mums here and there.

  10. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Oh, Carole – you just gave me a wonderful idea with the hot pad display! I have a stack of quilted potholders on a narrow cabinet next to the stove so they’re handy, but never thought of putting them upright in one of those wrought iron plate holders I have so many of! Brilliant! And I did it in a whole ten seconds, so it was really wonderful as it was easily achievable and looks great – thank you so much!!! Love the rest of the autumn decor as well – I’m starting with squirrels of all sorts, ceramic, wooden, etc., gathering acorns I’ve gathered for them, then the Halloween stuff, then the Thanksgiving/turkey stuff…a lot to do!

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