Slow Stitching a Quick Project

Remember this little cross stitch Christmas tree that I showed you during Christmas in July?

Cross Stitched Quilted Christmas Ornaments | From My Carolina Home

It is one of several designs in a kit. The problem I have at this point is I don’t want to make it the way the pattern says. It calls for the stitched piece to be cut out in a stocking shape, sewn and stuffed.  That is why there is some decorative stitching above the tree and to the left at the bottom.  The pattern contained the backing pieces already drawn for cutting and sewing.

Cross Stitch Christmas Tree Ornament - From My Carolina Home

So, if I want to sew it into a quilted ornament like I did the Candy Cane Ornament, I’ll have to make some decisions.  Mainly, what to do with those little bits – take them out?  Add more to balance them off?  Neither option was appealing.  Then I thought, I’ll just stitch a stocking shape around what is there.  So, I got out some DMC floss, and auditioned some colors.

Cross Stitch Christmas Tree Ornament - From My Carolina Home

I liked the red best, so started stitching a stocking shape around the existing needlework.

Cross Stitch Christmas Tree Ornament - From My Carolina Home

I stitched that turn three times, I took out the first two because I didn’t like where it ended up at the toe area. I’m not sure that I really like this either, but it is staying. At this point, I thought it might be good to give myself a stitching line, so I drew one on in pencil.

Cross Stitch Christmas Tree Ornament - From My Carolina Home

A few more minutes of hand work, and the stitching was done.

Cross Stitch Christmas Tree Ornament - From My Carolina Home

Finishing the ornament went the same way as the other one, beginning with squaring up the stitched part. This one is quite a bit larger than the candy cane stitching, so I had to use a 4-inch square.

Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament ~ From My Carolina Home

I knew that would make the final ornament large, if I went with two borders again. But I still wanted to do it that way, so I began with the first border in a gold and red print.

Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament ~ From My Carolina Home

I added the outer border in a cream print with holly, and squared it up again.

Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament ~ From My Carolina Home

Gold cording is looped at the top for a sewn in hanger.

Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament ~ From My Carolina Home

I sewed the pieced front to the same rose print backing, leaving an opening for turning, then adding two layers of batting.

Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament ~ From My Carolina Home

I stuffed just a bit of fiberfill inside to make the center puffy, then sewed the opening closed with topstitching. I went all the way around the ornament to hide the closure.

Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament ~ From My Carolina Home

Then I stitched in the ditch on both borders to quilt it.

Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament ~ From My Carolina Home

All done, it may just be a bit too large for the tree.

Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament ~ From My Carolina Home

But, because I put a larger loop on it, it could hang on a closet door or on the handle of one of the cabinets.

Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament ~ From My Carolina Home

Or perhaps it could simply lean on a sewing machine, lending a bit of holiday cheer to the sewing room.  This one along with the candy cane ornament will go as a set of two into the cross stitch category at the fair.

Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament ~ From My Carolina Home

Have you pulled out any holiday stitching for this season?


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27 thoughts on “Slow Stitching a Quick Project

  1. Rosemaryflower

    No Holiday Stitching going on here.
    I hope you are enjoying unemployment and staying out of mischief.
    I have been nutty busy. In two weeks time, both parents had several doctor appointments, dad had a tooth extraction, and mom’s tooth fell out. It was only a matter of time for that. So, on to getting her bottom denture stablised with a post on the other side.
    My dentist treats her like a little lamb.
    Anyway, I have been struggling some days. Probably the heat does not help.
    Then last Friday I spent the entire day playing with Sarah, 14 month old now. That was epic fun – the whole day!
    She is so cute.
    I just love these little Christmas needleworks. My mom used to do this constantly, all day. She has so many treasures to show for her passion.
    Have a fun Sunday and week ahead

  2. Such a great idea! I had purchased a set of little Christmas cross stitch to make into ornaments for my nieces and nephews too many years ago …. still in their packages but… I did tuck one into the console of the car in case I ever forget my hand work. Love how you finish these off… when I need a break from quilting I’ll pull one out and have a go.

  3. Cindy M

    Absolutely love this ornament! Reminds me of how “energetic” I was 20 years ago:) I spent an entire Summer making similar as gifts for all my siblings and friends. Makes me smile to know each of them still hang them on their trees each year! These days the old eyes do not allow me to make them as easily so I’m sticking to making lap quilts and afghans!

  4. I love embroidery and would love to be able to do it again. My hands will no longer allow me to do that or crochet work which was my passion. I still try to make hats for the grandkids each year but it is difficult to get done with out bad pain which I am less tolerant of as I get older 😦

  5. Melanie

    Very clever of you to create a remake. I like your ornament better than the directions in your kit. Suggestion: next time, cross stitch your initials and date/year. I regret not doing this years later. No, I haven’t begun to think of holidays yet, but need to get crackin’ soon. I don’t cross stitch anymore but have a new interest in embroidery for some reason! I suppose this is doable, in between quilting, knitting, crocheting…. LOL

  6. Good Morning Carole! This is so pretty and such a brilliant idea to go ahead and create a completely different ornament ! I have been doing a tad bit of Christmas hand embroidery, just set up a large cross stitch pre printed saying surrounded by a pre printed folk art design that you use regular hand embroidery stitches. I am going to add some ribbons and beads into it. I am so glad that you shared your Hand Cross Stitched Ornament with us because I have several “pictures” but am just not sure what to do with them. After seeing your fabulous creation, I will be making several of mine into ornaments just like yours. If it is alright with you for me to be a copy cat? Great idea to enter them into the fair also! Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

  7. I like it on your door handle, and so much better with the borders and finish, altogether lovely, and a very early start for any seasonal goodies. The threads are just right.

  8. dezertsuz

    I love what you did, and your decorative ideas. Good luck in the fair, looks like a good entry. I like the stocking being a little unusual shape – more like a real foot. =) I haven’t stitched anything new for Christmas, but I did finish my UFO table topper last month.

  9. A lovely finish. It needed the stocking outline to ‘finish’ the stitching. A pretty entry for the show.
    I’m stitching a small Christmas ornament for my niece at the moment.

  10. Mary Jean Cunningham

    You just gave me a great idea on how to finish a little cross stitch ornament I stitched in 1986 – no, I’m not kidding – it’s been hanging around that long while I tried to figure out just what to do with it! And now I know…

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