Mid-April in the Garden

Yesterday was a very busy day for me with a meeting in the morning, and a bunch of errands to do including picking up my torenias from the garden center, checking out the humane society thrift store, and hitting Pier One’s sale.  Of course, while I was there, I had to get a few more plants, but I stopped short of buying enough for all the pots on the veranda in one trip.  For those of you who are local, these lovelies came from Raymonds Garden Center on Kanuga, a fantastic garden center with wonderful helpful people.  They even went to the greenhouse to bring out the torenias for me, and then made a second trip for the lobelias I wanted.  They hadn’t even put those out yet because our last freeze date was yesterday.  The weather looks good from here on, and I think I am safe doing the pots now. So, the trunk was full when I got home.

Trunkful of flowers

Unloading the trunk, I set the plants in the pots I thought I might use for each one. They may or may not end up where they are now.  Should I put the pink geranium with the yellow or the blue?  The little white pot in the middle there is a thrift store find, really cute with blue and yellow painted flowers on it.  It would look great with the blue lobelia.

plants on the veranda

Aren’t these yellow colors nice? The striped one is a Super Belle, next to a white geranium. The yellow on the left is a lantana.  The little white flowers in the middle are begonias.

yellow super belles and white geranium

These are members of the verbena family, and I usually associate them with a blue or purple color. These are the first yellow ones I have found, and it is such a pretty clear yellow.

Yellow lantana

I love the intense pink on this geranium, and the lobelias always have such a bright blue color.

Pink Geranium with blue lobelia

Needless to say, I have a lot of work to do in the garden. Arriving home later in the day than I wanted, I had to get busy weeding the front flower bed before they took over completely. This had to be done before I can plant the veggies I got last weekend. There are two tomatoes, a yellow squash and zucchini so far.


So, after an hour or so of prepping the front bed, I was done for the day. Planting will have to wait until the weekend. But at least the bed is ready, and weed free.  I really want to get at least three larger perennial plants for this bed this year.  I am thinking an evening primrose, and maybe something else tall with pretty flowers.  I wonder if a Carolina Jessamine vine would grow here, weaving in and out of the slats on the railing might be really interesting.  Maybe a clematis.  Or both!  A lovely variegated purple clematis would look wonderful with the yellow jessamine.

front flower bed weeded

The rosemary came back, and it should get a lot bigger this year. I think the sage gave up.  I am going to put some flowers in the clay pots in the bed, again to add a bit of height and more interest to the flower bed.

Rosemary with pot

On the other side of the sidewalk, the ajugas are still tempting to the bumble bees.

April bumble bee

The tulips are still blooming too. Amazing that they lasted so long. A few got bitten by the frost, but most are still here.

Tulips with darker tulips

Next to the tulips, Iris bed #1 is looking good with lots of leaves, but no buds yet here.  I am happy that they all look strong and healthy after being divided last summer. The small green plant on the lower left is a lily. It bloomed last year later in the spring, and I hope it will again.

Iris bed #1

The freeze last weekend really had me concerned about the buds on the mystery bulbs. So, I put the tomato cages in the box and put plastic over the top for the two nights it dipped into the 20s.

Freeze cover 2

Yesterday they seemed to be doing OK, and Marsha may be right after all. The buds are starting to look like iris.

mystery bulbs after the freeze

Iris bed #2 is looking good, no buds yet though.  Again, nice healthy looking plants, all from dividing the tubers from Iris bed #1.

Iris bed #2 with hydrangea

Behind the iris bed, on the lower level, the hydrangea is showing signs of freeze damage. This likely means that for the third year in a row I won’t have any flowers.

hydrangea damage

Out front, the hostas are coming up well, and the azaleas are just coming into bloom. The white one on the right has freeze damage. I’ll take you on an azalea walk next week when they really come into bloom.


So, back to the veranda, yellow torenias will go in the same rectangular pot as last year, sitting on two clay pots for a bit of height to allow them to cascade down as they grow. It is more interesting too, to have different levels for the pots. I have the white geranium in the plant stand along with one of the lobelias. I’ll have to see if I like that after a day or so.

arranging the flowers

Out in the forest, one of the dogwoods is coming into bloom.

April dogwood

Inside, one more surprise. The amaryllis finished its blooming about a week ago, and the leaves turned yellow. When I went to cut the spent leaves off, I found this – two more leaves are just coming up!

Amaryllis new leaves April

What does that mean? Is it just putting up leaves to soak up the sun and build up stored food to make more flowers next year? Will it bloom again this year? We will just have to wait and see.  I set my seedlings out to harden off in their bakery boxes, and will plant those soon too.

How is your garden? What is blooming around you now?

18 thoughts on “Mid-April in the Garden

  1. Your blooms are slightly ahead of those in Waynesville. I love your planning written out. We do things on the spur of the moment with less than spectacular results.

  2. I was die-hard anxious to get some flowers in, so I planted pansies a few weeks ago and they are still adorable..three colors in one grouping, no faces: white, pale yellow and bright yellow. I also put out some petunias already since I painted my shutters and found flowers to match. I felt a little silly, but I’ve kept an eye on them, knowing when they really flower out, they’ll be lovely, too. Your blooms are wonderful and I can tell the spring gathering of plants is a welcome ritual in your house, as it is in mine. Looking forward to more color coming from your little heaven on earth!

  3. Sharon Schipper

    No tomatoes in the garden centers yet, I plan on some container ones this year. I have to wait for my mailbox garden after all: there’s a huge aspen there, right over where the water line comes from the street, and that’s a very bad sign… my geologist friends here say they look for aspens and poplars and cottonwoods as markers for water because their roots seek it out! So, another 300-400 out of my pocket in the next few weeks. Sigh! But the painting is happening tonight, the move in starts this weekend and next, and by May 1 we should be all done but the clean up at the rental. Got to clean and trim the lilac, there’s what I think is an apple blooming in the back yard that needs suckers trimmed, and then we want some roses out front, and I smell the yarrow here at work on the walkway every day, smells lovely, think I need some by the front door as well! Sadly I can’t splurge on perennials until I get the shower, the painting, the tree removal…. and who knows what else… my new mailbox arrived though, it will have a painted quilt draped over it before installation, a little trompe l”oeil! Already have the pattern chosen, it’s called Crystal…. So I enjoy your garden vicariously…


  4. Good Morning Carole! Just lovely pictures of lovely flowers! For some reason my medical problems have been at a 10plus level in pain and I have not been doing much at all in the way of Spring planting. Hubby has been out getting the garden tilled, prepped and is now planting seeds. Late yesterday afternoon, the rain that everyone has been forecasting for the past two or so weeks actually started and by evening it pouring buckets! LOL.

    The Pink Geranium should go with the Blue in my opinion. hehehe Love the little white pot, but the big green pot is my favorite in the picture. The Ajugas are such a lovely light shade and the way they cluster is so gorgeous; yet I do not believe I have ever seen them before; are they a flower you started from seed or a cluster of flowers that grow wild?

    Lovely pictures that fill my day with delight with my first cup of coffee! Thank you so much for sharing! Have a fantastic creative day!

  5. Wow…awesome photos. Your yard is looking fabulous. My dogwoods are totally in bloom but the rain is pounding today and it’s cold so who knows how long they will be around. I have a couple of surprise tulips that are in bloom and my raspberries plants are looking like this year will be a bountiful year.

  6. Rosemaryflower

    Nice tour!
    Every one looks content in their beds.
    This will be a good week-end to get some things done and ready before those annoying gnats come around.
    When they arrive, I am done. We never used to have them…. perhaps these are from another country and come on a boat some years ago. Either way, when they start buzzing in my eyes and ears, I am finished for the summer.
    We have blooming pink Dogwoods and the Redbuds are almost done,, the Cherry tree is long over…
    I did put some purple and magenta somethings in the front side garden. we are on a corner lot.
    Your property looks happy

    1. Deanna Bishop

      Rosemaryflower, we buy Citronella Mosquito plants and put them by our sliding glass door to prevent mosquitos and gnats from attacking us. Our neighbor next door (the other side of the fence) has their own pond and we were getting gnats and mosquitos like crazy. You have to get the plants at a nursery or I did here in Oregon.

  7. dezertsuz

    Thanks for the tour of your lovely gardens. If you were in Tennessee, you’d probably be in one of those neighborhoods with the pink painted arrows on the streets to show which way to go for beautiful gardens. =) Here, the dogwoods and azaleas are past their peak, and I think just the Iris left to go, though there will be things like hydrangeas. Probably not mine, it never seems to come back big enough to actually bloom.

    1. Deanna Bishop

      dezertsuz we have dogwoods blooming here too. We live a few houses up from the river where they are blooming. Not good for people with allergies

  8. Deanna Bishop

    Such beautiful flowers Carole. Sadly the only plants I can grow are called weeds. And thats no joke. I cant keep goldfish alive for a week!!!!! I do love to sit outside and look at all the trees and flowers. We have a nice lilac bush in the front yard. I love the smell of them. We have rose bushes in front of our bay window and along the driveway that my daughter BUTCHERED yes I mean Butchered because she hates them…but what is funny is they are all ready growing back so butchering them didnt do much good.

  9. I enjoy your garden posts so much, You have such interesting plants and flowers that would never thrive in SK. The trees and shrubs are leafing out and the iris, tulip and lilies are poking their leaves out. The perennials seemed to have survived the mild winter and we will soon have color in our gardens.

  10. Your garden is keeping you busy, Carole. I enjoyed the tour! I’d put the pink geranium with the blue. We are lucky enough to be able to garden year round. I started chipping out weeds for a new garden today, in a previously unused section of the garden.

  11. Your plants are pretty. i’m picking up plants today to get into the ground this weekend. My helper comes over to help with the mulch today and to get some of the garden beds ready for veggies. I’ll be moving some of the seedlings that I started indoors out to the shaded underdeck too. It’s my favorite time of the year 🙂

  12. Your flowers are looking so pretty! We had a hail storm come through last Monday and it did quite a bit of damage on my p,ants and flowers. I’m just thankful that I wasn’t in it or my windows weren’t broken in my house.
    I also love your little fabric bowls in your previous post!
    Thank you for your visit to my blog!

  13. Mary Sloan

    Your plants look beautiful. I bought some herbs a week ago & they are still unplanted. Will look for HUSKY CHERRY RED TOMATOES tomorrow. These have been the most prolific & sweet in the last few years. I experimented with other varieties, they did not produce like the HUSKYS.
    Please keep up up to date with your garden. I love the pics.

  14. Hi Y’all!

    Beautiful garden! In the low country our azaleas finished blooming several weeks ago…daylilies and roses are blooming. In the high country, at our elevation, our dogwoods are just beginning.

    Y’all come on by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  15. Oh, you’re so lucky to have flowers already. Here in Flagstaff, we still have freezing temperatures into May. I’m so excited for the warm weather I could just burst. 🙂 Thanks for sharing at My Flagstaff Home!


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