Scrappy Project part 2

This morning, the sun is shining on the snow, but I am still not going anywhere. Here is the driveway with about 4 inches of snow left.  Nope, not going anywhere until more melting takes place.  The sun should make the road passable by late afternoon today, but too late to go to work.  Snow day to sew!

Jan 25th Snow in morning

When I left this project in the UFO stage, I had put together most of the scraps, and had this.  So, I worked on it a bit more over the weekend.

Scrappy Quilt Carrier | From My Carolina Home

I added some squares to the side of the other diamond block.

Scrappy Project | From My Carolina Home

A green fabric fills a space to match up with the width of the first piece.

Scrappy Project | From My Carolina Home

The two pieces were joined together.

Scrappy Project | From My Carolina Home

So here is what I ended up with.  It looks like a hot mess right now, but I hope it will morph into something interesting.

Scrappy Project | From My Carolina Home

Loading it on the longarm to quilt, there is some fullness in the piecing, naturally as I just pieced randomly without measuring.  So I’ll steam it a bit to try to smooth it out.

Scrappy Project | From My Carolina Home

The colors suggest an autumn feel, so I put a leafy pantograph on it.  I chose one that is fairly dense to take up some of the fullness.

Scrappy Project | From My Carolina Home

This is the most difficult pantograph I have, called Luscious Leaves. It has a lot of intricate moves, going around some leaves, then going back and forth with changes in the direction of the stitching.  It is a bit hard to explain but the bottom line is, don’t get off line!

Scrappy Project | From My Carolina Home

Quilting proceeds nicely, no thread breaks, LOL!

Scrappy Project | From My Carolina Home

Scrappy Project | From My Carolina Home

I quilted right off the edge so it was fully quilted with out any bare spots on the edge.

Scrappy Project | From My Carolina Home

The quilting did well over the seams, and there were a lot of those.

Scrappy Project | From My Carolina Home

The quilting is a bit more visible on the back.

Scrappy Project | From My Carolina Home

So, it is quilted and trimmed. Now, what to do with it? Part 3 is HERE.

Speaking of scraps, for those participating in the Scrap Dance Tango! Mystery Quilt Along, I would love to see more pictures of HSTs and colors on the Flickr group.  We have a lot of members, but not a lot of photos yet.  Our first update will be very soon, so upload your progress.

In the view this morning, fog is in the valley.

Fog in Valley, January 2016

DH put a bowl of food out for the ground feeders Saturday, and the juncos found it pretty fast.

Junco chowing down

Then the goldfinches took it over, even though they aren’t traditionally ground feeders.  I must have taken a hundred pictures over the weekend of the birds.  And made them more protein cakes to eat too.

Goldfinches in bowl

So, staying in one more day to work on UFOs. Do you have a UFO in progress?

18 thoughts on “Scrappy Project part 2

  1. Melanie

    What a difference the quilting makes! A very pretty design. The birds are wonderful, brings a smile on a cold morning to see their antics and know they are munching. :o)

  2. Although I’m not a quilter, I enjoyed your photos. I liked the bird pictures, too. I should put on my boots and get the snow off the feeder. The seeds are there and available, but the birds have boycotted our deck.

  3. Good Morning Carole! I absolutely love your scrap quilt project and the fabulous leaf motifs that you used to quilt it with. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what you will be doing with it. I am so sorry about not posting photos! I tried the other day to get the Mystery Quilt Button on my side bar and everything I tried failed. So frustrated, I gave up and forgot to post the pictures also. I will, promise, post pictures later on this afternoon while hubby is at the Doctor appointment. Plus, will once again try and get the button on the sidebar. Sometimes, actually most of the time, all of these computer details that every one else seems to just get and use with no problems…I take months to figure them out. LOL. I love your pictures of the little birds. They are just so precious all puffed up and enjoying some tasty morsels. I am working on several projects today, so had best get going and sewing. Have a fantastic creative day and I hope that your beautiful snow melts very slowly and you get to have a whole other day at home sewing!

  4. Pretty views, I don’t drive on snow or ice anymore period-now that I am retired I just don’t-but love staying home instead. Loving your quilt progress-very pretty

    1. Oh I almost forgot congrats on your team getting into the super bowl-they pretty much destroyed the Cardinals which I figured they would-I am an old old Denver Bronco fan-lived out there in the late 70s so I cheer them on sometimes-should be a good Super Bowl game this year

  5. What a lovely snow covered view you have and those birds sitting in the bowl are so sweet. Oh your quilt is a triumph, both in the lovely multiplicity of pattern and quilting. So, so much piecing and those luscious leaves of yours amazing. ‘Tis a beautiful quilt, Carole.

  6. Really enjoying watching you work on this quilt, and the quilting on it is fantastic. Great work.
    Love seeing the photos of the birds too. They are so different to those we get here.

  7. This scrap quilt is coming along nicely. I’m curious about what thread you use as it appears a bit thicker than what I use. You executed that panto really well. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  8. dezertsuz

    That’s a great pantograph. Another time or two and you should be able to freehand it. =) I like the spread of colors and look forward to seeing what it becomes. Every time I see a shot of your longarm, I’m so jealous. That’s the green glow to the west of you from Tennessee. LOL I’m glad that 4 inches was in your driveway and not in mine. We had tons of rain today, though. My lawn squished like a sponge under my shoes as I went out for the mail.

  9. The quilting design is great and the quilt is looking so warm and cosy. I’m curious as to what you will do with it. Enjoyed seeing the photos of the birds in the snow.

  10. Do I have UFOS in progress??? (Insert histerical happy face!) I love your birdy pictures…..and it’s was nice to stop by and see youre surviving your snow days…!! Seriously though, your quilting was the perfect accent for this finish. Now for some binding time by the fire???

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