January Garden 2016

There are only a few things to do in the garden this month. I did want to get some peat pots to go inside my clam shell boxes. I used these last year, but the transplant shock was too much. So, I found some little peat pots to go inside. I’ll plant some seeds in those, and let them get much bigger before I try to put them in the garden outside. The Farmer’s Almanac says the 17th and 18th are good days for planting above-ground crops.

January Garden 2016 | From My Carolina Home

The amaryllis is coming up again for the third year! The bulb is becoming exposed so I need to fix that. I took it outside with the peat pots to the potting bench.

January Garden 2016 | From My Carolina Home

A little potting soil and it is now protected.

January Garden 2016 | From My Carolina Home

The violets were in need of attention as well.

January Garden 2016 | From My Carolina Home

The stem will put out roots if it is covered. I have let these go a bit too long. The exposed part is where leaves have come off.

January Garden 2016 | From My Carolina Home

There was room in the pot to simply add some dirt and press the stem down a bit to stabilize the plant.

January Garden 2016 | From My Carolina Home

I did the same with the other one.

January Garden 2016 | From My Carolina Home

I bought 2 packs of 12 little peat pots, and 8 will fill a clam shell plastic container. With the lids on, they will become little greenhouses.

January Garden 2016 | From My Carolina Home

The potting mix is outside on the potting bench, so I filled the peat pots up and arranged them in the containers so I could take them inside. The soil can get warmer in the house for the seeds.

January Garden 2016 | From My Carolina Home

The seeds are out at the hardware store, so I am all set for planting this weekend.


Just a few little chores for now. Now, back to looking at gardening books and planning for this year’s flowers.

January Garden 2016 | From My Carolina Home

Are you doing any gardening chores, or garden planning now?

12 thoughts on “January Garden 2016

  1. I love seeing your new plants emerging and fresh soil. Just your greenhouse gives me warm vibes. It will be a few months here in Saskatchewan before we can do any gardening but we are enjoying a mild winter this year. After 2 hip replacements I am at the gym trying to get my body in shape so I can enjoy a better summer this year.

  2. Rosemaryflower

    Yes, it is time to start thinking about the gardens.
    This year I am going to do the same as last, and start concentrating on Lavender. I love it.
    You made some great choices, herbs and vegetables!
    I have often thought about making myself a little greenhouse, and covered garden in my full sun back yard. I know many in my neighborhood have created such a thing to keep the rabbits and birdies out.
    Have a happy Friday. I have lots to do today.

  3. Here in Colorado we are still covered with snow, and may be for awhile yet, so I have to garden vicariously through you! I have a bit of a brown thumb, but had good success with container grown tomatoes last year, so I’m looking forward to trying those again this year.

  4. Ah, a garden! It was fun to watch you plan your gardening activities. At this moment I am fully content to see our wicked wisteria not viciously trying to snag me. I have to savor this before thinking of unstoppable growing things.

  5. Trudi

    As an alternative to peat pots, you could shape your own little pots from newspaper, or use egg cartons and even empty egg shells.

    It’s the middle of summer here in Australia and this time last year I was taking cuttings from my roses to propagate them in styrofoam boxes from the greengrocer and zip lock bags. The baby roses were planted out on the verge between the footpath and the road in early spring and immediately started to flower. I also use styrofoam boxes to propagate lavender and rosemary from cuttings.

  6. Looking busy there, preparing for the profusion of Spring and Summer flowers and veggies. Down here in Tassie, our garden is looking a treat, though of course there is always the curse of weeding to be done…..it just never seems to end.

  7. Good Afternoon Carole! No, I am not doing anything but dreaming about gardening at this point. I usually wait until the middle of Feb. beginning of March to get going on gardening around here; although, I did see some wild flower seeds on sale that I am going to buy the next time I am in town. Later I will try and remember to post pictures of the flower that Deanna gifted Kevin and I for Christmas that is blooming and so beautiful (not membering the name). She is on her way over for another sew day. We are going to be doing a Double Wedding Ring Quilt queen size over the next couple of months. My Mother was admitted into the hospital yesterday afternoon with pneumonia. Went up for a short while last night and when I called this morning, she sounded terrible. So, I am not sure if I will go up today or not. She just needs all the rest and medicine they can give her. Of course, in reality, the hospital is the worst place to get any rest. LOL. Every half hour, if not every 15 minutes, someone is coming in and taking blood pressure or checking a machine, so they end up waking you up. Not much rest is received. So, I do love your greenhouse idea and am going to be trying it myself. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

  8. I’m going through my seeds this week to see what I have already and what I will need to buy. They I’ll get my milk jugs , clam shell containers and whatever I else I may think works all ready to plant. Hard to think of it this am as it was only 5 degrees out there 😦

  9. I am also thinking of starting my garden again! I have already spinach seeds. They like cool weather and it is a perfect time to start the 2016 gardening season with them. I also am preparing to put some lettuce and green onion. More seeds should be bought.. and I cant wait to start with growing the young plants! Thanks for the post! Your plants are lovely!

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