Winter White

The fullness of the holidays brings lots of decorations beginning with Autumn pumpkins running through Christmas.  Pumpkins and pine cones scattered around, and ceramic turkeys get added to for Thanksgiving, then up goes a tree with red and green everywhere.  January brings a desire for cleaner lines and less clutter.  For years I have done all white in January, reducing the items on display and opting for a more pristine look, kind of like cleansing the palate with lemon sorbet at a gourmet meal. It is a perfect day to stay inside and piddle with this fog and rain. Taking pictures with my new camera, you can really see the the layers of mountain in front of the valley, and beyond to the next high ridge with the fog between.

Foggy Mountain Morning | From My Carolina Home

After a month of white, I’ll be ready for more color, but for now this is perfect. I put white candles in my depression glass candlesticks, and brought out my milk glass candy dish and Fenton vase.  Some white faux tulips look good here.

White corner shelf

I put the White on White Table Stand Quilt on the stand, and set it with two candlesticks of different vintage.  That little pine cone is a white wax candle with a glittery look, but I love it and will never burn it. Click on the link to get the construction and tutorial for the crazy quilted and heavily embellished little quilt.

White mini quilt

I liked the gold apples in my white reindeer from last year, so I did that again but this time put him on the bookshelf.  A Bon Appetit cookbook with a simple theme is the right choice for the stand.  More white candles in that holder too.

White reindeer

On the coffee table, a couple of white lace doilies, anchoring a Fenton candy dish, and a Depression Glass potpourri holder in the pattern American.  I leave it empty this month, preferring to enjoy the play of light in the clear glass.  Two books with white covers are placed in the middle, one I have read and the other is waiting.

White table

Over in the library / dining room, my grandmother’s lace table cloth graces the table, with Battenburg placemats and my white china.  I may have my friend and her mother over for dinner again, so I have to be ready.  I looked for  a little plant with white flowers to put in the Fostoria depression glass bowl, but so far no luck.  White candles are here too.

White table

Between the library chairs, the table has a Sukodu Quilt in sewing fabrics with an ecru sashing, and a favorite book from Victoria Magazine called At Home With White – all about decorating with white. The pic is a little dark because there is no sunshine with all the fog.

White library table

I had three candles given to me as gifts, two this year.  The scents went together well – vanilla on the lower right, cupcake on the left, and butter cookie in the tall glass.  They aren’t all white, but are neutral enough to burn them now.  The scents are wonderful!  They are sitting together on the kitchen counter, but not on a quilted candle mat.


Neat and simple.  Now I realize I need a white quilted item for the counter top.  So, that will be the next project!  I already have a snowflake idea, off to the scrap pile again!

Do you decorate for winter?


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11 thoughts on “Winter White

  1. Jennie Rauch

    Hmm. Never thought to decorate with all white – I do love my color! BUT a friend said she un-decorates for Christmas & gets out all her snowman ornaments & figurines, finds them cheerful during the winter months. Thought I’d try that, but since we traveled for Christmas, had already pared our decor (won’t do that again! Missed it all!), and now we’re prepping to travel again soon, won’t go to the trouble other than my big gourd Snowman by the fireplace. Thinking of having a TEA in Feb, maybe a Valentine’s Day theme, , ,Love your elegant lace tablecloth.

  2. Margaret Reid

    Your Montain home always looke so warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing. AND A BIG THHANKS FOR THE PDF. XO

  3. Barbara Jenkins

    How lovely – simplicity personified. I really like it.
    I did all Kelly Green one year for St Patrick’s Day years and years ago. It was fun.
    And I thank you for the PDF as well…

  4. Good Morning Carole! Since living in Southern Oregon, I have come to love the fog. Hubby absolutely lives for it, he sits outside for hours watching it clear the mountain in front of us and then roll of the top and then cover the grape fields across the road. We also take long drives out in the woods, whichever direction he decides to go and just drive stopping and taking photos and admiring the beauty.
    January is a perfect month for white decorating! Your doilies and lace table cloth are my favorites; they bring memories of both of my Grandmothers homes and also of the two of them crocheting dainty doilies. I have been looking at garage sales and second hand stores for a couple summers now for these two items, but they are really hard to find. That or they are in terrible shape or priced out of my range, so I just continue to look. My mother has hundreds of doilies from both of them, I should just ask her.
    Life is finally starting to settle back into a routine and boy am I thrilled! Hopefully, I can actually accomplish some of the items on my blog that I just have not had the time to do, get the craft room back into order and finish up a few projects that were pushed aside for the holidays. The ladies and myself are really excited about the mystery quilt along and starting today, I will be taking pictures and posting them on flicker and on my blog. To start this week off, we are going to be working on quilts for Project Linus. Which they will be arriving in just a short while so off I go!
    Thank You for the PDF printable….I think it is a great idea! We will be printing it out today! Have a wonderful creative day while enjoying the fog and creating a new candle mat, which is a great project idea! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the it!

  5. Ya know, when our girls were young, I decorated the house for every holiday, every event. Now I like simplicity. I have a goal to someday have a quilt for every season/holiday to rotate. THAT should keep me busy for awhile. LOL!

  6. dezertsuz

    I love the small crazy quilt, of course! Your house looks so beautiful. You have a real talent for decorating. I don’t decorate, because I have NO talent for it. The best I can do is keep things as plain as possible. =)

  7. White is perfect for January and you’ve done a lovely job incorporating it into your décor. Your white tablescape looks so serene and inviting. Love your foggy mountains!

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