Slow Stitching Sundays #2

Some progress this week, I managed to get the little spool mostly done.

Slow Stitching Sunday

I started work on the basket. I actually got a bit farther than this but forgot to get the picture.

Slow Stitching Sunday

and got a pretty good way on the sewing machine leaves and table.

Slow Stitching Sunday

Last week, Barbara made a comment that she had a crewel piece from many years ago. So do I, and I’ll show it to you today. I finished this crewel piece sometime in the 70s.

Strawberry crewel 2

It is fairly large, about 12 x 14 inches in stitched area. The strawberries are three dimensional, a macrame-like stitch stuffed with yarn.

Strawberry crewel 3

At some point in the 80s, I decided to pick out the tablecloth stitching, cannot remember what color it was, and replace it with the then-popular Wedgewood blue.  I was pretty proud of it back then, and had it framed.

Strawberry crewel 4

Now I cannot tolerate that color! After 12 years of everything blue, I don’t like blue at all anymore, LOL! But this piece is now too fragile to do that again.

Strawberry crewel 7

It is the only piece I have left from all the stitching I did back then. Most got stitched into pillows, which were fairly popular in that day, and worn out or given away.

Strawberry crewel 6

Hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane.  Have a wonderful slow stitching day!

6 thoughts on “Slow Stitching Sundays #2

  1. Nice work! I did lot of stitching in the 70’s too. My daughter was born in ’76 and all of her baby clothes were handmade with lots of embroidery on them. Did that up until she was in kindergarten. Then when she got into junior high she wanted needle work on her clothes again. She learned to do it and came up with some pretty cool pieces. She has actually made a lot of really unique pieces of needlework art that she has sold . Now we both paint mostly 🙂

  2. Barbara Jenkins

    Lovely piece Carole. Mine is much smaller – Mushroom and a snail on a stump!! But I love it just the same. The only big piece I did was a crewel embroidered seat cushion in shades of rust. Never made it to a seat but did get framed and on the wall!! I think I still have that piece also.

  3. Carole, each one of your stitching projects are delightful! I have been spending far to much time on Pinterest scrolling and saving patterns and tutorials on embroidery patterns. There is no way I will ever in 10 lifetimes be able to complete all of these patterns, but it is so fun to look and dream. I also am working on I think 4 or is it 5 different embroidery patterns at this time. A couple of them are almost complete, one is a new Christmas Poinsetta cross stitch pattern, but I am thinking of starting it over and doing it with beads. I have never used beads in embroidery before, but a couple months ago at a garage sale there were some beads in a box that were given to me for free and that got my creative juices going. Since then, I have picked up several other beads at garage sales and even have splurged and bought some with a great discount coupon at JoAnns. Then Kevin and I had to go back and buy a package of special needles since none of my sewing needles would fit through the eye of the beads. LOL. Very fascinating how many varieties and beautiful colors there are. I can tell this is going to be just as addictive as quilting and hand embroidery and cross stitch. Why or Why do we do this to ourselves?

    Well, I have not accomplished much on my quilt top. I developed a sinus infection and for the last few days have just been rather blah. I did get one row sewn together yesterday. Today, I am feeling much better and know that if I get off of the computer and get going, I will have the blocks all sewn together and the top all together within a couple of hours. I even posted pictures on flickr yesterday. I keep forgetting to ask and apologize to everyone. My brain can be such a bother, let me tell you! So, yesterday as I am posting and then looking to make sure they posted, I notice that there are comments on some of my pictures! Holly toledos…..I did not know that anyone could do that! Carole, how do I apologize to these women for ignoring them! I really did not mean to, I honestly did not see the comments. I feel like such a fool, but that is just one of the functions of my brain injury…things are right there in front of me, but it just does not register. Second, how in the world do you comment on other peoples pictures? I did not even know you could get into other flickr sites, but that is silly, not that I think about it…I mean I get into the group site! But there have been some very nice comments and I feel horrible not responding. Now I am just repeating myself.

    So away I go to sew! Have a wonderful creative day! Brenda

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