Slow Stitching Sundays

Football season is well underway, and I like to do handwork while I watch the games.  Plus, I needed something to slow down with after the insanely busy last four weeks beginning with the Apple Festival then State Fair competitions, through three weekends of the library book sale, other meetings and quilt shows, ending with the car club show last weekend.  I started these ornaments last year, but got sidetracked and didn’t get them done on time.  So I put them away, and just got them out again last week to work on today.

Ornament Stitching 1

They are crewel embroidery, with lovely wool yarns and some metallic threads.  There are nine ornaments to be stitched, with nine backing pieces included.  I didn’t get very far, and I need to do all the stitching first before cutting the ornaments apart.

Ornament Stitching 6

I finished the stitching on the little tomato pincushion last year.

Ornament Stitching 2

The thread spool is almost done. I need a few more stitches on the wooden part of the spool, and to add the thread through the needle.

Ornament Stitching 3

I work on more than one at one time, if the colors in the needle are the same. The sewing machine is only partially done. The metallic threads shine in the light as the decoration on the machine.

Ornament Stitching 4

When all the stitching is done, I’ll sew them into little stuffed pillow ornaments.  I’d like to get these all stitched up and finished to use this year.

Do you like to have something in your hands while you watch TV?

Sharing for the first time with Slow Sunday Stitching, in the hope that it will give me an incentive to link up weekly progress and finish these ornaments this year –
Slow Sunday Stitching

23 thoughts on “Slow Stitching Sundays

  1. Barbara Jenkins

    Those will be adorable!! I, too, need handwork of some kind when I sit at night. Usually it is knitting or crocheting or maybe hand sewing a binding on something quilted. I still have a piece of crewel that I did 40 something years ago!!!

  2. Rosemaryflower

    These are adorable little motifs. I would love to do this.
    I know yours will turn out beautiful.

  3. These ornaments are absolutely adorable! Can’t wait to follow your progress. They are small, so you’ll have them finished in no time.
    I always have some handwork when I watch tv. I guess I really don’t “watch” TV, I listen to TV, and watch my handwork! ☺️

  4. Oh yes ! I must have something to do with my hands or I could never set and watch TV. It used to annoy my husband but he finally figured out that this is the way I am and there’s no changing it. I haven’t embroidered in years. The last project was a crazy quilt vest I made for my sister in 2002. I decided to try it 2 weeks before her birthday and worked on it non-stop for those two weeks but I finished it. (I didn’t work then ) My hands ached for weeks afterwards but it was beautiful. Your ornaments will be beautiful too 🙂

  5. Lovely ornaments… love that they came on such nice fabric too that you can hoop to do! Fun 🙂 I love the close ups of your crewel work you showed… my dd will get a crewel wolf scene for Christmas.. I hope she enjoys it and it is on as nice of fabric as you are working on.. thanks for linking up! I haven’t linked in previous weeks.. but i love LINKING to Kathy’s… and I hope you do in the future.. would love to see your progress happening on these cute ornaments to be!!! Kathi

  6. Those ornaments are so pretty. I spend my football TV time crocheting, knitting or cross-stitching. I can’t do the last at night. Enjoy your handwork. I look forward to seeing all of those finished.

  7. Very nice crewel embroidered ornaments. Good time to work with wool and restarting your project. Look forward to seeing them completed.

  8. sgrancio

    The ornaments will be beautiful. We don’t do a tree any more and my daughter’s ornament boxes are overflowing, so no more for me. But, your post reminded me that I have bin of unfinished embroidery and crewel projects somewhere, just need to dig it out for handwork, to fill in around binding quilts and knitting hats and sweaters for the grands.

  9. Good Morning Carole! Your stitched ornaments are adorable! I was taught to hand embroider from both of my Grandmothers. I always did simple line patterns. Then through the years, just pretty much stopped doing any at all. Until a few years ago, I found Mary Corbet’s Needle and Thread blog site and totally fell in love with hand embroidery once again, especially, Crewel Embroidery. I have no idea why I had not paid attention to designs from the past, for instance the breathtaking spectacular embroidery used in earlier centuries for decorating the gowns, tablecloths, curtains and so much more. While in Texas, I found a book at the library and began learning and was completely hooked. This year I am experimenting with hand embroidery on card stock. Plus, the center piece of my Double Wedding Ring quilt that I have designed, is a combination of applique and hand embroidery. I think it will turn out really pretty. Anyhow, enough about me, when did you discover hand embroidery and what is your favorite method? I find it amazing that we have quite a few similar focuses, like old cars, quilting, cooking, flowers and now hand embroidery. I really like the project that you are working on right now. But, I understand how easy it is to set a project aside and then forget about it for quite awhile. I hope that you will be able to complete them before the holidays and will share them again. I am off to play on the computer for a short time and then I will be finishing up the 2nd set of blocks today and hopefully beginning the process of sewing the blocks together into a quilt. Have a wonderful creative day!

    PS….Carole, let me know if I take up to much space and/or your time with my jabbering! I enjoy sharing with you, but know that I have a tendency to go on and on. It will not hurt my feelings so tell me the truth!

    1. Brenda, keep chatting! I know I enjoy it and I’ll bet a lot of other readers do too. And just so other readers know, I answer every comment via email, so I don’t always put a reply on the blog comment section.

  10. Your ornaments are all beautiful, Carole. Your stitching is superb! I particularly love the sewing machine. I too love to do a li’l handwork in the evenings whilst watching the TV.

  11. Lovely ornaments…especially like the vintage sewing machine, as I have 4 vintage Singers in my sewing room. I have on my “UFO List” cross stitch ornaments started 10 years ago. I am also a first-timer on Slow Sunday Stitching…for the same reason you have joined…I need to be pushed to finish all these waiting handstitch projects. Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog, Lakeshore Stitichs…much appreciated.

  12. Lovely embroidery – I especially like the thread spool. I like to sew when I watch TV too – usually hand quilting or EPP – I need something to do with my hands.

  13. Beautiful ornaments – you should definitely finish them, you won’t regret it. I love looking at all the Christmas ornaments I’ve made over the years when I unpack the decorations each year. I also like to sew when watching TV. I like to sew 24/7 though!

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