Apple Festival Quilt Show tomorrow

The FBC Memory Makers is holding a Quilt and Craft show on Saturday September 5, 2015 at the FBC Crosswalk Student Center, 577 Buncombe Street, Hendersonville, North Carolina.  It is in conjunction with the local Apple Festival which started today.  I wrote about the Apple Festival last year, see that post for lots of colorful pictures of apples, and apple goodies. Honey crisp apples rarely make it out of NC, we eat all we can.  One of our favorite apple stands is Creasman Farms for their Honey Crisp, and one of these days we’ll get out to the actual farms to pick some!

Apples from the Creasman Farms at The North Carolina Apple Festival

The quilts will be voted on by the public and there are some great prizes for the winning quilters.  I entered the Farmer’s Market Picnic Quilt.


One of the organizers saw this quilt at the Symposium show, and emailed me. It has apples in it, so she wanted to see if I would enter their show too.


The entry fee was small, and the profits from the show go to their quilt ministry. Here’s my paper pieced multicolor corn. Don’t you love that corn fabric?


I paper pieced the carrot too.


It has a traditionally pieced pumpkin, and some pinwheels of foodie fabrics.


Come out for the show if you are close by, it should be wonderful. Plus there will be over 50 local crafters selling their handmade crafts. The show is held at Crosswalk at First Baptist Church which is located at 577 Buncombe Street (Hwy 64 at Buncombe), just two blocks off Main Street, well within walking distance of the Apple Festival. I would sure appreciate your vote if you get by the show.


Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

11 thoughts on “Apple Festival Quilt Show tomorrow

  1. The Apple Festival is great – we go every year to stock up on apples! There is also a great Rock and Mineral show that weekend too…lots of interesting jewelry there! Looking forward to the quilt show! I’ll look for your quilt!!

  2. catsandroses

    That is a WINNING quilt, for sure (or at least it should be!). Wish we could vote for it online, but I guess you have to be there to vote. Good luck!!

  3. Carole, This quilt is wonderful and such an honor to be asked to have it shown in the show! I would definitely vote for you, but since I am hundreds of miles away… I also think it is fantastic that you get involved with your community. We do not have any type of quilting events in our town. I should find out who to talk with and see if we could get a couple of events going on while the community celebrates dozens of a variety of events. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  4. Creasman Farms

    Hello! Your first photo is beautiful (I might be biased because the photo is of my family’s apple orchard display :)). Would you mind terribly to tag the photo with “Creasman Farms at The North Carolina Apple Festival”? I see that you’ve watermarked photos of your work, so I’m sure you understand. Thanks and we love your quilt!

      1. Creasman Farms

        Thank you so much! Just like when people use the quilts that you make for them, our highest complement is people who come back year after year because they love our apples. We’ve set aside a half-peck bag of Honeycrisp for you, just to ensure you don’t miss out! Just ask for Dawn. Thanks again – The Girls from Creasman Farms.

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